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Sneak Peak at Futa’s Passioante Awakening – Helen

Two futanari, each living different lives are unaware of their connection. Helen is nineteen and attending her second year of college. The futanari is shy of the extra bit between her thighs. Thinking she is a freak, she struggles to hide what she is from those around her. But she has desires inside of her, eager to wake her up into a world of passion.

Ally is nineteen, too, and has lived all her life in a secret, government lab. The busty futa wants nothing more to escape the facility and live her life and enjoy her futa-cock. But the scientist, led by the sultry Dr. Zhao, believe her cum holds the key to incredible power.

Grown up apart, these two futanari are about to awaken to their special bond.

Futa’s Passionate Awakening is out! You can buy this naughty for $3.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Futa’s Passioante Awakening – Helen

Helen Hawthorn sighed as she taped her throbbing girl-dick between her legs, tucked between her thighs and pressing against the lips of her pussy, her blonde pubic hair tickling her shaft. She called it her girl-dick because that only felt proper. She was a girl who happened to have a dick. And one that had been increasingly difficult the last few days thanks to her new roommate, Isabel.

Helen applied the last of the tape to keep her dick tucked in place, hiding from the world that she was what the medical community called intersex and most people would call a hermaphrodite. Helen hated both terms. Intersex sounded so clinical, and hermaphrodite made her sound like a freak.

She preferred the term futanari.

It was Japanese in origin, and while it meant hermaphrodite, it sounded far more exotic. Plus, futanari had come to mean biological women who gained cocks of their own, often sprouting from their clits like Helen’s did. Unlike other naturally-born hermaphrodites or intersexed individuals, she had her cock sprouting from the folds of her pussy like it was her clit enlarge.

Except no clit was larger than most human cocks could grow. And they did not have fully functional urethra. Not only that, she could cum from her dick, or so Dr. Maura assured her. Her ovaries had, apparently, developed to function as normal ovaries and as testicles. They produces semen. Her occasional wet dreams proved it.

Her cock taped up, the tip still tingling, she pulled up her panties, the satin material sliding into place. It was hard to tell she had a cock at all, she tucked so well. And once she had her skirt and tights on, no one would have a clue she wasn’t a woman. It was so much easier than people thinking she was a freak.

You’re not a freak,” her mother would tell her. “You’re unique. Special.”

My special volcano,” her father would laugh.

Ryan and Regan Hawthorn weren’t Helen’s biological parents. She was adopted and named after Mount St. Helens where she was found as a baby. “If I’m special,” she would retort to her parents, “then why did my parents abandon me on a mountain?”

Because they knew you would need someone special to love you,” her mother would say, hugging her. “Someone who had all the love in the world to give to such a unique, little girl.”

She would pretend her parents had cheered her up, but Helen knew the truth. She was a futanari freak.

She dressed next, pulling on her white tights and a plaid skirt that fell almost to her knees. Her blouse was pale blue and complimented her skirt. She buttoned up her around her small breasts held in a plain bra. She tucked in her skirt and then set about taming her blonde hair into a French braid. She always loved how feminine braided hair was.

And the French braid was the most elegant and feminine to the futanari. She would be beautiful if she tired a little harder with her makeup, but since she knew no straight guy or gay guy would want to date her, she didn’t see the point in trying.

And I doubt the lesbians are interested in a chick with a huge dick, Helen sighed as she finished putting on her lip gloss, making her lips pink and shiny. Lip gloss capped, she headed out of her bathroom into the dorm she shared with Isabel Espinosa.

Having a roommate was a mistake. During her freshman year at the University of Puget Sound, Helen had no roommate. She had told the school that, for medical reasons, she had to room alone. And they had respected her wishes. It was too stressful for Helen to have to hide her condition in her own dorm. So when Helen started her sophomore year this week, she assumed she would have a room all to herself.

She was wrong. She had to put up with the feisty, energetic, and gorgeous Isabel.

It was torture. Her girl-cock responded to a pretty girl the same as any straight guys. It grew hard. It tingled. It had this painful, almost demanding ached at the tip. It begged to be touched, to be stroked, to be masturbated.

Helen had never masturbated. And she had no plans on starting. She had gone all nineteen years of her life without flogging her girl-dick like a dumb guy or frigging her pussy like a horny slut. She wasn’t interested in sex since she knew no one would ever be interested in her futanari, freakish body.

So walking out of the bathroom and finding Isabel naked, bent over, her curvy, golden-brown ass pointed right at the bathroom door was torture. Helen froze, eyes widening behind her glasses at the sight of the naked rump swaying back and forth. It wiggled as Isabel worked a pink thong up her sleek legs. Peeking between those lush thighs was the shaved lips of her pussy, her petals on full display, dark and delicious.

Oh, no, Helen groaned as her dick throbbed, fighting against the tape. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to hold it in place. The tip of her girl-cock ached, begging to be introduced to that succulent pussy.

You always change in the bathroom,” Isabel said, her words rapid. She pulled the thong over her hips, hiding her pussy, the cloth vanishing between those curvy butt-cheeks. “It’s just us girls. You don’t have to be shy.” She turned, her round breasts jiggling naked, areolas a dusky pink. She had a red heart tattooed on the inner slope of her left tit. “Really, I’m almost offended that you flee into the bathroom. I don’t care if you have an ugly scar or something. Won’t bother me.”

I’m just shy,” Helen said, cheeks so red as she wrenched her gaze from those swaying tits. Her dick felt so engorged. It strained and pulled at the tap. It was so uncomfortable. She grit her teeth, heading to her desk to pack up her backpack for the day.

Oh, don’t be shy, chica,” she said, flashing teeth. “I don’t bite.”

I know,” Helen said, my cheeks burning. Even her pussy was getting wet, her labia rubbing on her girl-dick’s shaft, slicking it with juicy excitement. The futanari squirmed, the tip of her cock throbbing, the tape pulling at her flesh. She grabbed her laptop and stuffed it in her bag.

Does it bother you that I’m naked?” she asked, facing Helen, her tits still out. “Are you gay? ‘Cause that’s cool. I’m down with that.”

No, no,” the blonde futanari said. Helen didn’t know what her sexuality was. Was it gay to like women if she had a cock? But she also had a pussy. “I’m just…not used to it.”

Aw, gotcha.” Isabel nodded, grabbing a bra out of her dresser. “We’ll work on it, okay, chica?

Sure,” Helen lied. It was easier than arguing with her roommate. And she hoped by the end of the week Isabel would be moving out. Helen already had her appeal in with the college administration, along with a note from Dr. Maura.

She was the only person at school that new about Helen’s condition.

So, how are classes going?” Isabel asked. “I’m finding my second year to be strangely easier and yet harder at the same time, you know?”

Yeah,” Helen said, grabbing my writing journal. It had cute, green geckos on it crawling over a yellow background. It was her fifth writing journal, the others were in her desk drawer. She filled it with story ideas, poems, half-written scenes. It was an important tool in her desire to be an author.

It was why she was at the University of Puget Sound. She was enrolled in the English Department with a Creative Writing focus.

I mean,” continued Isabel, “I got the routine down, know how to get food, how to live, where to go to class. I’m not one of those lost freshmen wandering around with their eyes so wide like they’ve never been away from home. And so it’s easier. And yet the classes are just harder.”


You don’t really like to talk much.”

I guess not.”

You’re gonna be a big famous author,” she laughed. “Communication. I’d think you’d be good at it.”

Helen shrugged her shoulders before slinging on her backpack. “I have to get to class.”

Kay. Have a good one.”

You, too,” Helen said, hurrying to the door.

She tried not to pretend she was fleeing as she closed the door behind her and rushed down the hallway to the stairs. But she was. Helen couldn’t help it. She had to get out of there. Her dick was so throbbing. She passed the elevator and hurried down the stairwell, bursting outside into the warm, September morning, taking in deep breaths.

The University of Puget Sound, located in the heart of Tacoma, had a beautiful campus. There was so much of greenery everywhere Helen looked, surrounded by red-brick buildings that looked like they were built a century ago. Except there were all these little details that hinted at their more modern construction: the bricks red too bright and vibrant, the mortar to light, the style off. The school had finished a major remodel and expansion a few years before she started.

Helen loved it here. It was beautiful. She pushed up her glasses, they were forever slipping down her nose, and breathed in deeply, letting her dick’s throbbing relax as she gathered herself for her day.

She really, really needed to live alone.

You can buy Futa’s Passionate Awakening for $3.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!



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Sample: Jenny’s Awakening (Wild Shifter Passion 1)

In a world of shifters, the shady, quasi-governmental Association hunts them down and indoctrinates them into their goals. The next shifter in their sight is Jenny, a freshman college student at Washington State University.

Jenny just wants to get good grades. She has no idea that a werebear named Alexander and his squad of octogirls are hunting her down. But there are shifters out there resisting the Association. Rex and Abigail, a werewolf and werefox, also hunt for Jenny.

Who will reach her first?

Jenny’s Awakening will be out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!!

Chapter One

JennysAwakeningJenny Negles yawned as she fumbled to get her keys out of her purse while balancing the bookbag slung over her other shoulder. It was heavy with her laptop, an ancient thing, and several textbooks. Her back ached from the strain, and she kept having to roll her shoulder to keep it from slipping off.

Come on,” she whispered, her keys in hand but one of the jagged teeth had caught on something in her purse and refused to come out. “Not now, I want to get to bed.”

Before her stood the door to her dorm room. Jenny let her head slump forward, banging against the painted-white door, rattling it on its hinges. She tugged again on her key while an errant strand of her black hair spilled down her cheek. It was supposed to be pulled back with the rest of her locks into her ponytail, but after a day of classes and an evening studying in the library, several tresses had escaped her scrunchy’s imprisonment.

Come on,” Jenny muttered, hating her hair escaping. Her hair should be neat. It needed to be combed.

The young coed, attending her second year of college at Washington State University in Pullman, just west of the Idaho border. She liked the school and mascot—Go Cougars!—but right now what she would really like was to pull her keys out before she lost her bookbag and broke her most prized possession—her laptop.

The door yanked open.

Jenny’s roommate, Lupita, grinned at her. “Sup, girl?”

Hey,” Jenny said, letting go of her stuck keys. “Thanks.”

Lupita nodded, her hips swiveling in the tight, low-riding jeans she loved, her bright-red thong standing out against her nut-brown skin. She backed off from the door, the fringe on the bottom of her belly shirt swaying, matching the bounce of her bleached platinum-blonde hair.

It’s Friday night, and you were studying again.”

I didn’t think you’d be here,” Jenny said, ignoring the comment and setting her laptop bag on her desk followed by her purse. “Isn’t there a frat party or something?”

It was lame,” Lupita groaned, emphasizing lame.

Jenny smiled and pulled off her scrunchy. She grabbed her brush off her nightstand and went to work on straightening out her hair while Lupita kept undulating her hips, dancing to a beat only the Latina could hear.

Shame, I am horny,” Lupita moaned. “Was hoping for a nice frat brother or cute sorority sister to ease my itch.”

Jenny’s cheeks reddened. Lupita was a…forward girl. Three months sharing a room had not changed that. “Well…sorry.”

Lupita fell on her bed, her arms spread wide, her large breasts jiggling in a way that made Jenny pretty sure her friend had forgone a bra again. Lupita’s legs spread wide, obscenely wide, and Jenny looked away.

Lupita’s jeans molded to her crotch, and Jenny wasn’t interested in seeing such an intimate sight.

You could scratch my itch,” Lupita said after a moment.

Jenny froze in mid-comb. “No, Lupita. No.”

Lupita sat up on her elbows. “You never have any fun, Jenny.”

Because we’re in college.”

Exactly. It’s like you want to have good grades or something.” Lupita rolled her eyes. “What are you thinking?”

That I’m racking up student loans, so I want to get a good job to pay them off.” Jenny set her brush down after carefully pulling out stray hairs caught in the teeth. She balled them up and threw them in the trashcan on the way to the bathroom. “I didn’t come here to have fun.”

Everyone else did,” Lupita called.

Jenny turned on the faucet and washed her hands. She always washed her hands after doing anything. If she wasn’t juggling her purse and laptop bag, she would have made the immediate left to step into their bathroom when she walked through the door.

You need to have fun,” Lupita said. “Since you’re such a cat. Cats know how to have fun.”

A cat?” Jenny frowned as she lathered her hands. “What are you talking about?”

Everyone has an animal spirit,” she said. “I’m Mayan. We know these things. You’re a cat. Like a panther or a jaguar.”

