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Blog Tour – Pleasing the Manwhore by Jenna Fox


Book Title: The Arrangement (Pleasing the Manwhore, #1)

Author: Jenna Fox @jennafoxrox

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: January 12, 2017

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This is Book 1 of 2 in the “Pleasing the Manwhore” duology.

**NOTE TO READERS: For audiences who enjoy the Fifty Shades/alpha billionaire fantasy. This is a M/f romance contains an age difference—a younger woman involved with a much OLDER, JEALOUS and CONTROLLING man. If you find elements of stalking, spankings, and submission/domination themes unappealing, then you will need to move on.

I wasn’t supposed to need him…

But I did.

I wasn’t supposed to crave the smell of his skin and require the very air he breathed…

But somehow I found I couldn’t breathe without him.

I was only supposed to provide physical pleasure and shove my emotions to the side, not allowing love a place into the equation.

He wasn’t supposed to own me. Heart, mind, body and soul. My God, I was such a fool to think I could go along with this arrangement and not involve my heart.


Taffi Watkins only wanted to escape an abusive home when she fled a small Texas town. She had dreams of starting a new life. A better life.

Those big city lights seemed to shine so brightly when she stepped off that bus, but soon she discovered the pursuing of her dream had also been the worst mistake of her life.

And then came Sullivan Cooper.

In the blink of an eye he made all of her troubles disappear. He accepted her and brought her into his world of fast cars and fancy clothes. Immersed in Mr. Cooper’s universe of unbridled passion, Taffeta forgot he was twenty-five years older than her as he introduced her to his brand of pleasure and pain.

Taffi only thought she knew pain, until Sullivan Cooper taught her better.


Jenna Fox is a multi-published, bestselling author residing in Eastern Tennessee. She enjoys reading and jotting down poetry in her spare time. Besides juggling a busy family life, Fox reviews and critiques for other authors and crafts her own dark erotic tales. Stories always feature a dominating alpha male with unexpected twists to shock the reader. She believes in HFN and HEA endings, although not always in a romantic or conventional way.

Her work is born from real life experiences, an overactive imagination and a consuming caffeine addiction. Fox is a listener of 80’s rock music and a watcher of classic slasher films. In short, she’s a writer, a storyteller, able to make a boo-boo all better with just one kiss and a proud, world class expert at screwing up recipes and scaring away closet monsters. She believes in ghosts and God and is absolutely convinced chocolate soothes the savage beast.







Google +:



I sat in the music room, thinking of her and staring at the black piano glittering under the light of the chandelier. The depleted bottle of cognac resting beside my foot was a casualty of the war I’d fought to lose myself in an alcohol haze. From the sound system, a sonata seemed to mourn with me until the emptiness raged like a caged lion, testing the bars of my prison.

My God, she said she loved me…

And I could say nothing as the pain in her eyes tore me to pieces.

Dammit, the cognac wasn’t doing its job. It wasn’t pushing away the ache. The void I’d felt when her taxi drove away only seemed worse. Then her words ate at my heart like hot acid.

I…I’m in love with you.

I’d rejected her feelings. I knew Taffi wasn’t completely happy here, but I didn’t think she’d leave. Why didn’t I realize the money and the car wouldn’t be enough to make her stay? She wasn’t like the others. Privileged and self-centered. I’d known charmers, women who could intimidate the hell out of the President, but none of them had known pain or trepidation. Taffi’s life had been filled with rejection and fear, yet somehow she’d reached inside and connected with my fears.

This whole situation had blindsided me. I was unprepared, terrified to hear she’d fallen in love with me. After Alexandria, I swore I’d never get close to another woman, but the young thing who’d just walked out the door hours before had a power over me. She’d made me feel more alive than I had in years. And now that she was gone, the need for the spark she’d put back into my life burned hotter. She’d melted away the ice that had become a part of my DNA, and dammit to hell, she’d made me care.

I tried to divert my thoughts from her, but the loneliness kept pummeling me. Without the ice around my heart, the pain sliced right through my chest, piercing my soul. I needed to feel her warmth, her soft skin beneath my hands. Hear her tiny moans as she came. Kiss her so hard it hurt…

But she wasn’t coming back.

