Review of ‘Fingered Next to My Husband’ by Brooks E. Hanson

Fingered Next to My Husband

by Reed James

reviewed by Brooks E. Hanson


Note from Reed James: Brooks sent me this review of my erotica ‘Fingered Next to My Husband’ to be posted on my blog. She’s a great author of ‘Men, Affairs; Why?’. You can read my review of her book here. You can follow her on twitter @BrooksEHanson and pick up her wonderful book on Amazon for $2.99.

Disclaimer: This review was unsolicited by me, though I am very grateful to her, and is Brooks honest opinion that she wanted to share with all of you. And now on to Brooks review:

cheatingwives1coverWell, I have to say that ‘Fingered Next To My Husband’, definitely took me by complete surprise and I enjoyed the intense scenario immensely. Of course being a huge fan of sex, I figured that I had this one sussed, so it was all the more thrilling to be wrong and have my sexual preconceptions stripped away; somewhat like the female character experiences ‘stripping away my resistance’. The book flows excitingly fast and for me, the pages turned like an addiction always making me want more, despite how much depth and detail Reed actually gives the reader.

Reed does not dance around the mulberry bush and shy away from detailing the graphics that erotica fans want to read, whether it concerns ‘hardening my nipples’ or ‘an itch in my panties that left me squirming’…Ladies, don’t tell me you haven’t been there, and if you haven’t then I feel for you… It is a beautiful piece of naughtiness that everyone should read and enjoy, because I bet a million dollars that people have fantasised about this for sure. The use of imagery is vastly pleasing as it further heightens the tension of the story and the climax, with ‘a spark landing in a puddle of gasoline’ and ‘a well-maintained machine, revving to life’, letting the reader know that redlining is a distinct possibility…

I can definitely say that ‘heat flushed through me in waves’ whilst reading ‘Fingered Next To My Husband’, and I would strongly recommend that all erotica fans experience the electrifying intensity of ‘sweet rapture’ by reading it as well; and to those of you who have never read erotica then this is a great place to start.

My cheeks definitely ‘flushed with warmth’ and it is a distinct possibility that ‘I soaked my panties’ as well…

You can purchase Fingered Next to My Husband at Amazon for $2.99.

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How Hot Is… Captured by the Cosplay Criminal

How hot is… ‘Captured by the Cosplay Criminal’?

by Samantha Sampson

reviewed by Reed James


capturedAlessa is attending an Anime Convention, cosplaying as Policewoman Kerry from a popular Anime. While wondering the convention, she runs into a beautiful woman cosplaying as Chelsea, a thief from the Anime and one of Policewoman Kerry’s rivals. The pair engage in roleplay banter, getting into their characters, and a flirty attraction grows between them. When Chelsea leans in and kisses her, everything changes.

Wanting to explore her lesbian desires, Alessa decides to ‘arrest’ Chelsea. Only the nimble thief pickpocketed her handcuffs and its the Policewoman captured by the criminal. Excited, Alessa lets Chelsea take her to a secluded spot and experience sex with a woman for the first time.

Captured by the Cosplay Criminal is short but hot. Alessa dives into her first lesbian experience, handcuffs and all, and Samantha paints a sexy, sultry encounter. Fans of girl-on-girl erotica will not be disappointed by this hot read.

I give it 4 out of 5 hot, Anime cosplayers. At $0.99 ‘Captured by the Cosplay Criminal’ will capture your eReader and show her a great time in a closet!

Available from Amazon. You can like Samantha on facebook and check out her Amazon Author page to see her catalog of exciting, cosplay-themed erotica.

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How Hot Is… The Colony: Arrival (Part 1)

How hot is… ‘The Colony: Arrival (Part 1)’?

by J.D. Grayson

reviewed by Reed James


The Colony 1Dylan stands on the Golden Gate Bridge preparing to kill himself. Five years ago he had caught his wife Alexa fucking his best friend, Thomas. He witnesses them having extreme, BDSM sex, and witness as Thomas takes his wife in ways Dylan never had. In a fit of rage, Dylan nearly kills Thomas, sparing him only at his wife’s request. Ever since he’s felt dead. While they are still married, their marriage died that day, and now he wants to end it his misery.