Uh-huh,” I said. “Is this an otherkin thing?”


Nothing.” I shook my head “Just something I read on Tumblr.”

You’re a cat at heart, always cleaning yourself. Tidy. Like a cat. No cat likes to be dirty. Always grooming themselves. But then you’re not embracing your other side. You study too much. That’s not cat-like at all.”

Maybe I’m not a cat.” Jenny grabbed her toothbrush and squeezed a line of Colgate three-in-one toothpaste across the bristles. “Ever think about that?”

Lupita popped in as Jenny shoved her toothbrush into her mouth. “Nope. You’re a cat. Look at you. Who brushes their teeth three times a day? Once, in the morning, is enough.”

People who don’t want to have cavities,” Jenny mumbled around her toothbrush. In her purse she had a travel brush and toothpaste, in a Ziploc bag, for brushing after meals.

Don’t you want to get laid ever?” Lupita asked.

I’ve been laid a few times,” Jenny blushed.

Don’t you want to get laid again?”

Jenny spat out the toothpaste. “When I find the right person.”

You’re not going to find him, or her, at the library.”

Jenny shrugged as she reached for her makeup bag. She pulled out a cloth and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. “School’s too much of a hook-up culture. I don’t want casual and meaningless.”

But it’s fun,” purred Lupita.

No one dates anymore. It’s sad. Everyone’s using Tinder and screwing around. I don’t like it. I want to be old fashioned.”

Cats are not monogamous.” Lupita threw her arm around Jenny’s shoulders. “They’re polyamorous. They enjoy sex where they can get it. A female cat will mate with multiple toms in a night.”

Well, I am not a cat.” Jenny shrugged away Lupita’s arm from her shoulders. “And I’m not scratching your itch. I’m going to bed. I’m tired.”

Fine,” pouted Lupita. She slinked off, leaving Jenny to strip off her makeup. Not that she wore much, just a bit to hide a few blemishes.

Jenny had a symmetrical face, her green eyes setting off her delicate looks and small, but kissable, lips. She was a slim girl, sleek with small breasts and narrow hips. Her legs were long. Jenny often thought they were her best feature, which is why she wore knee-high boots or socks along with skirts.

Her makeup stripped, she washed her hands a final time before stripping out of her clothes and slipping into a long t-shirt, falling to her mid-thigh, and pulling on a clean pair of panties. Lupita lay on her bed, earbuds in as she played with her smart phone. Jenny turned off the lights, the smart phone’s screen glowing blue and giving Lupita’s face an almost sinister look.

Jenny found her covers and fell asleep almost the moment her head hit the pillows.

~ ~ ~

Jenny dreams…

Jenny smiles as she squirms in his strong arms. She led him on a chase and now she is his. His prize. She loves how strong his muscles are, rippling as he holds her and carries her to the bed in the middle of the forest. Around them, songbirds serenade the couple.

You caught me, my love,” Jenny gushes.

Always,” the man answers with a smile. A hungry smile, his one blue and one brown eye fixes on hers. A mane of thick, black hair spills about his broad shoulders.

Jenny’s hand strokes his chest, reveling in the firmness of his muscles. “So strong,” she purrs, wiggling in his arms, her body growing excited beneath her dress and red cloak. “What are you going to do to me?”

What do you want me to do?”

Ravish me,” Jenny moans, undulating, her pussy on fire. “Take me, claim me. I’ve waited for you.”

Have you?” a woman purrs.

Jenny looks over her shoulder. A new figure has appeared on the bed, naked save for her red hair spilling about her wicked, hungry face, a vixen smile spreading wide her ruby lips. Her leg parts, revealing a landing strip of red hair leading to a shaved and dripping pussy.

Have you waited for us?”

Us?” asks Jenny, furrowing her brows. “What? No. Just for him.”

But we come together,” he growls in her ear.

She shudders in his arm. “Yes, yes. You both. I don’t care. Just ravish me. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting all my life.”

And we’ve been searching,” the fox-faced woman purrs. She licks her lips and slides a hand between her round breasts down to her groin, stroking the tattoo of an angry unicorn prancing where her groin and right leg meet. “Can you smell how excited we are?”

Jenny inhales. She catches two scents: a wild, primal musk and a tangy passion. The man and the woman. Her pussy clenches again and her nipples ache, eager for the pair to love and caress Jenny’s body.

Yes, yes. I can.”

And we can smell you,” he growls.

His lips kisses at her neck and suckles at her flesh. She gasps, arching her neck and giving him unfettered access. His teeth nibbles and bites, teasing her as he reaches the bed. The woman seizes Jenny, pulling her down and out of his arms. The woman nuzzles into Jenny’s neck, her softer lips kissing the other side of Jenny’s neck.

Two sets of hands stroke Jenny’s body through her lovely, silk dress. One small and quick, the other large and powerful. Both tease her body and send thrills of delight racing across her skin. The warmth blossoms between her thighs, her pussy grows wetter, and Jenny shudders in pure delight.

He claims her lips in a kiss. Jenny’s eyes flutter. Other men have kissed her, but they were like boys compared to this man. His lips are strong, devouring hers. She trembles and moans into the kiss while the woman’s delicate fingers pull at the lace knots holding her bodice closed.

Mmm, what treasures do we have in here?” the woman asks, pushing open Jenny’s bodice and revealing her small breasts topped by puffy, dusky-pink nipples. “What yummy morsels.”

Jenny gasps as the woman’s mouth engulfs her nipple, sucking on the puffy nub. Jenny moans into her kiss with the man, savoring the pleasure shooting from her nipple to her pussy. She squirms on the soft bed.

A strong hand engulfs her other breast, squeezing and massaging it. Callous fingers slide up and find her nipple, rolling it between them while the woman’s tongue swirls about the puffy nub. Jenny sucks in breaths through her nose, the room spinning about her.

The man breaks the kiss. “Ours.”

Yes,” Jenny breathes.

The man’s lips find her other nipple. Jenny squirms as her two lovers suckle at her small breasts. She runs her fingers through silky red and coarse black hair. Whiskered cheeks rub on her right breast, exciting her.

Both the man and the woman reach down, grasping Jenny’s skirt and hiking it up her sleek thighs. The silk rustles as more and more of her legs are exposed. The hands stroke her, sliding up and down her flesh, teasing her, shooting delight to her wet pussy.

She’s growing wetter,” moans the woman between sucks of Jenny’s nipple.

Yes,” growls the man.

I am,” Jenny breathes. “Please, please, touch me there. I need to cum.”

Naughty slut,” giggles the woman. “She’s a pussy with a hot pussy.”

So hot.”

The man’s bold hand finds Jenny’s pussy. She shudders as his thick fingers stroke up and down her folds then dip between them. He brushes her clit. Jenny shudders and clenches her fingers in their hair, cradling her lovers to her breasts.

The two sucking mouths and the fingers playing with her pussy drive Jenny wild. She gasps and moans, humping her hips. The woman’s fingers join the man’s, rubbing at Jenny’s clit as the man shoves two thick fingers into her depths.

Yes,” she moans, savoring her pussy being filled. Her flesh clenches down on their fingers. “Oh, yes. Mmm, that’s wonderful. Oh, god.”

The woman circles Jenny’s clit faster and faster. The man pumps his finger deeper and deeper. She groans and her toes curl. Pleasure courses through her. The excitement builds in her. The woman nips her nipple.

Jenny’s hips buck.

Oh, wow,” Jenny gasps. “Oh, yes, that’s good. Mmm, I’m going to cum.”

Good,” growls the man. His fingers thrust faster and faster, rubbing at the folds of her wet pussy. “I want to hear you scream out as you cum. I want to feel your pussy spasm about my fingers.”

His words propel Jenny over the edge. Her clit throbs beneath the woman’s fingers. Her pussy spasms around the man’s fingers. Her body bucks. The woman sucks harder at Jenny’s nipple. The pleasure races through her body and…

…Jenny bolted upright in bed, trembling as the pleasure rippled through her body. She moaned and shuddered before falling back onto her pillows, gasping for breath. Her eyes fluttered and her heart thundered.

I…I…” Jenny struggled to remember the last time she had such a powerful wet dream. Her panties felt soaked. “Wow.”

The man and woman burned in her mind. His wolfish grin and her vixen smile, their lips sucking at her nipples, their fingers teasing her panties. Jenny rolled onto her side and hugged her body pillow. Her pussy still tingled as she smiled.

It was such a real dream.

Her breathing slowed as she fell back into sleep, hoping to meet her dream lovers again.

~ ~ ~

We’re close,” Abigail panted, her round breasts rising and falling as the sheets slipped off her body. “Did you feel her?”

Rex sat up, his dick hard from the shared dream. He stared at his mate, her fiery hair spilling about her shoulders, her vixen lips bursting with a hungry smile. He brought his fingers to his nose, breathing in, wishing he could smell sweet musk again.

Yes, I felt her,” he growled. “Which direction?”

Further west,” she moaned. “Maybe a day.” Abigail turned and seized his cheeks. “But we’re fucking close.”

But will we beat them?” Rex snarled, anger boiling through him. “They will have sent Alexander. I know it.” His hands clenched. He owed Alexander.

I don’t know,” Abigail panted. “But I’m too excited to sleep. She’s close. We need to get on the road. I bet we can reach her by morning.”

Rex nodded, his heart thudding as he remembered the woman, so innocent with her black hair and green eyes. It wasn’t the same green as Abigail’s bright emeralds, but darker. His blood boiled. He had to claim his dream lover.

And he had to save her. The full moon was tomorrow night. She was close to her first change, and the Association would seek to possess her.

But not if I can save her first.

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Steve is just an ordinary college student with a crush on his younger step-sister, Brooke, one of the cheerleaders. But everything changes when Steve finds himself trapped in her closet as Brooke and her girlfriend get hot and heavy.

As Steve watches the hot sight, Aisha appears, a blonde, busty genie presenting her bottle and declaring herself Steve’s faithful slave. Steve’s life changes as Aisha works her magic and makes sure her Master is taken care of.

But there are threats out there, Esmerelda the bruja eager to feast on the genie’s magic, Jarret the incubus jealous of any competition to the women of Steve’s college, and Octave Couture, the Frenchman hunting the world for every genie and the man who killed Aisha’s last master.

Hot Genie Surprise is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Hot Genie Surprise


Chapter One

Steve Wolfe

Go Aggies!” the cheerleaders shouted as their blue-and-gold pompoms shook over their heads, the foil strips reflecting the California sun. The UC Davis cheerleaders were practicing for the homecoming game tomorrow night against the Stanford Cardinals. They pranced and shook their gorgeous asses on the football field. Classes were over for the day, and I loved their enthusiasm as they high-kicked and jumped, the more endowed girls’ tits bouncing beneath their sleeveless, blue tops.

I loved the sight. I couldn’t help lurking at the side of the bleachers and watching their youthful bodies contort and shake as they practiced their cheers. It was such a naughty thrill as I spied on their youthful bodies heaving.

I especially loved watching my step-sister Brooke practice. She was two years younger than me, just turned eighteen and starting her first year at UC Davis. Right now, she was bent over, her gold skirt sliding up to reveal the blue bloomers covering her tight ass as she shook it at the stands.

Damn,” I groaned, my cock swelling in my pants.

I knew it was wrong to lust after her. We were raised together. My mom died in child birth, and my dad remarried Brooke’s mother when I was two years old and Brooke’s mom was pregnant with her. My earliest memory was Brooke coming home from the hospital. Tragedy had robbed Brooke of her mother—she died only a month later in a traffic accident. My dad’s third wife, our step-mother, had far more luck. She was still alive, outlasting my dad who had passed away three years ago of cancer.

Still, even though we weren’t related, it was wrong to lust after Brooke. She was my sister. I grew up with her. I should know better, but my cock just didn’t want to listen. I licked my lips and tried to pry my eyes off her shaking ass. There were other girls on the cheer squad I could ogle.

Like Brooke’s new BFF Madison. They had met at freshman orientation last month and hit it off. The chocolate-skinned, half-Black cheerleader shook her ass next to my sister, her gorgeous thighs leading up to a great rear. She was an eighteen-year-old I could ogle.

Maybe I should ask Brooke to set us up. Every freshman girl wanted to date an older guy. I was a junior and almost twenty-one.

Or maybe I should ogle the gorgeous Esmeralda. The Latina hottie was the cheer captain. She stood out front working that tight ass beneath her flashing skirt. Her hips moved in ways my sister and her friend Madison just hadn’t learned yet.

What would Esmeralda feel like riding my cock?