It was late, but I couldn’t turn in and get a good night’s rest. I was desperate to feel something good, something sexual. I went to the liquor cabinet, reflecting on what to do when I thought of one willing party who would take off the edge. The young college aged woman from the club had left the option open to call on her if I was looking for an adventure. She was an introvert who loved living out her fantasies in private. I’d been with her before; she understood my rules and her social status as a senator’s daughter demanded rigid confidentiality.

When I called her, she was agreeable, even excited, and, when she arrived at my door I was graced with a big smile. For a moment my heart ceased to beat. The smile was the look of wholesome innocence. The green tint in her eyes was familiar, and her hair was the right shade of blonde.

She reminded me of Taffi.

I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

Then hold and kiss her…

Because I needed and wanted. A substitute was better than nothing.

I’d told her what to wear and she’d come the way I requested. A white button-up shirt and black pencil skirt. Holding a basket with a bottle of wine and two glasses, she winked. “I remembered your favorite.”

I ushered her into the music room and filled our glasses. We sat for a spell, and when our short conversation drifted into an agreeable silence, I held out my hand prompting her to stand.

The last time I was with her, another party was involved, but she remembered how I liked to do things. Smirking, she strutted around the piano, her high heels clicking against the marble floor. Cocking a hip, she leaned against the instrument, raising her skirt to reveal a tempting amount of thigh. “I’ll do anything you want, Mr. Cooper.”

What I wanted had returned to Arlenbach, and if this young lady knew she was only a substitute, she wouldn’t have cared. We were consenting adults. She was benefitting from this encounter as much as me—acting out her fantasies. And I was looking for a determent from the misery that had become me.

The slight bend to her lips broadened into a smile as I moved toward her. I reached around her head, grabbing a handful of hair. Holding my lips just inches from hers, she moaned, “Kiss me.”

Fulfilling her request, I went to press my lips to hers, but the green glint I caught in her eyes again caused me to come to a breathless stop.


At that moment, my need grew into something stronger than I could control or wanted to control. Continuing the seduction, I pressed her harder against the piano, her lips burning on mine. Her encouragement to deepen the kiss elicited the image of Taffi and I together in my bed. I held the fantasy in my mind until my whole body burned. My cock lengthened, hardening as I reached around her back, pulling her into me. The face of the woman I truly wanted held strong in my mind as my hands slid beneath the hem of the substitute’s skirt.

Having followed my instructions of wearing a garter without panties, she opened her legs granting me access. Taffi, I thought, visualizing that beautiful face again, imagining her slim arms around me as I darted my tongue in the substitute’s mouth, tasting the wine. Tasting the bitterness of regret.

I’d sent her running.

She wasn’t coming back.

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Untouchable Release Blitz!

Here is a chance to pick up a great weekend read, meet Author Jessika Klide and fall in love with Siri and Moore

Untouchable the 1st book in the Siri’s Saga has been released in 3 parts.  Pick up Part One – The Cocktail Party for $.99.

UNTOUCHABLE: The Cocktail Party: Part 1 (Siri’s Saga)

Aurelius Moore
Most women call me explicit names and that’s the way I like it. Keeps my love life easy. Simple. I f**k for fun. My next conquest? This sexy little stripper Seary dancing down the runway.  “She’s UNTOUCHABLE? Are you kidding me?”

Siri Wright
I live a life most people only dream of. I’m a Vegas dancer named Seary, but I’m more than just a stripper. I’m a Vegas Superstar. I’m rich and famous! Well sort of … I am rich, but I’m not technically famous. You see, I carved a specialty niche out for myself and it’s made me rich, but my Superstar identity is kept top secret! I’m a celebrity and I am UNTOUCHABLE.

“My mother’s been in an accident? Then I’m going home to Alabama.”

Aurelius Moore
“Gone? I paid a fortune for this ‘appointment’ and I expect you to honor it! When will she be back? What do you mean, you don’t know? Keep my appointment open! I’ll be back. I will have her!”

WTF? The blonde bombshell is here in Alabama? Perfect! She is not UNTOUCHABLE. Not here. I will have her now! Game on! 
In the first installment of UNTOUCHABLE, Siri accepts a last minute invitation to a cocktail party from a colleague at her temp job in Alabama and discovers she’s been snookered. Rule #1: No Touching is in serious danger!

“What kind of cocktail party is this?” OMG! Swingers! How am I going to escape without f**king?

Siri’s Saga is a romance book series with erotica. A fun, flirty, sassy, sexy, read that will have you flipping the pages, burning it up, as the secrets of Siri and Aurei unfold. The story is unique and original. You don’t want to miss it!