Then a mysterious man saves him, and tells him he can be reborn at Aionios. As Dylan is preparing to kill himself, his wife has been seeing a therapist in an attempt to rekindle the life in her marriage and find some way for Dylan to forgive her. Instead, the therapist tells her about Aionios, an island paradise. Husband and wife, both dead inside, decide to give this island one last spot to save their marriage and live again.

The island seems like the perfect paradise. Maybe a little too perfect. Will Dylan and Alexa rekindle their marriage or will the island’s darkness destroy them? Find out in The Colony: The Arrival (Part 1).

The story is well written, painting both Dylan’s hurt and betrayal and his inability to get the image of his wife being his best friend’s whore, as well as Alexa’s deep guilt and desperation to take it all back and regret over giving into her lusts. Full of exciting BDSM and raw emotions, building to more than just your average erotica. I’m eager to find out what happens in the next installments.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 tropical islands. At $2.99 cents, ‘The Colony: Arrival (Part 1)’ will seduce your eReader into paradise!

Available from Amazon. And check out J. D. Grayson’s website and see the catalog of his very exciting, and naughty, books. You can also like him on facebook and follow him on twitter @JDGraysonbooks

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How Hot Is… ‘Hot Couples’

How hot is… ‘Hot Couples’?

by Candy Silk

reviewed by Reed James


HotCouple jhbSilk02042014Nicole and Drew have been married ten years and Nicole, wanting to turn around their flagging sex life, surprises her husband with a collection of pornos to watch. The couple enjoys it, but what turns them on most is the Black man fucking the White woman. Nicole finds herself wanting to experience that, and Drew discovers he’d like to watch his wife with a Black man, maybe while he enjoys a woman of his own. Excited, the couple decides to enter the world of swinging, and approach their attractive, Black neighbors, Jess and his beautiful wife Michelle.

Jess and Michelle are up for it, and the couples arrange the details. First up will be Jess and Nicole while Michelle and Drew watch. The setup is written in third person, giving you a nice, sweeping overview of the events that lead up to the action, and then it switches to a more intimate first person told from Nicole’s view as she makes love to another man in front of her husband and his wife.

Candi knows how to write a sexy and hot scene. The foreplay is long and hot, and the sex is even hotter. Nicole and Jess get into the sex while their spouses offer interesting commentary on the entire event. If you like swinging, wife-swapping, and interracial stories, then this is something you absolutely have to read. Candi hits all the high points, milking all the eroticism she can out of the scene and leaving you excited for more.

And there is, because Drew and Michelle get their turn to have fun while their partners watch, along with a teasing you with Michelle and Nicole having some fun together. When its all said and done, you are as eager as the hot couples are for more swinging fun. And luckily, Swap Meet exists, the sequel to Hot Couple.

Candi has a great mastery of the erotic style, her writing paints a picture in the mind, letting you experience exactly what her characters are. She pulls you in and revs your engine with great imagery, great dialogue, and great characters. Candi’s writing will pull you in and turn you on. If you’re looking for a hot read for a lonely night or a story to reignite the heat in your relationship, then this is the story for you!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 hot pornos. At $1.99 ‘Hot Couples’ will want you swapping your eReader and watching as another man reads her!

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and check out Candi Silk’s website, blog, goodreads page, like her on facebook, and follow her on twitter @CandiSilk.

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How Hot Is… “Milking Macy”

How hot is… ‘Milking Macy’?

by Caelia Portier

reviewed by Reed James


MilkingMacyCoverDaria is flying to a week in Vegas to attend a boring business conference. On the flight over, she sits next to the very beautiful Macy, whom Daria feels an instant attraction towards. They talk and they both relieve they’re attending to the same conference. Daria, excited by having someone interesting to spend time win, immediately makes plans to get together with Macy for drinks at the end of the day.

Daria is excited to see Macy, realizing she has a bit of a girl-crush on her, and knowing that her boyfriend’s given her a pass to have fun with another woman, she heads to the bar meets up with Macy. As they sip their drinks, Daria can’t help but notice Macy’s skirt slipping up to reveal a huge cock hardening between her thighs. Intrigued, Daria doesn’t hesitate when Macy suggests they go upstairs.