I needed to get laid. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in months. It was hard finding a girl when my best friend was the school’s heartthrob. Every girl on campus melted in her panties whenever Jarret was around. I had seen the guy walk off with three girls at once, and heard the noises they made…

Damn,” I groaned as Esmeralda spun around, her hips rolling as the cheer progressed. “She would feel amazing riding my cock. She would know how to work her snatch.”

I pulled out my phone and snapped pics of her and Madison. And Brooke. I couldn’t help it. My redheaded step-sister looked so damned sexy as she did a high kick, flashing those tight bloomers hugging her pussy.

Esmeralda’s eyes locked on me. I froze, my phone clutched in my hand. I flushed and shoved it in my back pocket. Trying to act casual, I turned and walked slowly away. I didn’t run. I’m not even sure why I was leaving. Plenty of guys hung out at the bleachers to watch the cheerleaders practice.

Hell, they would be making those same moves in front of the crowd at tomorrow night’s game.

But Esmeralda had caught me snapping pictures of Brooke. I doubt Esmeralda would have known who I was photographing there at the end. But my cheeks burned with taboo shame. I really needed to find a girlfriend, but it was so hard when I shared a roof with Brooke. Ever since she turned eighteen, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

She was gorgeous.

Did you enjoy the show?” a purring voice asked behind me.

I froze and turned.

Esmeralda strolled towards me, her golden-brown, gorgeous face framed by her wavy-dark hair. It had a natural bounce about her shoulders as she walked. I froze. My dick was so hard in my pants. Her eyes flicked down and smiled at me.

You’re Brooke’s step-brother, right? Steven?”

Steve,” I corrected with a shrug, my hand tightening on the phone. My palm grew sweaty.

So, did you enjoy the show?” she asked, her voice a sensuous purr.

I swallowed. What was going on? Esmeralda was one of the hottest girls in school. She also dated the quarterback. Yet here she was, in the shadows of the bleachers, marching up to me, her dark eyes burning. If a guy stepped up that close I would say we were about to fight.

I asked you a question.” Her voice was firm.

Yes,” I answered.

She reached out and took my phone from my grasp. I tried to hold on, but my phone slipped out of my sweaty grip. “Let’s see what great pics you took.”

I opened my mouth to object, but her hard stare silenced me.

Mmm, I like a boy that knows when to keep his mouth shut.” She flicked through the pictures. “You have a great one of me. Did you get any of my ass?”

I shook my head, my fist clenching. I didn’t have to take shit from this girl.

Good. It’s my best feature. You have to earn those pics.” She played with the phone. “There. All mine are gone. But I left all those pics of your sister.”

I…” I swallowed, not sure what to say. She knew I was perving on my step-sister. What if she told everyone? What if she told Brooke? I couldn’t be confrontational.

Yes, you could be a nice diversion. How good at eating pussy are you?”

My eyes bugged. “What?”

Her hand shout out and grasped my cock through my jeans. She squeezed. Hard. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her grip despite the pain. My knees buckled. She kept squeezing until I fell to my knees. Which, thankfully, moved my hard-on out of her grip.

Fucking bitch.

Mmm, that’s much better.” She seized my short, dark hair, tilting up my head. “Now, I asked you a question. How good are you at eating pussy?”

Okay,” I answered. “I haven’t done it a lot.”

Maybe we should change that,” she purred. “Then you might earn having a few pics of me on your phone to jerk off to.” She lifted her foot, covered by her tennis shoe, and pushed it between my thighs. She rubbed my cock through my jeans with her foot. “Mmm, I bet I could make you cum right here and now with my foot. You’re that kind of pathetic guy.”

What was going on?

But I have better things to do. If you were a little cuter…” She pulled harder on my hair. “I better not see you out here watching me or my girls again, even if one of those silly cunts is your sister. You have to earn that privilege.”

Sorry,” I said, balling up my fist. I wanted to hit the bitch, but that would be wrong. It was never right to hit a girl. That was what my dad always said.

With a laugh, Esmeralda strolled off, her ass shaking beneath her golden, pleated skirt. She moved to join the other cheerleaders heading to their locker room. One paused and looked at me. Brooke. My cheeks grew even warmer.

She shook her head and followed her friends inside the locker room.

What the fuck just happened?” I muttered as I stood up.

* * *

Octave Couture

The fog rolled off the Thames and billowed about my feet. It was thick tonight. My Gucci double monk-strap leather shoes were completely swallowed by the murk. It wasn’t natural. Giles Steed had thickened it to hide from me.

A futile ploy.

Fifteen years of hunting the man ended where it began—on a foggy, London street. My shoes rang through the thick murk as I strolled through the fog in my Brioni tailored suit, purchased only yesterday on Saville Row.

The fog swirled and then a woman appeared in a puff of dark-red smoke. Her face was reddish-brown and her hair long, black, and straight. She had the features of a Native American, but her eyes were ancient. Shahira was my first Djinn. She had served me for centuries on my quest to possess all the Djinn shackled in this world. She dressed stylishly, tight skinny jeans clinging to her curves, platform heels giving her a few extra inches of height, a low-cut top that displayed her swarthy cleavage.

Master,” Shahira said with a bow. After centuries of being at my side, Shahira’s genuflect was reflexive. She knew how I liked to be served. “He lies wounded in the alley ahead. His strength has finally given out.”

Very good,” I said. My voice had no hint of the accent of a peasant from Champagne. I had long shed the rough voice of a farmer’s son when I had finally washed the scent of pig shit from my body. Now I favored the cultured cosmopolitan accent. It sounded old-fashioned to a modern Parisian, but that suited me. These modern times were so crass, even if technology had brought about so many conveniences. “Lead on and let’s claim your last sister.”

Of course, Master.”

Her heels clicked as she walked beside me. She didn’t have to walk. She could transform herself into smoke and zip ahead, or even return to her bottle carried in the inside pocket of my expensive jacket. There she could wait safe and secure until I summoned her.

The alley materialized out of the fog. It ran between two old brick buildings on the waterfront, the thick mist billowing before it. A man’s labored words drifted out of the alleyway, muffled by the fog. Excitement beat in my heart.

Finally, the last Djinn would be mine.

I kept my excitement under control as I rounded the corner into the alley. Giles Steed lay on his side, his clothing shredded. Blood flowed from the many wounds inflicted by my servants. The crimson formed a sticky puddle around the old man. He clutched a pink bottle wrapped in the fine gold wire. The bottle was ancient, forged in Mesopotamia millennia ago to be a vessel to hold the Djinn. I had six like it, one on me, and the other five safely stored in my mansion.

With my six Djinn, I had used eighteen major wishes. I was practically immortal, invulnerable to weapons, and the owner of one of the world’s largest business ventures. I owned it these days through various shell corporations set up to mask that I had been alive since the fourteenth century. That had grown harder to accomplish in these modern times.

Cameras and facial recognition software made it far too easy to uncover my secret. But once I had Aisha, the final Djinn, none of that would matter.

I stared at my fallen enemy. Steed had defied me so many times. He had grown skilled at avoiding me. He had used his three wishes wisely. They had gifted him with the skill and knowledge to battle my servants. But he had not wished for youth like I had.

Age had finally caught up to him.

I savored this moment and smiled. “Surrender Aisha and I will spare—”

My words ended when the bottle transformed into pink smoke and rose in a column before dissipating. Anger boiled through me. He still defied me. Even dying. I marched towards the old man as the last of the Djinn’s smoke vanished. I slammed my $2000 shoe on his chest, heedless of the blood that would ruin the leather.

Where did you send her?” I growled.

I don’t know,” Steed groaned. A smile crossed his wrinkled face. “I made my last wish. I sent Aisha where she would be happy. She will have a new master to serve.”

I ground my foot into his wounds. He let out a loud moan of pain. His eyes rolled back in his head. “Where is she?”

I don’t know,” he gasped. And then a pain-filled laugh racked his body. “There’s only 7 billion people on the planet. One of them has her. She could be with any of them. On any continent. Good luck finding her.”

Defiance burned in Steed’s eyes. He gathered himself up and spat. The bloody spittle struck my expensive pants. Then he collapsed back and let out a gurgling sigh as his life departed his body.

Rage filled me. My hand struck Shahira hard. The Djinn didn’t cry out as she fell to the ground. I kicked her hard in the stomach. She rolled over and curled into a ball, her face filled with pain. I let out a roar into the foggy, London night, the mist swallowing my anger.

I had to master myself. This task had already taken centuries. I could find Aisha’s new master. He would reveal himself. A new master with a Djinn would stand out. And this was the twenty-first century. Any strange events would go viral. It wasn’t like the past where I had to hunt rumors and travel the world, taking months to reach a possible sighting.

Come, Shahira,” I growled. “We’re going home.”

Yes, Master,” she groaned as she forced herself to stand.

You may heal your bruises.” I took another breath. “I should not have hit you. It was not your fault. Who would have thought he held off using his final wish for so long?”

Thank you, Master.” The pain had vanished from her voice. Her eyes lowered.

I strolled back to my waiting town car. Shahira trailed behind me, quiet, demure, obedient. I would find Aisha and claim the final Djinn.


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Sneak Preview of Dark Queen’s Passion

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

We’ve met our three magical girls. Now Magical Girl Aphrodite back at the center of the tale. She’s walked right into Ares’s trap. Will she escape to team up with Magical Girl Persephone and Hestia to defeat Queen Hera once and for all?

Dark Queen’s Passion is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Dark Queen’s Passion

DarkQueensPassionAres watched from the depth of his host’s, Marshal Guerrero’s, soul as the young man lounged on the white-sand beach. Ares, servant of the Dark Queen Hera, had glutted these past days spent in the paradise of Hawaii. Ashley Beattie, the current Magical Girl Aphrodite, frolicked in the nearby waves wearing a metallic-blue bikini that showed off her generous curves. Her blonde hair lay wet about her shoulders while her large breasts heaved and swelled.

The sun sank. Night descended. Ares was almost fully recovered.

He had been grievously wounded by Aphrodite’s attack. Weak and helpless, he had no choice but to retreat into Marshal’s soul. Both Marshal and Ashley assumed Ares had been vanquished by Ashley’s magical attack, and that the couple were free to love each other.

Ares would never be defeated. He would see Ashley dead, just like the last incarnations of Magical Girl Aphrodite he had killed for Queen Hera.

Look at the slutty cow. Look at her frolic like a whore, drinking in all the attention of other men.

Marshal shouldn’t settle for the world’s sluttiest girl. Ashley would fuck anything. Man, woman, or monster. She had the appetites of the Goddess of Lust. Memories of the passions Ares had experienced in Aphrodite’s arms as she lounged in her bathing pool burned in his thoughts.

They mixed with the horror of watching her fuck other gods, men, and monsters.

Ares could not understand how Marshal could stand to be with the slut. It revolted Ares every time Ashley fucked a hot surfer or sexy vacationer. Marshal and Ashley’s Hawaiian vacation had been one long sex romp.

Ashley dug the bottom of her bikini out of her ass while she giggled, no doubt for the benefit of the watching lifeguard. It was obvious she wanted to fuck the tanned, shirtless stud sitting atop the tower. She was such a whore.

The lifeguard came down, following her attention. Marshal watched, his cock hard, thrilled at the thought of his girl leading the lifeguard over to the changing rooms. Ashley’s giggles echoed across the beach.

Why aren’t you disgusted by the whore, Marshal?

Ares yearned to seize control. Thanks to all the sex Marshal was having, Ares was strong enough to dominate his host, but he had his orders to wait. He was here to do more than heal. He had to keep Ashley out of Seattle while Hera dealt with the other two magical girls.

Marshal stood up, following after the pair. They slipped behind the changing room. The lifeguard pushed Ashley against the side of the building, his hands stroking her golden flesh. Ashley had tanned fast beneath the Hawaiian sun, her hair lightening to almost platinum as her skin darkened to a lovely glow that even Ares admired.

Whore. Look at her.

Ashley ground against the lifeguard, her hands rubbing at his red swimming trunks. They pushed inside the lifeguard’s bathing suit. Ashley broke the kiss and grinned. “What do we have here?”

My board,” laughed the lifeguard, his own hair dark, his body rippling with muscles. “I use it to rescue girls in trouble.”

Am I in trouble?” moaned Ashley.

Revolting. Ares shuddered at the pathetic banter.

So in trouble.” The lifeguard shoved his hand down her bikini bottoms. “You’re just drowning in juices.”

Ashley’s head threw back, her tits straining at her bikini. She moaned and shuddered as the lifeguard fingered her. Marshal’s dick ached. Ares’s host rubbed at his cock through his shorts as he watched.

