Patreon Rewards

Here is a list of all the qualifying rewards for my patreon followers.

Aphrodite Sisterhood (Publication Order)

Futanari Massage Collection 1

Futanari Massage Collection 2

Futanari Coed Collection

Flying the Futa Skies Collection

Futa Surprise Bundle

Futanari Cheerleaders Collection 1

Futanari Cheerleaders Collection 2

My Futa Mistress Collection

Futa Marriage Counselor Collection

Futa Cowgirls Collection

Futa Gender Swap Collection

Futa Airlines Collection

Futa Subway Express Collection

Miss Mary’s Futa Harem Collection

Futanari Convent Collection

Maid for Futas Collection

Futa Dairy Farm Collection

Futa Honeymoon Surprise Collection 1

Futa Honeymoon Surprise Collection 2

St. Futa College Collection

The Futa Church Collection

Pledging the Futa Sorority Collection

The Futa’s Maid Collection

Futa on the Beach Collection

Futa Wife Seduction Collection

Gender-Swapped Coed Collection

Dominated by the Futa Boss Collection

The Futa Academy Collection

Futa Dairy Gym Collection

Futa Fertility Research Collection

Dominated at St. Futa College Collection

The Futa’s Seed Collection

Queen of the Futa Academy Collection 1

Queen of the Futa Academy Collection 2

Futa in the Forest Collection

Aphrodite’s Devils Collection

Futa Massage Service Collection

The Futa Cop Collection

Fertile Futa Menage Collection

Taken by the Futas Collection 1

Taken by the Futas Collections 2

The Passion of Selene Collection

Futa Fertility Treatment Collection

The Futa HuCow Collection

Fighting the Futa’s Fires Collection

The Futa and Her Big Tool Collection

The Futa Gynecologist Collection

Queen of the Futa Dorms Collection

HuCow Futa College Collection

The Futa Boutique Collection

Cafe Futa Collection

HuCow & the Futa Doctor Collection

Futanari Coach Collection

The Bent Gender Collection

Naughty Futa Preacher Collection

Creamy Sinful Convent Collection

Futa Coed Dorm Collection

Gender-Swapped Domination Collection

Teacher Futa Seduction Collection

Hot Wife & the Futa Bikers Collection

Futa Bacchanal Collection 1

Futa Bacchanal Collection 2

Futa Stewardess Training Collection

Futa Divorce Lawyer Collection

Pregnant Futa Passion Collection

Gender-Swapped Husbands Collection

Futa Werewolf’s Coeds Collection

Futa Cowgirl Vacation Collection

Futa Bridal Shop Collection

Futa Shifter Discovery Collection

Gender-Swapped HuCow Education Collection

Naughty Futa Investigation Collection

Gender-Swapped Pledge Collection

Gender-Swapped Cheater Collection

Futa Cop & the Waitress Collection

Futa Shifter Passion Collection 1

Futa Shifter Passion Collection 2

Futa Reporter’s Intern Collection

Futa Teacher’s Lessons Collection

FuTech’s Naughty Research Collection

Futa Boot Camp Collection

Naughty Futa Surfer Collection

Preacher’s Futa Wife Collection

The New Futa Neighbors Collection

Futa Vacation Passion Collection

Rebranding the Futa Show Collection

Futa Realty Agent Collection

The HuCow Futa Church Collection

Futa Legal Passion Collection

The Futa Magic Shop Collection

Aphrodite Futa Magic Collection 1

Aphrodite’s Futa Magic Collection 2

Futa Hula Girls Collection

Futa Magical Amulets Collection

Futa Wife’s Sinful Affairs Collection

Futa’s Subway Romp Collection

Futa Mile High Passion Collection

Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair Collection

Futanari Massage Parlor Collection

Dominated by the Futa Judge Collection

Futa Bacchanal Transformed Collection

Hot Futa Cruise Collection

Futa HuCow’s Love Life Collection

Wicked Futa Waitress Collection

The World of Futas

Taboo Futa Desires Collection 1

Taboo Futa Desires Collection 2

Futa College Exhibitionism Collection 1

Futa College Exhibitionism Collection 2

Futas & the HuCow MILFs Collection

Cuckold by the Black Futa Collection

Futa Honeymoon Cuckold Collection

Futa Submissive Training Collection

Futa Wife’s Discipline Collection

Futa Fertility Cuckold Collection

Hot Wife Taken by the Futas Collection

Sinning in the Futa Convent Collection

Cuckolded by the Futa Biker Collection

Futas & the Hot MILF Collection

Futa Coed’s Domination Collection

Futa HuCow Mansion Collection

Futa Wife’s Dominating Boss Collection

Futa’s Naughty Student Collection

The World of Futas Fairy Tales

Futa Cinderella Collection

Futa Red Riding Hood Collection

Futa Jill & the Beanstalk Collection

Futa Beauty and the Beast Collection

Snow White and the Seven Futas Collection

Futa Sleeping Beauty Collection

Futa Little Mermaid Collection

Futa Hansel and Gretel

Naughty Wives Series (Swinging, Hot Wife, Interracial)

Naughty Wives Collection 1

Naughty Wives Collection 2

Seducing Straight Women Series (Lesbian, Hot Wife, Cheating)

Seducing Straight Women Collection 1

Seducing Straight Women Collection 2

Seducing Straight Women Collection 3

Seducing Straight Women Collection 4

Seducing Straight Women Collection 5

Seducing Straight Women Collection 6

Seducing Straight Women Collection 7

BDSM Love Collection (BDSM, Domestic Discipline)

Cheating Wives, Oblivious Husbands Collection (Cuckolding, Hot Wife)