If you love futa-on-female action, particularly when the futa has a huge cock, then you’ll love Milking Macy. Daria and Macy get down and dirty in a well written, and very hot, scene in their hotel that leaves you wondering what other naughty fun they’ll have together in their week in Vegas. I hope Caelia writes about it some day!

I give it 5 out of 5 dirty martinis. At $2.99 ‘Milking Macy’ will give your eReader an exciting time in a Vegas hotel!

Available from Amazon and check out Cecelia’s webpage to see her catalog of exciting books.

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I found out last week that some of my books were on a piracy site. It was a strange experience. I had just read another authors blog (badredhead media) on handling pirates. It got me paranoid, like one tends to get late at night when you should be sleeping. So I did a google search. And there, on page three, was one of my books advertised on a site I had never heard of. I’m not going to say which, I don’t want to give them any promotions, but I clicked on it.

And my antivirus software immediately alerted me that the site tried to download malware onto my computer. Another reason I’m not sharing the link. The site seemed legitimate, with links to my actual buy links on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, but nowhere did it say ‘buy’ my ebook, but download. And there, beneath the buy links, was a link to do just that—pirate my intellectual property.

It irked. It still irks me. I put a lot of effort in making my works, and to see someone else giving them away bothered me. And they may not even be giving my stuff away, but using my works to trick people into downloading virus to steal their personal information. That download link didn’t contain my book, but an .exe program, supposedly a downloader, but how can you trust a site such as this? I didn’t download it to find out. But I did send them a cease-and-desist letter. Which they’ve ignored so far.

Seeing my work being stolen, made me think of all the times that I had downloaded mp3s or pirated software ten, fifteen years ago when I was in High School and my early twenties. Back then, I never even hesitated. I always rationalized it as I would never buy it, so how was I stealing anything from them. They weren’t getting my money either way. And it hit me, the people pirating my works would never bother to buy them from me, and while I may not be thrilled about my works being pirated, I can take comfort (whether it’s real comfort or just self-delusion) that the pirates weren’t going to buy it anyways.

If you want to learn some helpful tips on how to deal with piracy, click here, which includes a sample cease and desist letter.

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Sample for The Bride At the Shower (Seducing Straight Women 3)

secucingwomencover3When Aurora is invited to a bridal shower, she thinks she’s in for a boring night—until she lays on the bride-to-be. Samantha is shy, cute, innocent, and beautiful, and Aurora’s in love. By the end of the night, Aurora plans on giving Samantha one amazing bridal gift—a night of passion with a lesbian. Contains explicit lesbian sex including a sexy strip tease and lap dance, tribbing, and cunnilingus.


It took another fifteen minutes of rush-hour traffic to reach the West End, the part of Tacoma that bordered the Narrows, the skinniest part of the Puget Sound. The bridal shower was being held at the bride-to-be’s tiny, brown house near Point Defiance just off Pearl Street. A group of cars already crowded her small driveway and the curb out front.

“We’re late,” huffed Ruth.

“Well, someone wanted to make a pit stop.”

She giggled wickedly, “And what a fun pit stop it was.”

The rain had let up to a mere drizzle, which I barely felt since my red hair was still a damp mess. Ruth gave a shriek like it was the monsoon rains that had soaked me. Baby. She raced around her car, popped open her trunk, and pulled out two presents covered in cream wrapping paper tied with lilac ribbons.

“I didn’t know I needed to bring a gift,” I groaned.

“You’ve never done a bridal shower before?”

“It’s like a bachelorette party, right?”

“Kinda. But without the male strippers, and you have to give gifts. You know, the shower part of the name.”

“Right, like a baby shower.” I felt like an idiot. “Well, now I’m going to look like an asshole.”

Ruth shoved one of the presents into my hands “Yours is a toaster. I know you’re hard on cash, so don’t worry about it. Only twenty bucks at Walmart.”

“Thanks!” I beamed. “You’re the best!”

“I know,” she sighed. “It’s a burden that all Jewish lesbians are forced to bear.”

“I thought that just made you good with money and woodworking.”

Ruth laughed and slapped my shoulder. “What’s an Irish lesbian good at?”

“Getting drunk,” I shouted, spreading my arms wide. “And woodworking. You know how much I love hardwood floors!”

“Dirty ho,” Ruth giggled. “C’mon, let’s get inside. I’m tired of getting soaked.”