You should go over there and kick that man’s ass. Ashley claims to love you, and you claim to love her, so why do you allow this behavior? Pathetic. I can’t wait to kill the bitch.

That would be wonderful, the demigoddess Eris purred to Ares. She was back in the hotel room hidden in Marshal’s suitcase. Currently, she was in the form of a fleshlight, a sex toy for men. Imagine her blood staining me.

Eris became Ares’s sword when he transformed. I can’t wait to see her blood on you, Eris.

The demigoddess of strife laughed in Ares’s mind.

Oh, yes, keep doing that,” moaned Ashley, her body shuddering. “Mmm, right there. Keep rubbing me.”

Yeah,” Marshal groaned. “Make her cum.”

Pathetic, little cuckold.

Ashley’s head tossed back. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a throaty moan as her orgasm shuddered through her. She gasped and squeaked out her delight. Her hips undulated. Her juices gushed down her thighs.

Oh, yes. Damn, you know how to use your fingers.” Ashley squeezed the lifeguard’s cock. “But do you know how to use this?”

You better believe I do,” he growled, ripping his hand out of Ashley’s bikini bottoms. He shoved her bottoms to the side and thrust.

Oh, yes,” gasped Ashley, her back arching as the dick penetrated into her depths. “Oh, yes. Work that cock. Fuck me.”

Yes, fuck her,” groaned Marshal. “Make my woman cum.”

A slow death is what the whore deserves.

So slow, giggled Eris. We can make her bleed like a stuck pig. A thousand pricks all gushing her blood.

Ares yearned to seize control, but without Eris on hand, he would do nothing but alert Marshal that he still existed. Marshal would fight back. If Ares couldn’t transform and dominate the young man, Ashley would be alerted, and she had her demigoddess, Eos, with her back at the towels.

Ares could not face a magical girl in a normal human’s body.

Fuck me,” gasped Ashley, her legs wrapped around the lifeguard’s hips.

The lifeguard fucked her hard. His thrusts were powerful. Ashley gasped and moaned while flesh slapped against flesh, only making Marshal harder. The idiot wanted to shove his hands in his swimming trunks and jerk his dick.

But he waited.

You fucking stud, cum in me,” gasped Ashley. “I need it. I love to feel a stranger’s cum in me. It’s the best.”

Fuck,” groaned the lifeguard. His thrusts grew harder.

Ashley’s face twisted as her orgasm burst through her. She came so easily. Her body quaked in the arms of the lifeguard. Her breasts pressed against his chest. One of her tits had popped out of her bikini top, her fat, pink nipple hard amid a triangle of pale-white flesh surrounded by her golden tan.

Cum in me,” she screeched. “Give it to me. Oh, yes.”

Give it to her,” muttered Marshal.

The lifeguard thrust deep into Ashley. His back arched and his face twisted as he unleashed his cum into Ashley’s filthy cunt. The whore came a second time, gasping and moaning as she spasmed against the wall.

Damn,” Marshal muttered.

Damn,” panted the lifeguard.

Uh-huh,” breathed Ashley, then she gave him a hot kiss before they broke apart. Her bikini bottoms pushed back into place, capturing the mess of cum.

You want to get out of here?” the lifeguard asked. “Go someplace more private?”

Naw, I’m here with my boyfriend.” Ashley waved. “How was the show, babe?”

Great,” Marshal answered with a thumbs up.

The lifeguard blinked in surprise, then just shrugged, adjusted his shorts, and headed back to his tower. Ashley grinned and sauntered to Marshal, rolling her hips as she put her tit back into her top. Marshal grinned at her and pulled her into an embrace.

I can’t believe he can kiss the slut after she debased herself like that. Have pride. You are my host. You carry within you the god of war.

Mmm, you feel hard. Why don’t I suck your cock on the beach,” Ashley grinned.

I like that idea,” Marshal smiled back.

Ashley laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And don’t forget Ashley’s naught adventures in Tentacles of Lust! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Virginal Ester joins in the fun in Innocent Magical Passion is out! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Cora is back having fun in Magical Tentacle Surprise! You can read it at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Hestia and Athena work out their relationship differences in Innocent Passion Transformed! You can read it at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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Sneak Preview of Magical Tentacle Surprise

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

We’ve met our three magical girls. Now Magical Girl Persephone back at the center of the tale, teaming up with Magical Girl Hestia to take free Hades from the evil Queen Hera!

Magical Tentacle Surprise is out! You can read it at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Chapter One

MagicalTentacleSurpriseMagical Girl Persephone stood on the empty, wooden dock staring into the dark waters of Elliott Bay. Behind her, the Seattle skyline lit up the dark, cold, autumn night. Cora, the girl who transformed into Magical Girl Persephone, did not feel the cold despite the torn, skimpy clothing she wore.

The same magic that transformed her, protected her from the chilly night.

Her tight, white blouse had been ripped open by the Iapetus—a humanoid-like monster with four writhing tentacles that could turn invisible and split into twelve different forms—exposing her perky, conical breasts and her dusky nipples. Her short, pleated, green skirt, barely covering her rear, rustled around her butt-cheeks, revealing her naked ass and the fact her thong had been torn away by the rapacious monster.

Cora was getting used to the nudity after her last few nights of fighting the evil Queen Hera’s monstrous children.

Cora stared into the dark waters and threw the blood-red rapier into the waters. It was the demigoddess Eris, the companion bound to Ares, a servant of Hera. Persephone had her own demigoddess companion—Iris.

Tonight, Magical Girl Aphrodite and Persephone had defeated Ares and the Iapetus. With Ares defeated and Marshal restored into control of his body, Cora had volunteered to dispose of Eris while Ashley and Marshal enjoyed their reunion.

I can’t believe Ashley turned out to be Aphrodite, Cora thought to her demigoddess.

I know, Iris answered, vibrating in Cora’s left hand. It was her connection with Iris that allowed Cora to transform into Magical Girl Persephone. When she did, the demigoddess Iris became a dark-wooden staff Cora wielded as her weapon. But I guess it makes sense, given how slutty she is.

Cora blushed. Last night, she had a threesome with Ashley and her boyfriend Aidan.

It was Monday night. Last Friday, Cora had been a virgin embarking on her life of dating with the equally shy Aidan. Her boyfriend was nerdy and a virgin. Everything changed when Cora had been dragged to the Pretty Pussy sex shop by Ashley, her far more adventurous roommate.

There, Cora had bought a vibrator that turned out to be Iris in disguise. After masturbating with the vibrator, Cora had formed a bond with Iris.

And now I’m a Pretty Pussy Soldier fighting for Truth and Justice. Even thinking those words made Cora feel so corny. But Magical Girl Persephone was who Cora was. Last night, she had defeated the monster Ophiotaurus serving Hades, another servant of Hera, and tonight she had assisted Ashley.

Who’s Magical Girl Hestia?

No idea, Iris answered. Hestia would be the final magical girl. I bet she’s out there, probably patrolling the city right now. She’ll be facing off against Athena.

Hades, Ares, and Athena were meant to be the guardians of Persephone, Aphrodite, and Hestia. And they would have been if Queen Hera, the mother of the monsters and the impending doom of the world, hadn’t corrupted the magical girls’ guardians and turned them against the women they loved.

What are you doing here?” a deep voice asked.

Cora’s heart beat faster. Hades had arrived. Cora never thought she could love two men, or that she would ever even have sex before she was married. But she did. As Cora, she loved Aidan, but as Persephone, she loved Hades.

He was supposed to be her enemy, but it was so hard to remember when Cora stared into his golden eyes.

The handsome avatar of the God of the Underworld strolled down the dock towards her, his crimson cape fluttering around his shoulders. A masquerade mask surrounded his piercing eyes. He wore no shirt, his body powerfully muscled. Dark leather pants clung to strong thighs and his thick cock.

He’s as big as Aidan.

A hot flush shot through Persephone. Despite being enemies, they loved each other. Tonight, she had been making love to Hades when Aphrodite called for help. Even now, she wanted to be caught up in Hades’s strong arms and stare into his golden eyes.

Hades,” Cora purred. “You tracked me down.”

Always.” His voice was a masculine purr that shuddered through Cora.

She walked down the dock, her hips swaying as her pussy itched between her thighs. Hades’s eyes flicked down to her exposed breasts. Her dusky nipples were hard, aching for his strong hands to cup them.

Be careful, Iris warned. I know he seems trustworthy, but Hera could seize him at a moment’s notice and turn him against you.

He won’t ever hurt me.

Cora was confident of that.

Hades’s hand touched her side and slid up to cup her perky breast. She shuddered as his hand gave her a squeeze. Her pussy grew even hotter. Her magical girl powers had almost all been exhausted fighting the Iapetus, and she craved sex to reclaim what she lost.

Every time she made a man or woman cum, including Hades, she gained more power.

I see you’ve been fighting,” Hades said, “unless this is a new look.”

Iapetus,” Cora answered. “And I killed him.”

Ares must be angry.”

Ares is…freed.” Cora put her arms around Hades’s neck.

What?” Hades demanded, betraying his shock with his forceful outburst.

Ash…Aphrodite freed him.” Cora almost blurted out Ashley’s name. “She used her finisher and shared such a huge burst of love with Ares, it drove him completely out of Marshal, his avatar.” Cora smiled at Hades. “See, there’s hope to free you from Queen Hera.”

That’s impossible,” Hades growled. He pulled away from Cora. “There is no way Queen Hera could ever lose her grasp on one of us. Hera is a jealous goddess. She craves power. She will never give us up. The past avatars of Persephone tried and…” Hades frowned as he trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing like he was trying to remember something.


Cora wondered if she was merely an avatar of the goddess or actually the goddess reborn. She had memory of Persephone and Hades, of the pomegranate fruit that she ate to stay with the god she loved.

Cora touched Hades’s arm. “I will find a way to save you. There will be hope for us.”

What will happen with me and Aidan?

When she was with Hades, she rarely thought of her boyfriend. And when she was with Aidan, she rarely thought of Hades. Maybe when this is over, Persephone and Hades will be free to love each other…somewhere else, and I’ll go back to being plain, boring Cora.

Please, Hades, just have hope.”

I gave up on hope so long ago,” Hades growled.

Cora hugged Hades from behind, pressing her face into his cloak—it carried his musk. “Don’t fall into despair. Have hope. Believe me when I say I will free you.”

Hades tensed for a moment, and then he relaxed in Cora’s arms. “I want to, but I have Nyx whispering in my mind, urging me to…hurt you.”

Nyx was the demigoddess of the night and Hades’s version of Iris.

And there is Queen Hera’s will pressing on my thoughts like a cancerous tumor.”

Believe in me,” Cora whispered.

I do.” Hades turned around. Her breasts pressed against his muscular chest. He cupped her face. “I love you, Persephone.”

He leaned down and kissed Cora on the lips. The magical girl groaned in delight. She savored his kiss. His lips were strong against hers. Her body shuddered. She wanted him to take her right here on the docks.

Hades broke the kiss. “I have to go.”

So soon,” Cora whispered. “I…I need you.”

Sorry. It’s just…” Hades shook his head. “My avatar is waking up.”

Who are you when you transform back?”

I don’t know,” Hades answered. “We’re separated for some reason. I’m confused whenever I awaken.”

Why can’t you be Aidan? Hades was far taller, more broad-shouldered, stronger, and had golden eyes. Aidan, while not weak, had a more of a lean runner’s build, was shorter, wore glasses, and only had hazel eyes.

Then stay here and let me find out,” Cora smiled.

I…” Hades shook his head. “I can’t. Hera…won’t…” Pain crossed his face.

Cora backed off. “Okay. It’s fine. I will save you.”

The scythe appeared in Hades’s hand. He growled, clutching it. The scythe was Nyx transformed. Cora stepped back, fear gripping her for a moment. Then she planted her feet. She would not be afraid of one of the men she loved.

Goodbye,” Hades growled and leaped into the air.

Cora watched him sail away. She was tempted to follow. I don’t want to hurt him. And what good will knowing his avatar do.

Iris flashed into a petite woman, her hair cycling from red to orange to blue to green and all the other colors of the rainbow. She stood naked, her breasts large, topped with fat nipples. Her eyes were like her hair, cascading through all the colors.

Are you okay?” Iris asked, touching Cora’s breast.

I will save him.”

I hope you do,” Iris nodded. “But you should get back to the dorm before your power runs out.”

