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I am no longer taking reviews. I found myself with no time to read the stories that I was interested in and spent it all reading stories people sent me. And why I discovered a lot of great stories, I want to have the time to read the stories that I’ve bought.

For erotica, I like lesbians, futas, schoolgirls, incest (father/daughter, sisters, mother/daughter, and brother-sister), harem, domestic discipline, DD/lg. If you write erotica in this style, email me your story. I make no promises, but if it sounds hot, I’ll probably buy it and if I read it, I’ll review it.

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5 thoughts on “Erotica Reviews”

  1. Futa loves me long time!
    Hey, I have another one. The Futa’s Billy Club. Let me know if you have any interest!
    How’s your futa doing? Mines doing pretty well (Um, not like Hayden Archer’s though!) I’ve “heard” that futa and TG tends to cap out at some point. We shall see.
    I’ll be trying a cuckhold story as well. First time. Might as well try it and see what happens.
    OHHHH…listen…the dude that does all the PI stuff. (You’ll see him once you get into smutwriters – throwie – he’s making like 5 figures on PI mostly – he does some other stuff but I think it might a pretty damn big market).
    Talk soon!

    1. My first two hit the top hundred list briefly. My third one I released on Friday is languishing, but the second one didn’t really pick up speed for a few days. Send me Futa’s Billy Club. I’ll review it. 😉

      Cuckold sells and I’m kinda iffy on the genre. I’m not into really humiliating the guy. My first cheating wife sold fairly well (for me) and I’m hoping Under His Boss’s Desk, my new release today, will sell as well.

      Deana Michaels, the new author to join Naughty Ladies Publications, is going to be releasing PI in a few weeks. She wants to get a few stories published at the same time. You can follow her at twitter at @TabooDeana

  2. btw, I forgot to add a minor typo that I thought you might want to fix in “Stone” review… “might loose everything”…”might lose everything”
    Archer Tinto

    1. So much for doing it from (poor) memory…”They’ll loose everything” vs “They’ll lose everything” was the line I thought you might want to know about.

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