Warning: Mature Audiences Only! Lite BDSM and sex scenes adults (18+).

Siri’s Saga must be read in order. 
UNTOUCHABLE: The Cocktail Party, Part 1, 278 pages.
UNTOUCHABLE: More of Moore, Part 2.
UNTOUCHABLE: The Stallion and Ruth, Part 3.

Or: UNTOUCHABLE, The Complete Novel, Book One, 635 pages. #GoBabyGo
UNSTOPPABLE, Book Two, 440 pages. #BoomBabyBoom
UNDONE is Book Three, 280 pages. #BangBabyBang
UNFORGETTABLE, Book Four, due out in 2016. #BoldBabyBold

UNTOUCHABLE: More of Moore: Part 2 (Siri’s Saga)

UNTOUCHABLE: The Stallion and Ruth: Part 3 (Siri’s Saga)

Meet the Author

Jessika Klide is my pen name. “I’m from LA … Lower Alabama. The Deep South! Since I write erotic romance, and my mind is super slutty, it’s just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)”

My chosen genre is New Adult, Contemporary Romance with Erotica. I take you to the bedroom door, usher you through it, give you the details, and walk with you right out the other side. My love stories flow from the beginning to the end with lots of kinky erotica sprinkled throughout and more than one happy ending.

Whether it’s Military men, Cowboys or Cops, uniforms make me swoon. My hot alpha males love my strong, confident, smart, fun, flirty, sometimes sassy, and most of all, sexy women.

I write from the heart about true love and the way it finds you, not the other way around. You see, I fell in love at first sight. It’s true! I did! And the love of my life, my HEA, happily ever after, was my high school sweetheart. He joined the Army and became a helicopter pilot. He was my hero then and still is today. We’ve been fortunate enough to have two beautiful boys who have grown into beautiful men. We live in the country and love to bass fish together. He’s my soulmate and my best friend. It don’t get much better than that.

I’m active on most social media sites, but Facebook gets the majority of my attention. Stop by and chat me up. I’ll greet you with real Southern Hospitality. I’m talkative and love my friends.

Stay in touch! See ya! Ciao!
Yours Truly,

Follow Jessika

Jessika’s Amazon Author Page



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Cover Reveal of ‘Property Of (The Masters M.C. Book #1)


Title: Property Of

Series: The Masters M.C. Book: #1

Author: B.B. Blaque

Genre: M.C. Romance/BDSM/Erotica/Suspense

Cover Reveal Date: January 16th, 2016

Release Date: February 9th, 2016

PREORDER Propery Of:


A Riches to Doo Rags Story
Sometimes the wrong side of the tracks is the right place to be.


The Masters M.C. #1-Property Of

Fall in love with Tuesday and Colt…and with the Masters M.C.

Embark on a journey that begins with a dusty pair of boots and a near collision on the side of a foggy, country road.
Meet a different kind of American motorcycle club—part outlaw, part BDSM Master, all code and heart.

Tuesday has been running on empty for years, that changes when she almost literally collides with Colt, the president of THE MASTERS M.C.

A born outlaw, Colt has created something new, and Tuesday finds herself wondering if the

sexy, tattooed biker is a sinner, or saint, as she rides on the back of his Harley,

into a world she could never imagine.

Running from a past she didn’t want, one she didn’t dare know, and fearing for her life. She learns NOT ALL FAMILY IS BLOOD related, and some of the deepest roots are forged in LEATHER, INK & CHROME.

When a suit wearing PSYCHOPATH from the past comes to claim her, she glimpses first-hand the protection her new, leather-clad family has to offer.

The initial buds form on the family tree, and the brutal, suspenseful ride toward the birth of a new breed of biker.

As the first seeds are sown to grow the sassy, would-be debutante, into the slave Colt knows will make the bloodshed worthwhile.


Along with Tuesday, what both lifestyles are really about, on her journey to becoming…PROPERTY OF


About the author

I live the BDSM lifestyle, as a submissive, and have for many years, so when I write it comes from knowledge of the subject matter. I have also been involved, in some way, with bikers, and motorcycle clubs since I was a teenager. What I write doesn’t come from research; it comes from living the lifestyles and writing what I know.

I write beautifully flawed characters who ultimately find, perfection is not a prerequisite. Our flaws are what make us unique and some flaws complement each other better than others.