Cora pulled Iris to her and gave the demigoddess a quick kiss. “Shame I can’t get energy from you.”

Iris gave a wicked giggled, her breasts pressing against Cora’s. “Wouldn’t that be too easy?”

Cora laughed and Iris flashed back into the staff. Cora took a powerful jump, landing on the roof of a nearby shipping warehouse. With swift, graceful leaps, she ran across the rooftops back to Seattle University and the dorm room she shared with Ashley.

~ ~ ~

Hades returned to the place he had originally transformed from on instinct. It was the roof of a dorm. His memory grew fuzzier. He had no idea why he was here. The power that sustained his transformation left him. His body grew shorter, his muscles shrank. Glasses appeared over his now hazel eyes. His leather pants and cape were replaced by a t-shirt and jeans.

Aidan looked around, confused why he was on the roof. Why do I keep blacking out? He glanced at the onahole, a sex toy that was like a portable pussy, clutched in his hand and flushed, shoving the rubbery sex toy into his pocket. I hope I wasn’t jerking off into it up here.

He rushed to the door and headed down the stairs. He was in Cora’s building, not his own. Cora lived in Duwamish Hall, but Aidan had his dorm room in Tulalip Hall, a few buildings away. He paused on her floor.

Maybe she’s still awake.

Aidan was out of sorts. He wanted to see his girlfriend. He left the stairwell at the third floor and walked down to her room. Aidan knocked on Cora’s door. No one answered. He frowned and glanced at his watch.

Two hours had passed since he left Cora’s dorm.

Aidan knocked again. He strained his ears, listening for any sounds. She must be asleep.

Disappointment soured him. He turned around as the stairwell door opened and Cora strode out in a long skirt and a loose blouse, her black hair falling down straight. A smile crossed her pale face. She was tall and moved with grace as she walked down the hallway. They were practically the same height.

What are you doing here, Aidan?” Her smile was beautiful.

I don’t know,” Aidan shrugged. “I just…I had to see you.”

You left two hours ago.”

I know…” Aidan sighed. “I’m sorry. I don’t know—”

Cora hugged him. “No, it’s great to see you. What’s wrong?”

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And don’t forget Ashley’s naught adventures in Tentacles of Lust! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Virginal Ester joins in the fun in Innocent Magical Passion is out! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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Sneak Preview of Innocent Magical Passion

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

Cora and Ashley have been naughty, and now it’s time for virginal Ester to fight evil as Magical Girl Hestia! Innocent Magical Passion will be just as hot as Cora’s tale.

Innocent Magical Passion is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Innocent Magical Passion

InnocentMagicalPassionWhat do you think happened to the crew, Thera?” Celinda asked as she squeezed into the dorm’s elevator.

Thera Schuler shrugged. “I don’t know. Nothing really makes sense. Unless you believe in ghosts.”

Thera had spent little time worrying about the missing crew to the Seattle Tunnel. Everyone else on campus was obsessed with the mystery, but Thera was too worried about doing her homework and getting good grades. Not everyone who attended Seattle University wanted to party.

Some of us are here to learn.

Come on, everyone has a theory,” Celinda said as the elevator rose. Thera and Celinda both lived on the fifth floor of Tulalip Hall, one of the coed dorms of Seattle University.

There has to be some logical explanation,” Thera sighed. “The crew must have been kidnapped.”

So…terrorism?” Celinda frowned and shook her head, her red curls flying about her shoulders. “Now that doesn’t make any sense. Terrorist would have bragged. It’s been two weeks since they vanished and the machine stopped working.”

The elevator dinged at their floor. Thera sighed and stepped out, her brunette ponytail swaying behind her as she strolled down the hall to the dorm room she shared with Ester the Frost Maiden. Though Thera and Ester were both in their third year at college, Ester was only eighteen. She was gifted, but spent all her time studying.

Even I can have fun.

You doing anything tonight?” Celinda asked.

I might go hang out with a few friends,” I said. “My homework can wait until tomorrow.”

Someone could tell the Frost Maiden that,” Celinda giggled. “Oh, you have a package.”

Sitting on the door before my dorm was a cardboard box. Celinda picked it up and something inside shifted and rattled. “That’s weird. Since when do they deliver our mail to our doors?”

Thera took the box from Celinda and blinked. Usually, packages were left downstairs with the dorm attendant’s office. But Thera’s name was written across the top in flowing calligraphy. It looked like it was written with a fountain pen. There was no return address or name of the sender.

Weird,” Thera puzzled, furrowing her eyebrows.

Maybe there’s a boy that has a crush on you,” Celinda purred.

Thera didn’t comment. She wasn’t into boys. She was pretty sure she was a lesbian. Thera had tried to convince herself differently her first two years of college, but she never enjoyed being with boys. They just pumped on top of her and dumped their cum into their condoms.

But the Frost Maiden… Thera had caught glimpses of the young Ester coming out of the shower. The girl was the most conservative person on the planet. She wore long skirts, right out of the 1800s, and loose blouses. She always kept her back straight.

An itch formed in Thera’s panties as she remembered the glimpse of Ester’s ass she caught last week. Pink, round, and perfect.

Do you know who sent it?” Celinda asked, a big grin on her face.

No,” Thera answered.

Then why did your cheeks go red?”

Thera fumbled for her keys as the attractive redhead leaned in to read the package. Celinda had such kissable lips. Thera pulled her keys out and pushed the right one into her dorm’s lock. The key twisted and the door popped open.

Fine, don’t tell me,” Celinda pouted. “If I wasn’t going clubbing tonight, I would press you for answers, but I need to get ready.”

Another one of Marshal’s events?”

You never know with him,” Celinda giggled. “He and Ashley always know how to have fun.”

Well, have a good one,” Thera said and slipped into the room.

Curious, she opened the package. A long, blue double-headed dildo nestled among balled up newspaper. Thera picked up the sex toy. The dildo wiggled in her hand. A hot rush of heat went through Thera as she imagined playing with this toy with the Frost Maiden.

Her nipples hardened as her pussy grew hotter. Thera glanced at the clock on her nightstand. She had an hour before Ester came home. Plenty of time to play with this toy. I wonder who sent it?

Thera pulled off her shirt and dropped it to the floor, then pulled the scrunchy from her hair. Her brunette locks fell loose about her bare shoulders. She tossed the scrunchy on the desk and smiled in delight as she wiggled the dildo.

Mmm, you are making me feel so sexy.”

Thera threw off the rest of her clothing, exposing her round breasts topped by dusky nipples and the triangle of soft, brown fur pointing at her shaved pussy. Thera flopped on her bed. She shivered before glancing over at Ester’s empty bed as she licked at the tip of the dildo.

Damn, I am already so wet.

Thera didn’t grab the tube of lube she kept in her nightstand’s drawer. She was more than wet enough. Thera sighed as she moved the dildo down to her pussy. She rubbed the thick tip on her pussy and closed her eyes. In her imagination, the Frost Maiden knelt on her bed, only clothed by her strawberry-blonde hair. Ester had small breasts with puffy nipples.

Push it in me, Ester,” moaned Thera.

But…this is so wrong, the Ester of her imagination gasped. It’s a sin.

A delicious sin.”

Thera moaned as she fantasized it was Ester fucking her with the dildo. The sex toy pumped in and out of her juicy pussy, stretching her open. Pleasure shot through her body. Thera gasped and moaned, her toes curling as she humped her hips.

Do you like this, Thera? moaned Ester in Thera’s fantasy. Am I making you feel good?

So good. Keep working that dildo in and out of me.”

Thera’s bed squeaked as she humped her hips into the thrusting dildo. Her hands worked it in and out faster and faster. Her body was on fire, consumed by her fantasy for her straight-laced, and very straight, roommate.

I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m not a lesbian.

You are, Ester,” moaned Thera. “Kiss me and let me share my love with you. Don’t be afraid of what we feel for each other. It’s natural. Women were meant to love each other.”


Ester trembled in Thera’s imagination. Her small breasts rose and fell. The young virgin leaned over and planted a chaste kiss on Thera’s lips. Thera moaned, pretending to brush her tongue against Ester’s and coax a passionate kiss out of the Frost Maiden. Thera’s toes curled, and she moaned in delight as her fantasy kissed her back.

Yes, surrender to your desires and love me!” screamed Thera.

The air was perfumed with the scent of her tangy pussy. Thera’s bed creaked as her body undulated. Her pussy gripped the thick shaft of the dildo. Her other hand diddled her clit. Her stomach clenched and her back arched. Thera’s body trembled as her orgasm swelled and swelled.

Love me, Ester!”

I do. I’m making you cum. I love you, Thera.

Thera spasmed as her pussy writhed about the thick shaft. Her breath exploded out of her in a passionate moan. Her tits heaved as her body bucked. She shoved the dildo deep inside of her as her pleasure reached her peak.

Then Thera collapsed back in a gasping heap.

How long has it been since you orgasmed?” purred a pure, melodic voice.

Thera opened her eyes and froze. A beautiful, older woman knelt between her thighs, her face carved out of alabaster marble, full of the stately beauty of a queen. A diaphanous robe wrapped about her lush body and wise, sapphire eyes stared at Thera.

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And don’t forget Ashley’s naught adventures in Tentacles of Lust! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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Sneak Preview of ‘Shadowy Tentacle Passion’

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

First up, innocent Cora is about to discover her destiny as Magical Girl Persephone in ‘Shadowy Tentacle Passion’!

Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Shadowy Tentacle Passion

ShadowyTentaclePassionSeattle police found quite the surprise in the early morning. A young woman, student at Seattle University, was found naked in an alley near 9th Street by a colorfully named sex shop. She was incoherent and rambling about shadowy tentacles.”

Cora’s eyes widened. She had convinced herself that she was jumping at shadows last night, but this girl was found in the very alley Cora had witnessed the monster. A chill ran through her as she sat at the library table waiting for Aidan to arrive. She tightened her grip on her phone.

A Seattle Police spokesman described the girl as confused and possibly under the influence of a narcotic.”

Hey, Cora.”

Cora jumped. Aidan strolled up to her. She was in the back of the library where the study tables were. Other students studied, books spread open before them, laptops or tablets plugged into the outlets in the center of the table. It was mostly quiet in the library.

Sorry, I’m late,” he smiled. “I overslept.”

Oh, it’s fine,” Cora smiled. She slipped her phone into her purse. It had to be a coincidence. There weren’t actually shadow monsters.

I have no idea why I’m so tired,” Aidan yawned as he sat down next to her. “I fell asleep the moment I walked into my dorm and slept until twenty minutes ago.”

I hear if you sleep too much, you can be groggy,” Cora smiled. “Throws off your natural rhythms.”

Aidan opened his bag as he smiled at Cora. Light glinted off his glasses. His hair was a little ruffled. Cora responded to his sexy, nerdy vibe. She crossed her legs beneath the table as color suffused her cheeks. He set his books on the table.

Okay, where do we begin?”

Cora wasn’t sure how much writing they actually accomplished. She was distracted by his eyes. They were hazel and had these flecks of gold that his glasses seemed to magnify. She was drawn to them and lost her train of thought every time she glanced at him.

When they finished for the day, they held hands as Aidan walked her back to Duwamish Hall. His touch was warm. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to ask him up to her dorm room. To be bold and wild like Ashley. But that wasn’t her. He did kiss her.

Her panties melted.

When he broke the kiss she stared at him, her lips parted. Ask me. Ask to come up to my room. Ask me to your room. Please, Aidan. Make the first move.

Well, uhh, when can we…go out again?” he asked.

I don’t know. We can…study again tomorrow. We have to finish this paper.”

Aidan smiled. “Yeah. Tomorrow.” He licked his lips. He stepped closer. Cora’s heart beat.

Be bold, Aidan.

Cora hid her groan as Aidan backed away. Like her, he was inexperienced and scared of taking that step. Her body was on fire. Her panties were a sodden mess. She was so ready to lose her virginity with Aidan.

Or that man last night with his dangerous, handsome face and strong body.

Cora squirmed before the entrance to her dorm. She needed relief again. The vibrator is in my panty drawer. An eager, naughty thrill suffused her to use the sex toy, to rebel against her reserved nature and uptight upbringing.

Cora raced up the dorm’s stairs while unzipping her jacket. She was suddenly so hot. She fumbled out the keys to her door. The lock clicked. Cora threw the door open. Ashley was gone. Cora sighed in relief and tossed her coat to the floor. With a feverish need, she peeled her sweater off. Cora small breasts jiggled in her plain bra. Her hands reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were free. Her nipples were hard.

Ooh, I’m so excited,” she gasped, rubbing a nipple.