“Ruth, it’s barely misting. You’d have to stand out here for an hour just to feel anything.”

“Fine. It’s cold. So stop stalling and let’s go have some fun.”

Nervous flutters went through me; I wasn’t going to know anyone here, and that was putting me a little on edge. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any uptight, religious women who had a hard-on against homosexuals.

Ruth rang the doorbell. I could hear laughs and giggles coming from inside. The front door opened and a bubbly brunette was there, champagne flute in one hand, and exclaimed, “Ruthie!” and caught my friend around the neck and pulled her in for a hug.

“Hey, Issy,” Ruth answered, struggling to free herself; it seemed a losing battle. “This is my friend, Aurora.”

“Right, your ‘friend’,” Issy snickered. “We don’t care that you’re gay, Ruthie. You know that, right?”

“Yeah,” my friend answered, rolling her eyes.

“So, how long have you two been dating?”

“No, she’s really my friend,” Ruth grunted, finally wiggling out from her friend’s embrace, her bushy hair even more mussed. “I can have female friends, Issy! Seeing as I’m friends with you.”

“Right,” Issy nodded, then she threw that arm around me and pulled me to her, smashing my face against the crook of her neck. “Happy to meet you, Aurora.”

“The same,” I croaked.

“Let’s go say hi to everyone else, Issy,” Ruth said, prying her arm up so I could escape and catch my breath.

“Right, right,” Issy nodded. “Follow moi.”

I gave Ruth a look and she shrugged.

Issy led us into a crowded living room. There were three women crowded on the couch, each holding champagne flutes, another two squeezed into a love seat, two others sat on folding chairs, and a beautiful woman with a porcelain face framed by blonde hair and set with two sapphire eyes as deep blue as the sea, sat quietly on a recliner; a small, white veil perched on her head.

My heart stopped; I was in love.

She was so beautiful. I wanted her for my wife. I could just pop down on one knee and grab her hand, and propose to her right then and there. I bet it would brighten her day. Everyone else was having fun, laughing and shouting, but she sat quietly, a little uncomfortable about all the noise, like a frightened faun. If I could get her alone, I could make her beg to be my girl for the night.

She was definitely the submissive type.

“Everyone, Ruthie’s here!” Issy exclaimed. “And she brought a friend, Aurora. And no, Tonya, she’s not that sort of ‘friend’. Which is a shame since you two are so cute together.”

I actually blushed. “No. Just good friends,” I said.

“Stop being playing matchmaker, Issy” Ruth groused.

“I’ll get more chairs,” the bride-to-be said quietly, standing up.

“Nonsense,” Issy said, waving her back down. “It’s your night, let me go get them.” She paused. “Oh, before I go, Aurora, that’s Tonya, Britney, and Velma on the couch, Mindy and Georgina on the love seat, and that’s Zelda and Natty sitting on the chairs. Oh, and of course, Samantha’s our bride-to-be.”

Issy walked out; it was like the passing of a thunderstorm.

“Wow, she’s intense,” I breathed.

“I know,” Zelda, a Hispanic woman, sighed. “She kinda does what she wants, and you either get in line or get out of the way.”

“She put this entire thing together,” Britney added, adjusting her glasses.

The bride, Samantha, nodded.

“She’s the maid of honor because the rest of us were too scared to tell her no,” giggled stocky Velma, her face dusted with freckles.

“I heard that, Velma,” Issy said, walking in with a pair of folding chairs. “I’m the maid of honor because Samantha and I have known each other forever. Right?”

“Yes, Issy,” Samantha squeaked. I couldn’t wait to hear what she would sound like when my mouth was feasting on her treasures.

Issy planted me and Ruth in the chairs, mine next to the recliner Samantha sat in. She wore a long, dark skirt, her ankles and calves peaking out delectably. She had dainty feet. Champagne was poured and a flute shoved in my hand.

“Let’s get this party started,” Issy exclaimed.

“Yes, lets,” Mindy, a tall and curvy girl who was gorgeous, but I sensed a vapidness about her; she’d be too oblivious to my attempts at seduction.

“It’s time for charades!” cheered Issy.

I shot Ruth a glance and she just shrugged helplessly.

