I’m Reed James, first time erotica author. Really excited to self-publish my very first erotica short-story, Roleplay Gone Wrong, at Smashwords and Amazon for $0.99.

I’m in my early thirties, grew up in Pierce County, WA near Tacoma. I’ve wanted to be a writer for most of my life and in the last six months I finally got serious about it. So I hope you all enjoy my writings, I have more ideas to come!

My hobbies are reading, writing, playing video games, tabeltop gaming (Warhammer 40K and D&D). I work full time driving a paratransit shuttle. It’s very rewarding work, but the hours aren’t the greatest.

Take care everyone


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  1. Hi Reed!

    I have a book to offer for your review, or simply just for your enjoyment: Ruse, an erotic novella. It’s a fast read – 54 pages, similar to the Vain series by Deborah Bladon, but set in a university setting.

    I’d be glad to send along the book, and the cover to do with what you like. πŸ™‚

    Here’s a link to see the book though:



  2. Hello.
    One of your books is missing text. I borrowed:
    My Futa Massage Parlor (Futanari Massage 6)(futa-on-female menage erotica) from Amazon Unlimited. I was confused to see only the excerpt in the book. Is there a way you can send me a full book please?

    Like your Aphrodite Universe books, the genie and the angel books. Erotic Fantasy books are my favorite πŸ˜€
    Thank u

    1. Really sorry about this. I uploaded the wrong file. I’ve sent them the new file. It takes about 12 to 24 hours to work through the system and go live. In the mean time, I’ll send you the file to your email address. Glad you like my books! πŸ™‚

    1. I would like to, but the conent would violate Amazon’s censorship. It could end with me having my publishing account banned and unable to publish anything on Amazon. Now, on Smashword, you can still get the .mobi (kindle) version when you buy it.

      1. Interesting. That stinks. I love your stories but I prefer to get them on amazon since it’s free with the subscription. Smashwords would require me to buy each one. What is in it that would be violating the censorship?

        1. Mostly the incest in the story, but it’s also blatant mind control and Amazon cleaned house on all that erotica in 2014. I could change it to pseudo-incest, step-father/step-mother, etc. but the Mind Control is the story, so no luck. Sorry.

  3. I personally have set in motion the building of my own publishing marketplace.

    If I am successful, I am likely going to be in competition with both of those commercial venues.

    At this moment, however, I myself just don’t publish anything too controversial any place on the internet.

  4. One of my stories has incest in it, and that is why it is not being published.

    It has more than just incest, but it has that amongst other things.

    I have a lot of highly erotic stories I have put on hold until I can afford to put them out some place I am sure they will be free to be accessed without censorship.

    I would rather not deal with the problems of going through some agency which feels it has to limit and control what I write.

    1. Excitica allows everything but bestiality and underage, Smashword and Barnes & Noble allow anything but underage. Amazon’s censorship is great. We have to avoid certain words in the title to keep from being labeled adult and hidden from searches, we have to be careful on our covers.

  5. Hi Reed!

    I enjoy reading your futa girl stories a lot! However, I wanted to ask you about somethings:

    1. How did you land in the world of futanari stories? What/Who made you to start writing about this particular sexual fetish?
    2. Why do you portrait all men in your futanari series as “weak, whimpy, small-dicked, sensless idiots” that cannot satisfy their girlfriends/wives/etc.?
    If they would be more “competent” (in all senses of the word) there would be a greater contrast between them and the futas. This way, the women in your writings just seem too “easy prey” for the futas’ charms, in my humble opinion.

    1. Hi Leslie, glad you enjoy my writing.

      Anime got me into this sexual fetish. Futanari comes from Japan. It’s common in a lot of their indie comic scene (known as doujins) as well as in their hentai (animated porn). It just clicked for me and I have a lot of fun writing it.

      The reason I write men usually that way is so I can write a gender swap story with them or to write cuckolding stories which are predated on having wimpy beta males. Futas are magical in the Aphrodite Universe. There designed to be irresistible to women and make men look emasculated and replace them by Aphrodite. But thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated. I’ll keep it in mind.

      Now, I plan on using more alpha males as antagonist in the bigger stories. The ones were the futas have to deal with servants of the other gods, such as Dionysus. His alpha males have harems of women, those women are devoted to their men. You see them in the Queen of the Futa Academy series and they’ll be appearing in other stories. Later this month I have the Futa Bacchanal series which sees the return of these alpha males in form of a biker gang.

      1. Real intersexed people [this is what ‘futanari’ means as a street or anime/manga term] come in a host of formats, many are not very attractive I hate to say, although a few are indeed beautiful, the fact is, we are just real human beings and what you see in anime and manga is sexualized extrapolation which sadly misrepresents us as real human beings. Also it tends to get us confused with transsexuals.