The pleasure shot straight down to her pussy. It made her so wet.

Cora kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks. Her hips swiveled as she unzipped her jeans and peeled them down her curvy rear and sleek thighs. I can’t believe how bold I am, Cora thought as she pushed her panties off her hips. The gusset was stained dark with her excitement. Cora ripped open her panty drawer. The vibrator rattled around inside.

Her heart thudded as she reached inside the drawer for the rainbow-swirled vibrator. It was slick in her hand as she picked it up. Cora twisted the base. It hummed to life in her hand. Swallowing, she brought it to her nipple.

Oh, my!” she gasped as the vibrating shaft caressed her hard nipple. Pleasure shot down to her pussy. Her thighs pressed tight, rubbing on her clit, as she circled the vibrator around her small, pink nipple.

Ashley was right. This is nice.

Cora moved to her bed and flounced upon it. Her thighs were sticky. Her pussy burning. Cora moaned as she continued circling her nipple with the vibrator. Her body writhed. So different than my hands. Her mewls grew louder as the heat in her pussy burned hotter.

Her pussy beckoned the vibrator.

Cora bit her lip, squirming her thighs. The vibrator’s circles grew wider, massaging the flesh of her perky tit. She moved the vibrator lower. It caressed her stomach. She giggled as she dipped it into her belly button.

But that wasn’t where it needed to go. Her pussy burned to be stroked. The vibrator hummed across her stomach and reached her neatly-trimmed pubic hair. She ran it through her silky hairs. Her thighs spread. The vibrator hummed closer.

Oh, wow!” gasped Cora as she brushed her clit.

The vibrating lit up her clit. The sensitive nub shot bolt after bolt of electricity into her core. She bucked and moan as she rubbed the vibrator’s tip around on her nub. Her toes curled and sweet moans escaped her lips.

So good!” she groaned.

Her virgin pussy clenched. Her clit ached. It was too sensitive. She couldn’t stand the vibrations. She dipped her vibrator lower, rubbing at the wet folds of her pussy. There it felt wonderful, not the intense joy of caressing her clit, but still better than her fingers. She rubbed it up and down her wet folds.

And then she brought it back up to her clit.

Yes!” she moaned through clenched teeth.

She brushed her clit with quick caresses that shot ecstasy through her body before she moved the vibrator back down to her pussy lips. Over and over, each brief contact with her nub increasing the growing pleasure in her core.

Oh, my gosh! Oh, yes! Oh, wow!”

Cora’s bed creaked as her body writhed. Her feet planted, lifting her ass off the bed. She humped against the vibrator. Her body was electrified. The pleasure threatened to drown her. Her pussy clenched. Her clit ached.

Cora’s body exploded.

Her orgasm burst through her. Sweet pleasure rushed through her body. The vibrator grew warm in her hand as her juices anointed the plastic. She rubbed it up and down her folds as the climax ravished her body.

The vibrator hummed harder. “Delicious,” a voice spoke.

Fear shot through Cora. She dropped her vibrator. Rainbow lights swirled between her legs and then a young woman appeared between her thighs. “I’m so glad to be free. Our contract has been formed, Magical Girl Persephone.”

Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

You can also check out my other supernatural thrillers:  The Pixie’s Passion (Book One of The Mortal Champion), The Girls of My Dreams (My Fallen Angel 1), The Devil’s Pact Part 1: Slaves of Love, or browse my catalog of naughty stories on Amazon!

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Sneak Preview: Tentacles of Lust

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

Cora’s had her fun, now Ashley’s up to fight the evil as Magical Girl Aphrodite in this naughty tale! Tentacles of Lust will be just as hot as Cora’s tale.

Tentacles of Lust is out! You can pick it up for $2.99 Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Tentacles of Lust

TentaclesofLustI’m going to find Marshal and let him smell the cum on my breath. Let him know another man had me tonight.

Ashley marched out of the storeroom, leaving the breathless Ethan behind. She burst back out into the club, her eyes sweeping around the room. Marshal and Eris weren’t on the dance floor. She groaned in disappointment. She moved through the club, scanning around, and did not find them.

Fuck it, I’m going home,” she moaned. The world was a little blurry. That shot was really hitting her hard now.

Ashley headed for the door. She passed through the people streaming into the club. The men called at her. Ashley’s head buzzed, and she only smiled back, not sure what they asked. She reached the door and stepped out into the cold, autumn air.

I had a jacket, right?

Ashley turned and headed back inside to the coat check. She fished out a crumpled tag from her pocket and handed it to the bored girl. The coat check girl, who had been reading from a text book, handed her a dark-purple jacket with a fur-lined hood.

Bundled against the windy, cold, autumn night, she headed back outside. It wasn’t her first time walking back to the dorms drunk, and Ashley was confident she marched in the right direction to get back. Her head swam.

Just need to hold on for a good ten minutes, she thought as she walked past the Glitter Factory. The club’s music thudded through the brick walls. Above that thudding music, she heard a woman pant and moan.

Ashley’s cheeks burned. There was no hiding the pure, sexual release burning in those moans. Ashley’s steps quickened. She reached the alley that ran between the Glitter Factory and a closed clothing boutique. A woman was braced against a dumpster, her skirt hiked up. She moaned like she was getting fucked, but there was no one behind her.

Ashley blinked and shook her head. Is her pussy and asshole gaping open? That’s so weird.

Ashley leaned against the corner of the building, peering intently at the brunette as she gasped and moaned in delight. Her arms seemed pinned to her side, her clothing oddly creased like she was tied up. But there were no bonds.

I must be drunk, Ashley giggled. Because it really looks like an invisible cock is fucking her ass and pussy.

A man watched, leaning against the wall. He wore black, armor plates over his shoulders and down his left arm like some nerd cosplaying as a Fantasy character. Only no nerd had a chest that swarthy and ripped. His torso was bare, and covered in gorgeous, rippling muscles. More black plates covered his dark pants, and a metallic mask covered his eyes.

So weird.

Fuck me! Oh, yes!” moaned the woman. The man watched her, a smile curling his lips.

The world swam about Ashley. I need to get home. This is too weird or I’m too drunk.

Ashley pushed away from the corner and kept stumbling down the streets, the woman’s passionate moans echoing behind her. Ashley kept from stumbling down the street without falling, almost walking with the semblance of a sober person. Her head buzzed more and more, and she really wanted to lie down and sleep.

She managed to make it to her dorm. She rode the elevator up to the third floor of Duwamish Hall and burst into her dorm room. To her shock, her roommate Cora was missing. Her head swimming, Ashley pulled off her blouse, boots, and jeans before plopping on her bed.

The world really grew hazy after that.

Ashley didn’t dream much. She had a headache when the sunlight streaming through her bedroom window woke her up. She was lying on her back, her bra off, and her right nipple felt wet. All she wore was her thong. She winced at the pounding across her temple, trying to remember last night.

She had vague memories of passing something weird in the alley. There was no way that woman in the alley was being held by an invisible ropes or being fucked by invisible cocks. And in both holes. Fuck that drink Ethan gave me. It was poison.

Ashley stumbled up and peeled off her dirty thong, dropping them on the floor with other pairs. Cora’s bed was neatly made. She was already gone. Ashley frowned, snatches of a conversation coming back to her. Cora had come home not long after Ashley had and the two girls had talked. Ashley seemed to recall promising to clear out of the dorm this afternoon.

Why?” Ashley pondered as she stumbled naked for their small bathroom. There was aspirin she desperately needed in the medicine cabinet. She downed four, just to be sure, before she flipped on the shower.

In the middle of her shower, Ashley remembered exactly why she had to clear out. A naughty grin spread across her lips. Cora was bringing her boyfriend Aidan back to the dorm room. The virgin was planning on getting her cherry popped.

Good for her,” Ashley grinned as she shampooed her hair.

Ashley closed her eyes as she rinsed, letting the sudsy water flow down her body. Her pussy itched as she pictured slim Cora lying naked on her bed, her small, conical tits rising from her heaving chest. Her legs would be held tight, hiding her trimmed, dark-brown bush while she waited for her nerdy boyfriend to mount her.

Mmm, that would be something to see,” Ashley purred, squeezing her hips together. “I hope that Aidan has some idea on what to do.”

Ashley was eager for Cora to finally shed her homeschooled innocence and get wild in college. Ashley wanted to be the first girl Cora had ever been with, maybe in a hot threesome with Cora and her boyfriend.

Assuming he’s at all hot. Ashley had her doubts. She didn’t know Aidan—there were a lot of students attending Seattle University—but he sounded like a complete nerd.

Ashley wanted to witness Cora’s plunge into experimentation. That was the point of college. A large smile crossed her lips as more of last night’s conversation came back to her. “You already sucked his cock, Cora. Good for you.”

Ashley was definitely clearing out of the room. There was no way she would ruin Cora’s big night. Not with all the naughty ideas that were tumbling through her mind. Ashley barely made it through shaving her pussy without masturbating.

Cora wouldn’t need the dorm for a few hours. Ashley could have her fun.

Dripping wet, Ashley stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She wrapped up her blonde hair in a second towel and walked naked into her dorm room. Her pussy dripped juices down her thighs as she searched for the new vibrator she bought two nights ago.

Here you are,” Ashley purred when she found it in her panty drawer. Three other dildos, a butt plug, and a set of ben wa balls were half-buried amid her thongs and skimpy panties. She kissed the hot-pink vibrator’s tip. “Mmm, it’s time for me and you to get acquainted. I’m so damned horny.”

For a moment, she thought the vibrator hummed in her hand.

Must have accidentally twisted the base on for a second.

Ashley put a roll to her hips as she walked to her bed, her heavy, damp breasts jiggling and a line of juices trickling down her thighs. Ashley inhaled her tart musk. She loved that scent. With a spin, she turned and fell back onto her bed, bouncing on the soft mattress. Her towel came undone, falling off her wet hair.

She tossed it to the side, letting her wet hair go wild. She could fix it after she had a juicy cum.

Mmm, me and you are going to have fun,” Ashley giggled. She ran her tongue up the smooth, hot-pink plastic to the tip of the dildo. Her tongue swirled around it. She moaned in delight, working it in and out of her mouth. With a wet pop, she pulled it free. “What should I call you?”

Ashley named all her sex toys. There was Handsome Pete, her thick, realistically sculpted dildo. And Buzz, her her little clit vibrator. Long George filled her pussy just right, and Burt was covered with delightful bumps that made her gush.

I guess I’ll give you a try, though you’re pretty girlie for a cock. Maybe I should give you a girl’s name.” Ashley giggled. She took another lick, swirling her mouth along the tip as she squeezed her thighs together. She sucked it, pretending it was a real cock, and worked the dildo deeper and deeper into her mouth. “Mmm, you’re definitely not a Jimmy. You feel too nice in my mouth.”

Ashley dragged the tip of the dildo between her pillowy tits. Her nipples were hard, and she took a moment to bump the dildo into her right nipple. A tingle shot down to her pussy. She circled the nipple, the plastic tip dimpling her pillowy flesh.

What to call you.”


Ashley blinked. The strangest word seemed to pop into her mind. “Eos? Is that even a name? It sounds more like a car.”

She stared at the vibrator still circling her nipple.

Are you going to rev my motors like I’m a fine, Italian sports car, Eos?”

The dildo didn’t answer.

I guess you are Eos.” I wish I understood how my brain worked.

Ashley moved the vibrator down her stomach. Her pussy itched more and more. She writhed on the bed, her hips swaying. She licked her lips, her pussy clenching as she built up the anticipation. Groaning in delight, she swirled the dildo around her stomach.

I know, Eos. You just want to be sunk into my juicy twat and churn my butter,” Ashley moaned. “Even better, I bet you wish you were in Cora’s hot snatch.”

Ashley pictured her nerdy, virginal roommate. Cora’s long, black hair spread out on the bed while Ashley knelt between her knees. Cora’s legs were spread, her delicate pussy on display covered by curly-black pubic hair. A sweet musk drifted through the air, filling Ashley’s nose as she leaned over to take a long lick through Cora’s juicy snatch.

I can’t do this, Cora would protest. I’m not into girls.

How do you know until you try?” Ashley moaned, her eyes squeezed shut as she let herself fall into the fantasy. “It’s college. You need to experiment to find out what you really want out of life. Trust me. This is how it is done.”

But… Cora’s words cut off as Ashley imagined licking her clit. The virgin gasped in shock at the sudden rush of pleasure shooting through her.

See,” purred Ashley to her fantasy. “Isn’t that nice?”