Issy divided us up into teams for charades. I was paired up Ruth, Samantha, Mindy, and a fourth woman whose name I kept forgetting. I had never played before, but it turned out to be a lot of fun watching Ruth try and mime what turned out to be ‘Shawshank Redemption’.

“Why did you say dildo?” Ruth wailed at me when the time ran up.

“Well, what else was I supposed to think?” I giggled, a little tipsy with champagne. “You kept making motions like you were working a dildo in and out of a woman.”

Samantha went crimson. “Y-you’ve done that, Ruthie?”

“Of course I have,” Ruth answered. “Aurora can tell you all about it.”

The bride’s eyes widened. “Are you gay, too?”

“Yep,” I smiled. “So what were you doing, Ruth?”

“I was stabbing someone,” she sighed, “with a shank.”

“Oh. Yeah, okay, I get that.”

Ruth narrowed her eyes at me.

Issy was up for her team, and they were like a well-oiled machine, guessing ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ with half the time remaining. A certain suspicion dawned on me—Issy had selected the teams, and she did seem like the ultra-competitive type.

I was up next, and I drew out the card and read, ‘I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It’. Well, at least I knew the song. Taking a deep breath, I stepped up and held up eight fingers, then I mouthed singing.

“It’s a song,” Ruth called out.

Now that I had the preliminaries out of the way—Book, Movie, Song—I could start miming out the rest of it. I wasn’t sure how. Well, I guess I should start at the beginning. I held up one finger.

“First word,” a dusky woman—Georgina, I think—called out.

I nodded, then pointed at myself.


“Boobs!” I gave Ruth a look. “Tits?” I shook my head at her.



Really? This was getting annoying. I tapped my chest.




“I?” a quiet voice asked.

I looked at Samantha, gave her the biggest smile I had, and nodded. She perked up a bit.

I held two fingers up. “Two!” Georgina—well, that’s what I’m calling her in my head—yelled. Then I puckered my lips.

“Kissing!” Ruth yelled. At least that one was easy.

Three fingers. “Third word!” Georgina again.

How was I going to get ‘a’ across? I tried making a pyramid with my fingers.



“Diamond!” Really, how did Mindy get that? Was she really that much of an airhead?

“Illuminati!” Ruth giggled. “I kissed Illuminati?”

Fuck it! I held up four fingers; Georgina shouted, “Fourth Word!”

I pointed at myself.

“I!” Of course, now that’s their first guess.

I kept pointing at my chest.


“Boobs!” Ruth laughed.

I pointed at my boobs, then at my crotch, and made a sort of circular motion around my entire form. “Woman?” Mindy asked. I snapped my finger, pointing excitedly at her.



I nodded vigorously.

“I Kissed a Girl and I liked It?” Samantha asked, barely heard over the others ladies.

“Yes!” I exclaimed. And before the night is through, Samantha, you’ll learn just how much you like kissing girls.

Our team lost charades in the end. Not surprising.

“Wasn’t that fun,” Issy clapped as her team celebrated their victory. “Next up is a spicy version of truth or dare!”

What was this, a sleepover?

“I have two bowls, one full of truths you have to answer, the other full of dares you have to perform. I’ll go first and take a truth.” Issy fished into the bowl. “Let’s see. ‘Who was your first kiss?’ Ohh, Trevor Yates, behind the gym. He was dreamy…”

Some of the girls giggled.

“See it’s easy. Now I’ll pick…Tonya.”

The plain-faced woman froze. “Eh, truth.”

“Chicken,” giggled Issy as if she hadn’t chosen the same.

Issy proffered the bowl to Tonya, who blushed after reading the scrap of paper. “I can’t answer that.”

“Then it’s a dare,” Issy said, holding up the other bowl.

“Fine. ‘When did you last get laid?’ Well, uh, last week.”

“Weren’t you on vacation last week?”

“Yes,” she stiffly answered.

“And didn’t you and your husband take separate vacations?” Issy grinned slyly.

She nodded, flushing.

“Oh, you naughty woman. You have to dish,” Issy giggled.

“The slip didn’t say that,” Tonya huffed. “So I choose, uh, Zelda to be humiliated next.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Issy smiled. “So you had a little fun without your hubby. We won’t tell, right ladies?”

“Right!” chimed a few of them.