I love BDSM (Male dominant/female submissive.) There’s something that just feels so right about a man wearing the pants (especially when he wears them well and fills them nicely.) I am interested in the psychological aspects of relationships in general and especially when there is a power-exchange dynamic.

My world would stopping revolving if not for heavy rock music (and the wonderfully talented people who make it.) Music and it’s makers will definitely be strongly visible in my work. I listen, I remember…I listen, I’m inspired…to write…to love…to fuck…to live.

I hope I will weave these things together in ways people will enjoy and connect with.


PREORDER Propery Of:

AMAZON Author page


Angel to Butterfly #1-Golden Doll-

Barnes & Noble:


Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master-



Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master

Barnes & Noble:


Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master

Barnes & Noble:




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Cover Reveal: UNDONE by Jessica Klide

˜”*°♥♥°*”˜ ˜”*°♥♥°*”˜ Cover Reveal ˜”*°♥♥°*”˜ ˜”*°♥♥°*”˜ 


Title: Undone (Siri’s Saga Book 3)

Author: Jessika Klide

Series: Siri’s Saga

Genre: Contemporary Romance with erotica.

Undone is the 3rd book in Siri’s Saga and is not a standalone. The series must be read in order.


Having survived the unveiling of Siri’s secrets and the unraveling of Aurei’s, their beautiful thang is challenged by family dynamics. Find out who threatens to make them come UNDONE.


Siri’s Saga (2 Book Set)

UNTOUCHABLE (Siri’s Saga Book 1)

UNSTOPPABLE (Siri’s Saga Book 2)

Follow Jessika Klide:






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Seven Lovely Things

I’ve been tagged by Susan Kicklighter to participate in the Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour! Thanks Susan, you’ve been a fun friend on twitter these last few months! You can read her own Seven Lovely Things Blog Post!

The rules are simple, share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, nominate 15 blogs (or as many as possible, I went with that route) that I enjoy reading, and nominate those same 15 blogs to the do the same, linking back to my post.

I’m not one for sharing, so I had to really reach down to pluck these out of my souls, but here goes seven possibly lovely facts about me:

  1. The most amazing sight I have ever seen were the beautiful sights found in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Just gallery after gallery of amazing stalactites, crystal clear pools, colorful stones, and dark chasms. Powerful sight.
  2. I started writing erotica to polish my craft. I had been writing a fantasy novel and just didn’t have the discpline to sit down and write, nor did I feel I had quite the skill I wanted. So I decided to post some free XXX stories and it took off. I devolped my discpline, improved my skill, and now I’m making money off selling smut. A year ago, I never thought this is where I’d be.
  3. I saved my younger brothers life twice. Once, when he was a toddler and I was only 5, i caught him when he fell off a walkway into my grandparents pond. The second time, I was nineteen and still living at home. He had bronchitis. I was about to go to work when he burst into my room choking. It was the scariest moment of my life. Two minues later and I would have left for work and my brother would be dead. He has yet to return either favor.
  4. I have been to Las Vegas but I didn’t gamble. I was seriously broke at the time and helping a friend out at an Anime Convention. It was the most boring way to spend time in Sin city. My friend did gamble once on a deuces wild slot machine. A two dollar bet one him two hundred dollars when he hit four deuces. It was best hand you could get on that slot machine.
  5. I used to deliver pizza’s for a living in my twenties. You made good money at it for little work. There was one time I delivered a pizza and three young women showed up topless at the door. The only time I wasn’t mad that I didn’t get tipped.
  6. People offer you beer a lot when you deliver pizzas. They seem to forget that you’re driving a vehicle around and maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea.
  7. As a child, I had a pet trantula my dad caught out in the desert. I called him Harry. My mom was terrified of him and whenver he would get out of his cage, he loved to hide under my parent’s bed. He tickled when he crawled on you.

Christie St. Claire: Her Deliquient Cheerleader’s blog is quite naughty, full of excerpts of her cheerleaders and reviews of steamy erotica.

BB Blaque: Her insights into the BDSM lifestyle are quite fascinating to read.

Christina Harding: She reviews steamy erotica and writes insightful blogs posts about sexuality.

Jessica Satin: A writer of naughty version of classic fairy tales. Looking forward to her Snow White story!

Jessika Klide: Author of the upcoming, steamy romance Siri’s Heart. A fun-loving and quite naughty writer!