A faint, Yes, answered.

Ashley moved the vibrator between her thighs. She rubbed it up and down the folds of her pussy, her toes curling as the delicious sensations shot through her body. Ashley licked her lips and let out a soft moan.

Doesn’t Eos feel good rubbing on you sweet clam, Cora?”

It does…I feel so funny inside.

Ashley purred in delight. She imagined Cora’s conical breasts rising with Cora’s every breath, the virgin’s fingers nervously playing with her nipples as Ashley teased her with the vibrator. Ashley herself moaned again, her own pussy eager to be penetrated.

Eos feels even better inside you, Cora.”

Ashley slowly slid the vibrator into her wet pussy as she fantasized popping Cora’s cherry at the same time. Ashley’s pussy writhed as it was stretched open by the thick plastic. She kept pushing until the vibrator was all the way into her pussy.

You like that, huh, Cora?”

Yes, Ashley. I don’t know what I was so scared of. This is amazing.

Oh, baby, you haven’t felt nothing yet.”

Ashley twisted the base. The vibrator hummed to life in her pussy. Ashley spasmed. She let out a shuddering moan of bliss as her insides were churned into burning passion. Her pussy clenched down on the vibrator, her nerves massaged with delicious rapture.

Yes, yes, yes! Cora moaned in Ashley’s mind. I love it. Thank you, Ashley. Oh, yes. This is so amazing. I can’t believe we’re sharing this.

I know,” panted Ashley.

She let the vibrator sit in her depths for a minute, just rubbing her clit with her finger as the pleasure swelled through her. The bed creaked. Ashley groaned as her pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Fuck,” she moaned and her hand pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Her fantasy shifted. Cora was banished as Ashley was consumed by the vibrations filling her. The shaft stroking in and out of her pussy became Marshal’s dick. In Ashley’s imagination, her Latin Lothario was atop her, pumping away with his new, magical, humming dick.

Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Ashley. “You fucking stud. Pound me!”

I love your pussy, Marshal growled into her ear, his swarthy body draped over her ivory flesh. One hand squeezed her pillowy tit while the other groped her ass.

Is it better than that slut, Eris?”

So much better. She’s a complete skank. It was such a waste of time to fuck her on the dance floor. I came, but it wasn’t great.

That’s what I want to hear,” Ashley groaned as she pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

She gripped it by the base. Her hand pumped it through her vibrating flesh. She let the bliss wash through her. The delight made her ache. She groaned and bucked, her pussy clamping down hard on the dildo humming inside of her.

Her toes curled as the pleasure flowed through her. She gasped and moaned, her hips bucking into Marshal’s imaginary thrusts. The bed creaked beneath her. Her other hand massaged her clit. Her body tensed and thrashed.

Keep fucking me, baby. Keep pounding my snatch. You’re going to make me cum so hard, Marshal!”

Do it, slut, Marshal growled in her imagination. I love it when you cum on me.

Yes!” Ashley gasped as her orgasm crashed through her.

Ashley’s pussy clenched about the vibrator. Her juices coated the humming plastic. Her back arched from the bed as the pleasure rushed through her body. Ashley’s mind was inundated. Light flared from her pussy as she thrashed.

That was awesome!” a woman’s voice shouted.

Ashley, still gripped by her orgasm, gasped as a young woman appeared kneeling between her thighs, growing with a bright light. Ashley’s body heaved, and she let out a throaty moan as her orgasm reached its peak.

Ooh, I knew we’ll have so much fun, Magical Girl Aphrodite,” beamed the glowing woman.

Holy fuck!” Ashley panted.

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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Sneak Preview: Fairy Menage (Book Six of the Mortal Champion)

Hi Everyone,

I’m hard at work on part six of my supernatural series, The Mortal Champion. When Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness threatens the Balance between Summer and Winter, a champion is selected. A single Mortal gifted with the power to settle the conflict between the Summer and Winter courts of the Fey.

At a small university, the fates of the Mortal and Fey worlds falls. The Mortal Champion will be a supernatural, erotic romance full of hot, kinky sex and thrilling action.

Fairy Menage will be is out! You can pick up Song of Desire for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Here’s a sneak peak at book 6!

Fairy Menage (Book Six of the Mortal Champion)

Chapter One: The Pixie’s Heart

We need to talk, Maeve,” a voice whispered through the Pixie’s dreams.

What?” Maeve asked as the ethereal garden vanished. Treasach’s arms wavered and blew away, no long wrapped around her body. A pang of sadness filled the Pixie as she watched her gorgeous lover blow away. Maeve had wanted the Gancanagth for so long, and now it finally had happened. She let out a cry of dismay as tried to clutch onto the image.

What is going on?” she demanded.

A second Maeve, as lovely as the original, appeared. She had the same flowing, red hair falling about slim shoulders. Her breasts where small and perky, her eyes an enchanting green, and golden wings fluttered behind her back. The second, fake Maeve put her hands on her hips and glared at the original. She was a perfect replica, right down to the way her toes curled when she was annoyed.

We are going to talk about your stupidity,” Fake-Maeve huffed, landing on the empty ground before Maeve.

What stupidity?” Maeve huffed back. “And why did you banish my sweet dreams? I was rather enjoying Treasach’s touch.”

Because he’s not the man you should be dreaming of. Gunnar is. Don’t you remember Gunnar? The man you were sent to love?”

Gunnar’s naked, muscular form appeared to the right, standing tall and naked. He was a handsome Mortal, broad-shouldered, with blond hair that fell about his shoulders. He could easily have passed as a Viking warrior with his strength and chiseled, Scandinavian features. His most striking features were his eyes—one was blue, and the other brown.

What about Gunnar?” Maeve demanded. “I remember him.”

He’s your betrothed.”

For now,” Maeve muttered.

That’s what I’m talking about.” Fake-Maeve fluttered forward and sat in front of Maeve. “I’m your heart. Right now that filthy Treasach has me chained up with his music. I’ve been trying to communicate with you all afternoon. But you’ve been thinking with that hole between your legs and letting his magic control you.”

Maeve shifted. She had been ignoring that voice all day. It had been the hardest as she wondered alone through the dead halls of Cadair Idris. “That’s because you are lying,” Maeve decided. “That’s why I’m ignoring you.”

Fake-Maeve slapped the Pixie. “I’m your heart. I would never lie to you. I love Gunnar. What you feel for Treasach is just his spell. He’s controlling you.” Fire burst around the Fake-Maeve’s body, the heat boiling off of her and warping the air. The strength of her passion was strong.

Maeve flinched, furrowing her eyebrows. “No…I’ve always loved Treasach. And…”

You loved Gunnar yesterday. You loved him right until Treasach healed you.” Fake-Maeve took Maeve’s hand, pulling it to her breast. The beat of the Fake-Maeve’s heart throbbed against Maeve’s hand. “Do you feel my heart thudding for Gunnar? That’s your heart, too, dummy. He’s wonderful. From the first time we lay in his embrace, we loved him. Don’t you remember the rose bushes where he took us?”

Maeve frowned as memories rushed through her. She remembered the passion the night she comforted Gunnar after Mindy’s brainwashing. Gunnar had been devastated thinking Mindy had turned into a complete slut. Mindy hadn’t actually turned into a slut. That had been the dead Corrigan’s geas, controlling the woman. When Gunnar fled the party, Maeve had followed him, sensing his pain and desire to comfort him.

Maeve’s heart beat faster, matching the rhythm thudding in Fake-Maeve’s heart.

Remember Gunnar and all the wonderful memories you two forged. Remember the first time you felt his love.”

That had been in the University of Puget Sound’s library where Gunnar attended as a student. He was studying with Corrigan and when Maeve learned that, she had been filled with fear. She had rushed to the library to stop the Lean Sidhe from casting a geas on Gunnar and controlling him. Maeve had arrived in time to save him. Gunnar had thought she was just jealous, but he found it cute and told Maeve how much he loved her.

Maeve had felt his emotions so strong as they kissed they had armored Gunnar from Corrigan’s magic.

Yes,” Fake-Maeve nodded. “Remember the power of that kiss. Our love was so powerful, Corrigan couldn’t control Gunnar.”

She tried to kill me,” Maeve whispered. “To break the protection around Gunnar. And then she set me up and made Gunnar think I was a monster.”

And he never fully stopped loving us.” A smile crossed Fake-Maeve’s face. “We fought so hard to have him. We risked our lives battling Corrigan to free him. Don’t let Treasach ruin that with his magic.”

Why would Treasach control me?” Maeve frowned. “He’s Titania’s troubadour. The Queen herself ordered me to marry Gunnar. It doesn’t make sense. You’re lying!”

It doesn’t make sense,” Fake-Maeve agreed. “His motives really don’t matter right now. It’s only important that you break free. So remember when Gunnar proposed to you.”

Maeve glanced at the pink diamond shimmering on her engagement ring. A tear trickled down her cheek. “What did Treasach do to me? How could I forget all of this?”

You never forgot.” Fake-Maeve grew transparent. She hugged the original, her flesh sinking into the Pixie. “He just locked it all inside me.” Fake-Maeve beat like a heart as she merged into the real Maeve.

Maeve clutched her chest, her heart pounding away with the love for Gunnar. Remember when you wake up.

The Pixie came awake.

Treasach was waiting for her, already playing a song. “No…” Maeve gasped as the music flowed into her. The lusty notes caressed her body like a lover. Her nipples hardened and her pussy grew moist. Gunnar lay on the other side of the fire, his naked back to her.

Maeve’s heart thudded in her chest.

Treasach’s dark eyes bored into her. The music grew louder, roaring with passion. Maeve’s wings hummed as she tried to fight it. But it was so insidious. The music was from Summer. She didn’t have the defenses to fight off warmth and passion. If it had been the cruelty of Winter trying to freeze her soul, she would have stood a chance.

Maeve fell back, her heart beating slower and slower. For a second, fire flickered on her fingers as she concentrated on her love for Gunnar. Her magic cast out for any roses. She was born of a rose. They were a part of her magic. But none grew in the wild lands of Equinox.

Please,” she whispered.

Treasach’s eyes were without mercy.

The fires snuffed out on her fingers. Maeve no longer heard the beat of her heart. A wanton shudder ran through her. The Pixie spread her thighs, running a finger through the liquid heat gathering on the dewy lips of her sex.

Good morning, Treasach,” Maeve purred, her dream forgotten.

…keep fighting…

Treasach lowered his pipes, a hungry smile crossing the handsome Fey’s lips. He was gorgeous. Every Gancanagth was a maiden’s wet dream, and Treasach was the paragon of his kind. His chest rippled as he moved to Maeve. Her eyes fell on that thick, hard cock jutting before the sexy Faerie. She licked her lips as he settled down beside her.

Umm, I dreamed about you.” Maeve grasped his cock.

Was it me or my dick you dreamed about?” the Gancanagth asked.

Both,” Maeve moaned.

His lips descended. She shuddered as he kissed her. The lips were passionate, shooting heat through her body that almost drowned out her senses. But it wasn’t the best kiss the Pixie had ever experienced.

…remember Gunnar…

Her hand loosed on Treasach’s cock. He broke her kiss and hummed. The music stirred her passions. “Take me,” she moaned.

The Pixie gasped as Treasach plunged his thick shaft into her juicy depths.

Fairy Menage will be is out! You can pick up Song of Desire for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And if you missed The Pixie’s Passion (Book One of the Mortal Champion), you can pick it up from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE.

Winter’s Kiss (Book Two of the Mortal Champion) is available to buy or borrow from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE.

The Fires of Passion is available to buy or borrow from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow The Fires of Passion for free!

Bound to the Fey is available for $2.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow Bound to the Fey for free!

Song of Desire (Book Five of The Mortal Champion) is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

You can also check out my other supernatural thrillers: The Girls of My Dreams (My Fallen Angel 1), The Devil’s Pact Part 1: Slaves of Love, or browse my catalog of naughty stories on Amazon!

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Sneak Peak of ‘Song of Desire (Book Five of the Mortal Champion)’

Hi Everyone,

I’m hard at work on part five of my supernatural series, The Mortal Champion. When Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness threatens the Balance between Summer and Winter, a champion is selected. A single Mortal gifted with the power to settle the conflict between the Summer and Winter courts of the Fey.

At a small university, the fates of the Mortal and Fey worlds falls. The Mortal Champion will be a supernatural, erotic romance full of hot, kinky sex and thrilling action.

Song of Desire (Book Five of The Mortal Champion) is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Here’s a sneak peak at book 5!