This was like High School all over again as some of the women were really getting into it and others, like Samantha, weren’t. The poor bride was burrowed in her chair, almost afraid she’d get chosen. I was really starting to hate Issy; couldn’t she see how uncomfortable she was making her friend? Whose party was this supposed to be for?

Zelda took the dare, and blushed when she realized that she had to flash her breasts out the window for thirty seconds. They were a nice pair, round and creamy-brown, topped with dark nipples. She stood at the window, her eyes squeezed shut while everyone in the room laughed and giggled, well, everyone except Samantha.

“Is it time?” Zelda demanded, her voice tight. She flinched; a car drove by, its headlights shining through the window.

“Not yet,” Issy said, staring at her watch. “Okay, time.”

Zelda yanked her bra and shirt back down. “Ruthie, how about you.”

“Yeah,” Tonya slurred, a glass of champagne in her hand. “Let’s watch you get humiliated.” Tonya downed her drink then poured another.

“I’ll take truth,” Ruth smiled. “I’m not afraid to confess.” She dug in the bowl, pulled out her slip, and laughed wickedly. “All right, ‘what’s the wildest sexual thing you’ve done.’ Hmm, let me see… There was this cheerleader in college, a real, stuck-up bitch. Well, she got drunk and wanted to experiment, so I fucked her with a beer bottle up the ass while I went down on her pussy.”

Half the women blushed, the other half laughed raucously—Issy was the loudest. I knew the Cheerleader, Veronica, but I hadn’t heard that story before. How very naughty. I wish I had tumbled Veronica into bed…unless I had? I searched my memory, but I had so many conquests in college it was hard to remember them all.

“I bet she didn’t walk normally for a week,” Britney giggled, pushing up her glasses.

“Nope. But she loved it. I dated her for half my Junior year before she went back to loving guys. Anyways, I choose Aurora.”

“Thanks,” I muttered. “I’ll take a dare. I’m not sure you ladies could handle my wildest sexual experience.” It involved three other women and a garden hose. Issy proffered the dare bowl. I fished around. ‘Choose someone to kiss for thirty seconds.’ I laughed, and held the card up. “Who wants to be the lucky lady.”

Tonya blushed, licking her lips, and Issy tittered nervously, explaining, “I didn’t think we’d have two lesbians here. Maybe you should redraw.”

“No!” Zelda laughed. “It’s just a harmless kiss. Don’t be such a prude, Issy!”

“I’m not a prude! Well, Aurora, who’s it gonna be.”

“Why I think this is the bride’s party, so she should get the kiss.”

Samantha’s blue eyes widened as I walked over to her chair, and her pale cheeks colored. “I’ve never…”

“Shh, I’ll be gentle,” I promised, sitting on her lap, and putting my arms around her neck. “Ready to time me?”

“Yep. Five, four, three, two, one.”

Samantha licked her lips as I leaned in and gently captured her mouth. She didn’t know what to do as Issy and Ruth led the girls in clapping and cheering. I ignored them and concentrated on making this the best, sweetest kiss she had ever experienced. I nibbled on her lower lip, and used my tongue to tease her, while my fingers gently caressed her cheeks. Her head tilted, her blue eyes closed, then she shyly kissed me back.


Her lips worked against mine, and her tongue carefully, almost experimentally, pressed forward and flicked against my lips. I met it, caressing her tongue with mine. Then I pushed into her mouth, exploring her thoroughly as a heat flushed through my body, ending at the itch between my thighs. I wanted to kiss her—

“Time!” Issy shouted.

I didn’t want to stop; my heart soared. She was the one. I had to have her.


Sighing, I pulled away, Samantha a flushed mess, and giggled, “Sorry, I just love kissing a pretty girl.”

“I bet you do,” Zelda snickered.

“Let’s see, how about Samantha,” I smiled, getting off her lap.

“I…okay,” she whispered, her chest still heaving.

“I think someone liked it,” giggled Velma.

“She’s a very good kisser,” Samantha answered as Issy held up the two bowls to her. She reached into the truth bowl and fished out a piece of paper. She blushed, holding up the slip, and laughed. “Yeah, I’ve kissed a woman. Just a minute ago.”