Mindy the Book Snitch: Mindy writes the most amazingly visual erotica reviews!

Anthony Beal: Author of horror and erotic that will freak you out and rev your motors at the same time!

Candi Silk: Author of spicy hot erotica where women discover pleasures they’ve long denied themselves!

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#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

The great Jane Bled invited me to share about my writing processes and jump on the #MyWritingProcess blog tour! Thanks, Jane. You’re always a great friend!

1) What am I working on?

I have a lot plates spinning in the air, bouncing back and forth between projects like a hyperactive child on a sugar rush. I think it helps to keep me fresh so I don’t stay on any one thing for two long. My biggest project I’m working on right now is My Fallen Angel, a fiver novella supernatural erotica thriller. It’s a harem story: one guy and a lot of beautiful women banding together to fight the forces of Hell and stop the machinations of a dominatrix-like Succuba named Daevia. Bill is the centerpiece of the story, a young man full of dreams that just hasn’t had the push to go out and try to seize them, but when one of the girls he has a crush on, Cynthia, is dominated by the Succuba, Bill finds the courage to step up and do something about it.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My Fallen Angel is a fast paced story in the vein of many of the Urban Fantasy’s coming out these days. But mine is full of a whole lot of kinky sex. Sex, love, and lust are integral parts of the My Fallen Angel universe, primal forces that interact and effect the world, driving the powers of Heaven and Hell as they clash in their endless war for the souls of mankind. There is definitely an unusual love story in this one with a group of people all loving each other equally as opposed to a more traditional couple. So this story isn’t quite a straight up erotica, but it isn’t a pure Urban Fantasy, but a meeting of the two with all the kinky, deviant sex I love to write married with an exciting story that could work on its own divorced from the erotica. Though where’s the fun in that?

3) Why do I write what I do?

I love writing about sex. You have to love it to write erotica. But I also love telling grand stories. As some may know, I also write pure fantasy (no erotica) and I love the world building and the imagination of the genre where you’re only limited by your imagination. It’s similar to erotica, and so I can’t help marrying the two and putting my wildest fantasy images alongside my wildest sexual kinks. The best of both worlds. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing erotic fantasy. (Yes, I have already began world building Erathsay)

4) How does my writing process work?

It starts with inspiration. Anything could become that seed that sprouts a story. From a song I heard (such as Jane Bled’s alterego Jayne’s Undercover Geisha that was the seed for my upcoming Flying the Futa Skies) to a passing conversation. If i hear an idea, in my head a story will start to grow. Some I pursue, some I write down planning on pursuing, and others are forgotten by the time I get home from work. But other stay, demanding to be written, growing into my mind and blossoming into short stories, novellas, and even a series of novels. For a short story, I’ll write a quick paragraph of my general idea for it along with a few quick words on the characters. Then I write. I’m not one for doing much outlining, enjoying the thrill of discovery that just writing gives you. Of course, for complicated stories, an outline is necessary, but I leave myself open to discovering new ideas as I write. Before I write, I usually think about the scene in the shower, while driving, lying in bed. Shaping it in my head so I have a rough idea when I start writing it out.

Well those are my answers. If you want to read Jane’s at her blog. You can also like her on facebook and follow her on twitter @janebled


2899955Greetings. I’m Jane Bled, award-winning author of LGBTQ contemporary speculative fiction & erotica. My penchant for evocative imagery entices readers with imaginative, titillating tales they won’t soon forget. Crimson, the first book in my dark fantasy vampire series MASTER, won Best E-book in the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival.

In addition to penning dark stories of the supernatural, forbidden lust, and fantasy, I also sing and compose my own music as Jayne. My dreams are filled with images of leading an accomplished writing career while entertaining audience members nationwide. During downtime, I spend quite evenings at home with my beloved family, cozy up with a good novel, and write the occasional poem.

I love vampires and chocolate, though not necessarily at the same time. In the future, I hope to travel around the world with my family while continuing to enjoy the wonders of life.


Let’s keep this blog tour rolling! I’m nominating:

Christie St. Claire

Christie St ClaireChristie St Claire is the inside voice of Fenton University delivering all the dirty little secrets of the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad. She is exposing the truth about the sex lives of the Fenton University Cheerleaders. It’s a dirty job and she loves it.

She is currently exposing Shelley’s hot tube adventures with the Harrisons.