Song of Desire (Book Five of the Mortal Champion)

Chapter One: Winter’s Champion

SongofDesireEllyllon’s wings flapped as she flew through Mab’s Ice Garden. Her black-trimmed, purple butterfly wings lazily flapped as the Bean Sidhe soared through the delights the Garden had to offer. Snowy hillocks rolled beneath her, threaded with paths carved through the waist-high snow. Black figures, the Svartalfar, moved through the Gardens, tending the ice sculptors. They were a nimble race, skilled at shaping snow and ice. In exchange for their service, Queen Mab allowed the ugly creatures to exist within Winter.

The Bean Sidhe’s passions itched between her thighs. The cold air caressed her pale flesh, her hard nipples rimed with frost. The aching cold sent shudders through her body. More crystals formed on the dewy lips of her pussy. Ellyllon savored the cold, her eyes casting about for a statue to enjoy.

A hung man caught her eye, his sculpted muscles caught her eye, his prodigious cock thrusting up like an icy shaft. Ellyllon licked her lips. There were always new delights to discover in Mab’s Garden. Other Unseelie Fey sported in the Garden, some with the statutes, and others with lovers, both Fey and Mortal. Many of those Mortal Lovers, and any unlucky Fey that had been outmaneuvered, would soon find their beauty forever preserved as living ice statues, their flesh transformed by the Svartalfar’s skill.

That risk always made the sex more intense in the Garden.

What a prestigious specimen,” Ellyllon purred as she landed, her feet alight atop the snow. She could dance on the deepest drift and never sink into the powder. She was a creature of Winter. “You must have been a mighty warrior.”

The Bean Sidhe leaned forward, staring into the cold eyes of the statue. Life flickered in there, a soul trapped for eternity. Her finger stroked the icy-smooth pecs of the frozen warrior. Whoever this soul was, he could feel the ecstasy of her touch. A groan, almost a whisper on the wind, echoed from the mouth of the statue.

The warrior had been transformed at the moment of his climax, his head thrown back, mouth opened as he roared his finally triumph into the universe. A trickle of juices froze down her thigh, leaking from her eager sex.

Ellyllon grasped his frigid cock, stroking him. Her wings flapped as she lowered down, examining his cock in person. “Yes, a mighty specimen.” Her tongue licked from his frozen balls, each curly pubic hair minutely persevered as curling ice, to the crown of his cock. There the ice tasted of salt and life.

Ellyllon’s mouth engulfed the shaft, the ice cooling her ardor. Her fingers pressed between her thighs, rubbing at her clit as the curtain of her black hair fell around her. Her hair was uniformly black, save for two locks of white that framed the beauty of her face.

The statue’s whispered moans grew as she pleasured him. The soul could still feel ecstasy, preserved for eternity to pleasure the Fey of Queen Mab’s court. The Bean Sidhe’s tongue swirled, giving the frozen soul as much bliss as she could.

Her fingers probed into her silky pussy. Her flesh squeezed about her digits. They were so slim compared to the monster she worshiped. Ellyllon shuddered in anticipation, teasing herself as she blew the icy cock. Her mouth bobbed, sucking more and more of the frozen girth into her mouth until it brushed the back of her throat.

She swallowed.

The statues moan was louder, the passion rising, bringing the soul of out its slumber. Ellyllon flicked up, blue, ghostly lights danced about its eyes like St. Elmo’s fire. A tension filled the icy statue. The soul strained to move, but it’s body was forever frozen.

Ellyllon had teased herself long enough. Her lips slid off the cock. She licked up his stomach to his defined pecs, her tongue swirling about icy nipples as she straddled his waist. She hugged him, rubbing her ample bosom against the frozen flesh. Her nipple ached fiercely; Ellyllon savored the burning cold as her tongue licked up to the statue’s ear.

Her pussy rubbed on the icy cock’s tip. “Do you want to fill me up, mighty warrior?” she purred. “Do you once again want to feel the heat of a woman’s embrace?”

The statue’s moan was almost a yes, ripped away by the wind howling through the Gardens.

Of course you do. You are a man. You were born to rut and fuck, to stick your cock in every juicy hole you can.” Ellyllon let out a throaty purr. “You were made for the sport. You were made to give a thousand maidens their first pleasure, to slip into the bed of wives and widows, to entertain even queens with your prodigious gift.”

Ellyllon sank down on his frigid shaft. The cold shot through her, numbing her hot flesh. She groaned, her wings spasming as she held the warrior tight, riding his cock. She went slow, savoring every inch of the icy stabbing into her depths. Her passion built, her hips picking up in rhythm. Her ass clenched as she slid up his shaft, her pussy clinging to every inch of his cock.

Yes! This is what you were made for!” she moaned, her ardor rising.

Ellyllon slammed down on the cock, rubbing her sensitive clit into his frozen pubic bone. Sparks of cold fire shot to her core, joining the numbing bliss his cock churned. Her fingernails scraped on ice as she gripped his broad shoulders.

The pleasure swelled faster inside her, propelling her hips to move faster. Her moans echoed louder, ringing like a high-pitched bell. She swirled her hips, stirring the frozen cock through her hot depths. He was cold, but enough enough to dampen her ardor.

You stud. You magnificent stallion!” Ellyllon moaned. “Such a gift you are to me. I must thank whatever Fey had the foresight to preserve you for eternity.”

Her pussy clenched on the shaft. She could feel every inch of him as she rode his cock. Her head tossed back, her hair brushing her fluttering butterfly wings. Her nipples slid up and down his chest, frozen numb with delight.

Ellyllon’s orgasm exploded through her. She screamed out her joy into the howling wind. Her pussy convulsed about his cock, trying to milk the frozen cum from his balls. But he would never squirt his seed again. He would forever be hard. Forever ready to be used.

She chortled in delight as she rose from his cock, gasping as she was suddenly empty of his girth. Her orgasm still pumped through her veins, her vision dancing as she drank in his beauty for one last time, immortalizing the statue in her mind.

The Bean Sidhe sang her enjoyment. The air warped, churned by the violence of her song. The frozen statue hummed, resonating with her song. She increased the pitch, the shrill of the ice growing and growing. A crack formed, marring his chest. A scream of pain issued from the statue before he shattered into pristine shards that littered the snow.

Must you destroy every one of your lovers,” grumbled a Svartalfar from behind Ellyllon.

Yes,” Ellyllon cackled. “No other deserved his ecstasy after I touched him.”

The Svartalfar could do nothing to object. Ellyllon had the Queen’s favor, and the Bean Sidhe didn’t destroy that many of Mab’s statues. Ellyllon turned to the naked, ebony-skinned Svartalfar, his body slim and graceful, his cock growing hard as he witnessed her beauty.

Would you like to enjoy my embrace?” she purred, reaching out to touch the tip of his cock.

No,” the Svartalfar snapped. “You are summoned. The Queen of Air and Darkness demands your immediate audience, Ellyllon of the Whispered Death.”

A grin of delight crossed the Bean Sidhe’s lips. “How wonderful.” She leaned down and kissed the Svartalfar on the lips. He jerked back. If he were a Mortal, he would have undoubtably slipped on the snow, but the Svartalfar’s grace was unmatched, and he easily danced along the snowy hillock away from Ellyllon.

Mirth spilling out of her, Ellyllon took flight and raced to the Court of the Unseelie Queen. The Gardens blurred beneath her. Ahead, the white bark and thin branches of the alder trees loomed, surrounding Mab’s court. Ellyllon flew through the gate, the branches reaching for her, but she was too nimble to be snagged.

Ellyllon burst into the Unseelie Court. Above, the night sky burned clear, the stars twinkling the way they could on only the coldest nights. Snow blanketed everything in the court with pristine beauty. The powerful Fey lounged about, enjoying their cruel games and sports. Mab awaited her, perched on her throne of Blackthorn Wood, the dark wood twisted and gnarled.

Mab was almost an ice sculpture herself, her skin so pale, so perfect, she hardly seemed alive. Her hair was a cascade of pale blue, falling about her shoulders. Her dress was made of interlocking snowflakes, her lithe body visible through gaps, her nipples a beacon of bright red, like a pair of holly berries, that appeared as the dress shifted about her.

Ellyllon alighted before the throne, falling to her knees and pressing her face into the snow. Her butterfly wings spread out alongside her. “Summoned, so have I arrived.”

Queen Titania’s dangerous game proceeds,” Mab said, her voice ringing like the shiver of an icicle. “Corrigan of the Winter’s Kiss has fallen to the Summer’s Emissary. The Mortal Champion has been claimed as Consort by a Rose Pixie.”

A Rose Pixie?” I asked. “Titania sent a Rose Pixie to contend for the Mortal Champion.”

Her choice was wiser than it appeared,” Mab purred. “Maeve of the Red Rose has bested Corrigan. I need a servant that can prevent Summer from wielding the Balance fully. The Mortal Champion must be destroyed.”

Of course, my Queen.” Ellyllon’s fingers curled. “Has my exile from the Mortal World been lifted.”

It has.” Mab shifted. “You may act as you please. Do what it takes. Titania must not be allowed to wield the Balance. No one can. The Equilibrium must be maintained. Retrieve the Balance so it may be destroyed.”

Destroyed? Shock filled the Bean Sidhe, but she did not question her Queen. “I will leave at once,” Ellyllon declared.

The portal is ready.” Mab rose, striding towards Ellyllon. Her frigid fingers cupped the Bean Sidhe’s cheeks, lifting up her face. Ellyllon shuddered as the cold lips kissed hers. “You shall be our Champion, Ellyllon of the Whispered Death. Foil Titania’s mad plan. Save the Realms of Faerie and Mortals.”

I leave at once.” Questions raced through the Bean Sidhe’s mind as she rose. Her wings beat, carrying her into the air.

The games the Fairy Queens played were beyond the Bean Sidhe’s understanding. She flew for the Gate of Winter. Ellyllon navigated through the court, flying down paths of alder until she reached a frozen pool. Lleu Llaw Gyffes stood before it, his back straight, dressed in armor grown from a black poplar, a surcoat of ice-blue draped over it. He was the Gatewarden of Winter.

Ellyllon,” he greeted, his voice cracking like a fierce, snowy gale. He reached down to touch the icy surface with his finger. The water melted into pure blue as the portal was open, sapphire light rippling from the surface. “This will lead you near to where Corrigan died. I sense a stirring of Winter, perhaps one of her servants will be near.”

Ellyllon nodded and stepped into the icy water. She was engulfed in pure blue as she sank into the portal’s depths. Ellyllon hung in a void of sapphire. The Bean Sidhe spun about, searching for the stain of the Mortal’s world. She spotted the inky decay marring the pristine blue. She swam towards it or the decay moved towards her.

It was impossible to say how the Gate worked.

The decay loomed larger and larger before her, banishing the blue. Behind her, the sapphire dwindled into nothingness and Ellyllon was plunged into foul darkness. None of her sense experienced anything, no sights, smells, touches, tastes, or sounds reached her.

Nothingness engulfed her.

And then spat her out.

Her wings fluttered as she stared out on a street in the Mortal’s world. She fluttered her wings, staring down at the ebony-skinned man sobbing before her. He was a large man, his head shaved bald, and his shoulders broad. Traces of winter clung to him, buried deep inside him, but they melted. Corrigan was dead, and her hold on this Mortal slipped.

Ellyllon settled before him. “You’ve been touched by Winter,” she smiled. “Good. I need a servant.”

The man tried to pull away, but she seized his face with her fingers, holding him fast as she leaned in and kissed him. Her magic flowed out, latching on to Corrigan’s icy chains before they fully melted, strengthening them, and binding the Mortal to her. The Bean Sidhe did not have the power to chain Mortals like a Lean Sidhe, so it was lucky she had come across this man before Corrigan’s power had fully departed.

Now. Tell me all you know of Maeve,” the Bean Sidhe purred, stroking his cheeks. The Pixie was a dangerous enemy if she had actually killed Corrigan. I must be careful.

Song of Desire (Book Five of The Mortal Champion) is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And if you missed The Pixie’s Passion (Book One of the Mortal Champion), you can pick it up from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE.

Winter’s Kiss (Book Two of the Mortal Champion) is available to buy or borrow from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE.

The Fires of Passion is available to buy or borrow from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow The Fires of Passion for free!

Bound to the Fey is available for $2.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow Bound to the Fey for free!

You can also check out my other supernatural thrillers: The Girls of My Dreams (My Fallen Angel 1), The Devil’s Pact Part 1: Slaves of Love, or browse my catalog of naughty stories on Amazon!

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