Released 8-4-14, Preorder at Smashwords for $2.99

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How Hot Is… ‘Futanari Sisterhood: Innocent Initiate’

How hot is… ‘Futanari Sisterhood: Innocent Initiate’?

by Hayden Archer

reviewed by Reed James


Futanari-Sisterhood-1-WebNatalie is not happy to be paired in a group with Felicity in their class. Felicity is the pretty, bitchy girl that drives Natalie nuts, even as she lusts after her beautiful body. Their group needs to make a presentation on how urban legends are born and Felicity suggest the Marsden house, the local haunted building where, according to legend, any girl that enters never leaves.

Over Natalie’s objections, Felicity urges the group to sneak into the Marsden house and get some good material for the project. Accompanied by two guys, the four enter the house, but when the guys mysteriously vanish and it’s just Natalie and Felicity alone, Natalie learns the truth about Felicity.

She has a big dick.

Unable to resist, Natalie is overcome by her desire for Felicity. Hayden captures the sultry and naughty lust of a futa fucking a woman in all the exciting details. She paints a vivid descriptions of two beautiful women, one packing a little extra, making love in the haunted house and ends leaving you wondering what happens next. I know I’m eager for Futanari Sisterhood 2.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 haunted houses. At only $2.99 cents ‘Futanari Sisterhood: Innocent Initiate’ will lure your eReader into a wild, passionate time!

Available from Amazon. And check out Hayden Archer’s website and see the catalog of her very exciting, and naughty, books. Follow her on twitter @archerotica.

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Review: Men, Affairs; Why?

Men, Affairs; Why?

by Brooks E. Hanson

reviewed by Reed James


UntitledWhy do men cheat? Brooks Hanson, after a career working in nightclubs, has talked to a lot of men on why they’re out at the club drinking, partying, and hooking up with other women while their wives and girlfriends are at home. It’s become her passion, you could say, collecting stories from men about their and their friend’s affairs.

‘Men, Affairs; Why?’ is an in depth look at infidelity and male psychology that is both well researched and scattered with amazing, anecdotal quotes from men on why they cheat, and from a few men on why they would never cheat, on their wives. She attacks the subject form every angle, from the way society is changing, to how technology has made available so many avenues for men to find the causal encounters they desire, to the effects of pornography can have.

This is a well written, and unflinching, look at relationships in the United Kingdom, but it holds a lot of lessons for those of use outside the UK. Its full of real quotes from men on why they cheated on their wives and girlfriends. But this is no anti-male critique. She isn’t out to bash men for just being men, though she is disappointed in men who cheat, this is a study in the root causes of male infidelity and is an absolutely fascinating, if somewhat disheartening, read.

This is a 5 star book! At $2.99, ‘Men, Affairs; Why?’ is a great steal for anyone looking to understand male psychology.

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK. You can also follow her on twitter @BrooksEHansen.

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How Hot Is… ‘The Claiming of Af, the Angel of Light’

How hot is… ‘The Claiming of Af, the Angel of Light’?

by Bella Swann

reviewed by Reed James


The Claiming of Af WEBSITE USEAf, an angelic ball of innocent light, has journeyed from the Realm of Light to spread purity to the Realm of Fairee. When she crosses over, the first being that she comes across will give her the perfect form to spread Light in this new world. Only she comes across a horny elf named Kalen, who imagines her as an extremely beautiful, big-breasted woman, whom he proceeds to molest.

To Af’s horror, and enjoyment, wearing flesh comes with all sorts of new sensations, and she finds herself unable to resist the urges burning between her thighs, submitting to the lusts of Kalen the Elf, a unicorn and his large horn, and a mysterious stranger and his Barghest. Af quickly succumbs to sin and Falls into Darkness.

Bella Swann wastes no time, thrusting you right into the steamy action. Her writing is hot, descriptive, and sensual. The unicorn scene was quite creative, and will leave you wishing you had your own Angel of Light to molest and enjoy. So if your looking for a story where a hot women enjoys getting dominated by men and fantasy beasts, then this is the story for you!

I give ‘The Claiming of Af, the Angel of Light’ 5 of 5 unicorn horns! At $3.99, ‘The Claiming of Af’ will molest eReader into wonderful sin and darkness!

Available from Amazon, Amazon CA, and Smashwords. Like Bella’s facebook page and follow her on twitter @BellaSwannBooks

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