Succubus Cafe (Supernatural, Succubus)

Succubus Cafe-BDSM Collection

Succubus Cafe-Lesbian Collection

Succubus Cafe-Futas Collection

The Battered Lamp (Genie, Harem, Witch, Succubus, Supernatural)

The Battered Lamp Collection 1

The Battered Lamp Collection 2

The Battered Lamp Collection 3

The Battered Lamp Collection 4

The Battered Lamp Collection 5

The Battered Lamp Collection 6

The Battered Lamp Collection 7

The Battered Lamp Collection 8

The Battered Lamp Collection 9

The Battered Lamp Collection 10

The Battered Lamp Collection 11

Publicly Cuckolded Collection (Hot Wife, Cuckold, Interracial)

The Werewolf’s Harem (Werewolf, Harem, Supernatural, Succubus)

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 1

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 2

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 3

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 4

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 5

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 6

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 7

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 8

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 9

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 10

The Werewolf’s Harem Collection 11

A Futa and Her Dragon (Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Virgin, Dragon)

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 1

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 2

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 3

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 4

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 5

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 6

A Futa and her Dragon Collection 7

Bimbo Wife Surprise (Bimbo, Hot Wife, Transformation)

Bimbo Wife Surprise Collection 1

Bimbo Wife Surprise Collection 2

Bimbo Wife Surprise Collection 3

The Futa Genie (Genie, Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Supernatural)

The Futa Genie Collection 1

The Futa Genie Collection 2

The Futa Genie Collection 3

The Futa Genie Collection 4

The Futa Genie Collection 5

Angelic Harem (Harem, Supernatural, D/s, Lactation)

Angelic Harem Collection 1

Angelic Harem Collection 2

Angelic Harem Collection 3

Angelic Harem Collection 4

Angelic Harem Collection 5

Angelic Harem Collection 6

Angelic Harem Collection 7

Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise (Lesbian, School, Alien, Tentacle)

Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise 1

Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise 2

Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise 3

Wicked Futa Succubus (Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Succubus, College)

Wicked Futa Succubus Collection 1

Wicked Futa Succubus Collection 2

Wicked Futa Succubus Collection 3

Wicked Futa Succubus Collection 4

Wicked Futa Succubus Collection 5

The Vampire’s Kiss (Vampire, Harem, Supernatural)

The Vampire’s Kiss Collection 1

The Vampire’s Kiss Collection 2

The Vampire’s Kiss Collection 3

The Vampire’s Kiss Collection 4

The Vampire’s Kiss Collection 5

Haunted by the Futa Ghost (Futa-on-Futa, Ghost, Virgin, Coed)

Haunted by the Futa Ghost Collection 1

Haunted by the Futa Ghost Collection 2

Haunted by the Futa Ghost Collection 3

Haunted by the Futa Ghost Collection 4

Haunted by the Futa Ghost Collection 5

The Werewolf’s Passion (Werewolf, Harem, Supernatural, Witch)

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 1

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 2

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 3

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 4

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 5

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 6

The Werewolf’s Passion Collection 7

The Futa Fairy (Futa-on-Female, Wishes, Taboo)

Futa’s Taboo Wish Collection

Futa’s Hot MILF Wish Collection

Futa’s Exhibitionist Wish Collection

Futa Teacher’s Naughty Wish Collection

Futa Cop’s Wild Wish Collection

Futa Doctor’s Hot Wish Collection

Futa’s Hot Boss Wish Collection

Futa MILF’s Harem Wish Collection

Futa’s Forbidden Wish Collection

Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish Collection

Naughty Bimbo Formula (Bimbo, Hot Wife, Harem, Body Modification)

Naughty Bimbo Formula Collection 1

Naughty Bimbo Formula Collection 2

Naughty Bimbo Formula Collection 3

The Viking’s Harem (Viking, Shifter, Harem, Magic)

The Viking’s Harem Collection 1

The Viking’s Harem Collection 2

The Viking’s Harem Collection 3

The Viking’s Harem Collection 4

The Viking’s Harem Collection 5

The Viking’s Harem Collection 6

The Viking’s Harem Collection 7

Futa Magical Girl (Futa-on-Female, Tentacles, Monster)

Futa Magical Girl Collection 1

Futa Magical Girl Collection 2

Futa Magical Girl Collection 3

Futa Magical Girl Collection 4

Fembot Harem (Harem, Sexbot, Alpha Male, SciFi)

Fembot Harem Collection 1

The Naughty Space Adventures of the Futa-Captain Collection

Sleeping Daughter (Incest, Father/Mother/Daughter, Breeding)

Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl (Incest Father/Daughter/Sister, BDSM)

Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Collection 1

Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Collection 2

Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Collection 3

Preacher’s Sinful Daughter (Incest Father/Daughter, Gangbang)

Preacher’s Sinful Daughter Collection 1

Preacher’s Sinful Daughter Collection 2

Incestuous Harem (Incest, Family, Harem, Orgy)

Incestuous Collection 1

Incestuous Collection 2

Incestuous Collection 3

Incestuous Collection 4

Incestuous Collection 5

Incestuous Collection 6

Doctor’s Incestuous Family Collection 1

Doctor’s Incestuous Family Collection 2

Doctor’s Incestuous Family Collection 3

Dominating My Older Sis Collection 1

Dominating My Older Sis Collection 2

Daughter’s Slut Training Collection 1

Daughter’s Slut Training Collection 2

The Institute of Apotheosis Research (Incest, Family, Mind Control)

Lesbian Mind Control Incest Collection

Mommy Mind Control Collection

Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters Collection 1

Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters Collection 2

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