You can catch up with Christie and the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad:

Twitter: @ChrisStClaire

Blog: Delinquent Cheerleader Blog

And you can read her #MyWritingProcess blog post here!


B.B. Blaque

UntitledI write beautifully flawed characters who ultimately find, perfection is not a prerequisite. Our flaws are what make us unique and some flaws compliment each other better than others.

I love BDSM (Male dominant/female submissive.) There’s something that just feels so right about a man wearing the pants (especially when he wears them well and fills them nicely.) I am interested in the psychological aspects of relationships in general and especially when there is a power-exchange dynamic.

My world would stopping revolving if not for heavy rock music (and the wonderfully talented people who make it.) Music and it’s makers will definitely be strongly visible in my work. I listen, I remember…I listen, I’m inspired…to write…to love…to f**k…to live.

Twitter: @BBBlaque1


You can read her #MyWritingProcess post here!


Caelia Portier

Beautiful woman with golden nailsI’m Caelia Portier. I was raised in a small and very religious southern community. It was wonderful, but I had a hard time with the sexual suppression, and the still-existing stigmas against gay and bisexual relationships. Today, I am an attorney by day, and an erotica author by night! It’s my way of having a bit more of a creative outlet. Besides, drafting contracts all day can get pretty boring!

I believe everyone should love who they want to love. Besides, there’s already too little love in the world. Wouldn’t you agree? Thank you for reading.

Twitter: @CaeliaPortier



I’ll add links to Christie’s, BB’s, and Caelia’s blog posts when they’re up.

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Blog Tour: Getting to Know my Main Character

Blog Tour

I had a shoutout from the great Jane Bled inviting me to join in on a blog tour. Jane is the amazing author of the MASTER series, a LGBT vampire series that currently has three parts published (Crimson, Luna, and Naomi) with a fourth volume (Deux) coming out July 28th. She’s been very supportive of me, so check out her goodreads blog!


1. What is the name of your main character? Is he or she fictional or a historic person?

My Fallen Angel is an ensemble with Bill at its heart. He’s just an average college student, maybe a little pervy, in love with his coworker and his dreams full of his hearts desires (women). He is most definitely a fictional character, though he lives in my head. He is joined by Cynthia (the unavailable coworker he has a crush on), Rochelle (a submissive girl looking for a strong man to dominate her), Hikaru (a Japanese exchange student just looking to survive), and Juanita (a seminary student that struggles with her sexual impurity).

2. When and where is the story set?

My Fallen Angel takes place in and around the fictional Parkland Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington. It’s a small, unincorporated community just south of the city of Tacoma in Western Washington.

3. What should we know about him?

Bill has vivid dreams, but what he doesn’t know about them is the power that they hold to shape his and others futures. Through his dreams, he draws together several women to help him fight the darkness griping his campus, and communicates with Sofia, a Seraph, guiding his actions. Bill has a great heart with a great capacity of love that has drawn the angel to him.

4. What was the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Bill has a sex dream, like all of his dreams seem to be. In it he watches Cynthia—the sweet, Christian girl he has a crush on—getting dominated by a succuba named Daevia. When he wakes up, he discovers it’s actually happened and Cynthia has transformed from a sweet girl to a nymphomaniac, spreading lust across campus. Bill, along with Rochelle try to discover just what has happened to the girl and free her from Daevia’s power. Little do they know that the forces of heaven and hell are moving, and they are caught in the middle.

5. What is his personal goal

He wants to save Cynthia from the succuba. He loves her and though she has rebuffed all his efforts to date her, he just wants her to be safe and free. Though he hopes she can somehow come to accept the Dom/Sub relationship he finds himself in with Rochelle.

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

My Fallen Angel is going to be a series of novellas. The first one has been written called ‘The Girls of My Dreams’ and more will follow.

If you want to learn more, follow me on twitter and check out my facebook page.

7. When can we expect this book to be published?

No release date in the near future. I need to write more of the story before I have a good enough grasp on where it is going so I can make sure the proper foreshadowing is in place in the early parts. Expect it late 2014, early 2015.

Thank you Jane for tagging me, been a lot of fun, and I’m passing on the favor to Mark Shaw, author of the YA novel Keeper of the Winds. He’s a great indie author, very supportive of others, and behind the #indiebooksbeseen movement. On July 1st, Indie authors are going to flood social media with pics of us holding our covers! Looking forward to your post, Mark. Check out his facebook page and read his blog tour on his tumblr page.

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