        That said, since you are writing artistically, I can not complain about your works because I too am an artist and as an artist I realize that an artist is sovereign in what they produce.

        I am sure that there are many who hate the fact that my futanari heroines are strong, intelligent, honest positive family role models who are only attracted to women, so it goes both ways.

        1. Hi Yuri, nice points. And, yes, everyone in my erotica, for the most part, are overly sexualized individuals from the men to the women. I do not pretend to write the world in a realistic manner. Always great to hear from you.

          1. Thank you for your kind words! (^_^)/

            Just a point to people who may wonder about options for writing, I have found [and this is not limited to futanari centric LGBTQI material] that there is a HUGE demand for high quality romances all the way to ‘young adult’ [aka PG rated] in the country of Israel, and there is a huge demand in many other heavily restricted nations where Islam or other radically enforced religions exist.

            I honestly have my first book in a library where minors are reading my content and I have made over 1000$ from related sales in Israel through exactly one person, and this person is often in the hospital, so we have estimated that the potential market base there includes a lot of non LGBTQI people, and there may [in Israel alone] be 2 million potential readers of any level from PG to XXX due to the heavy restrictions placed by their government leading to a strong black market and high prices per sale.

            I am working on building up connections and infrastructure so I can help open up this hole in the political/religious armor of their censorship program so that the people there hungry for this type of work can be served by we the writers.

            If this works for real, [as in I can guarantee it works without interference from their government censors] I will let you know. (^_^)/

      2. Thanks for the reply, Reed.
        I would like to add a few remarks to your writing:
        As I’ve said before, storywise, they are really cool with various scenes, scenarios and so on, so no complaints there.
        But I can’t understand your point on the size of the futas “womanhood”, i.e. their magical dicks. How big are they? Just because you always write about how big they are compared to their men. Plus the girth. Am I missing something, or are there no particular sizes mentioned in your stories?
        The other thing is: I don’t blame you for leaving out large chunks of the “action”, but sometimes the story could definitely use some more detail. I mean, you introduce an orgy scene were everybody goes a round (or a lot of rounds) with everybody, but then you suddenly jump to another scene. And there I stand hanging and with blueballs. :-(.
        And finally: your futas proudly claim that they can go on and on doing others. But at a certain point even they have to stop, since they ran out of “juice” (I think this was clearly written in your Taken by the Futas stories). So, how much stamina do these girls/ladies actually have?

        1. They are well over the average size for a man’s cock. Ten to twelve inches. And they have girth. I’ve never liked using acutal measurements, you notice I’ll rarely say a woman’s cup size, etc, but they’re big, thick cocks that the average woman isn’t going to encounter in her lifetime. And I’m so sorry for leaving you with blueballs. My sex scenes are getting longer, so hopefully that won’t happen as much. And Orgy’s, well, they are complicated to write.

          Futas are limited more by exhaustion then on producing semen. They’re still human and are in peak shape, but there are limits to how long they can fuck.

          1. I see. Now, I don’t want to mess with your writing style/story mode, but a new idea popped into my head:
            you mentioned bringing in more alpha males into your stories, which would be a more than welcome change.

            However, can you imagine for a second a series (much like your Werewolf’s harem story) in which well-endowed and assertive alpha males and futas compete for the grace of girls/MILFS/etc? Stories that involve threesomes and plenty of DP? Stories where the women “have to” choose between a man and a futa? Stories where the two worlds (futas and men) have a good chance of enjoying sex with women without any intrique/dominating over the other/gender-bending, etc.? You know, some “boring romantic stuff” with lots of hardcore action.

            Please tell me what you think. Also feel free to check out my blog. I’ve written its address into the form.

          2. I wouldn’t have any objections to writing stories like that. It doesn’t fit in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe, but I could definitely include them in other works. My Battered Lamp series has an Alpha Male who’s best friend turns out to be a futanari. While they don’t ever share their women (the futanari is very monogamous) they still are great friends and allies. I make no promises. At the moment, I don’t have time to develop this story line, but in a few months, who knows.

            EDIT: And I did take a look at your blog. Good luck with it. πŸ™‚

    2. Well they COULD be like ME where I have no males interacting with the futanari except on rare occasion as being the victims of shameless lurid and unfulfilled teasing.

      A writer writes what a writer wants to write.

      Freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of everything.

      Some people would if they could utterly outlaw all futanari and murder them [we are real human beings after all] so to ask why one person puts their fictional characters above weak or impotent men, who cares?

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