Sample of ‘My Fallen Angel Part 1: The Girls of My Dreams’

MyFallenAngel1Bill is a dreamer. He spends all his times dreaming about all the women he desires: Cynthia, Rochelle, Juanita, and Hikaru.

When Bill witnesses his dreams coming to life as a Succuba dominates Cynthia and transforms her from a good, Christian girl into a nymphomaniac, Bill vows to find out what’s going on. With the submissive Rochelle’s help, he attempts to unravel what’s going on. But Daevia the Succuba is going to stand idly by and let Bill ruin all her plans.

My Fallen Angel is a supernatural erotic thriller full of hot sex and exciting action. Join Bill and his women as they battle the supernatural and defend their college campus from Daevia’s predations.

Chapter One:

Juanita sat on her bed in her college dorm, sobbing onto the mussed sheets. She was alone, her roommate, Rochelle, had already left for classes. As had the man Juanita had sinned with last night. And again this morning. The proof was staining her thighs, forming a wet spot on her bed, and her pussy still ached from the vigor of their morning tryst.

Once again, she had given into her lusts. She was supposed to be better than this. She dreamed of being a preacher, attending Parkland Lutheran University to study theology. But what preacher gives into her lusts? And with a man she had only met the night before? How can I tend to a flock, if I can’t even control my own passions?

Why am I so weak?” she prayed, looking up to the heavens. “Why can’t I resist sinning?”

Light blossomed. A man appeared before her, blue-white wings extended, his body burnished bronze. Juanita gasped; he was so handsome, a perfect specimen. Her eyes traveled his naked, muscular frame and widened at the size of his cock dangling from a thatch of golden hair. Desire burned between her thighs for this being.

He was an Angel sent from Heaven to answer her prayers.

You are weak because you have yet to find the man your heart yearns for.”

Who are you?” Juanita gasped, pulling the sheets up to hide her nakedness, new shame flushing through her.

I am the Archangel Uriel, and I have a task for you.”

What?” she eagerly asked, ecstasy gleaming in her eyes and joy bursting in her chest. I have been chosen. My faith is rewarded.

I need your oath of obedience.”

I swear I’ll obey you, Uriel,” she gasped without hesitation. An Angel asked her, how could she say no? He was a Heavenly being and whatever he asked would only be for the greater good.

No matter what I ask of you?”

Her heart thudded and her answer came without hesitation: “I do, Uriel. I’ll obey you without question or hesitation!”

Something settled about her neck, clinking like metal, a great weight almost strangling her as it tightened about her throat. She reached for it, trying to feel what bound her neck, but there was nothing about her—her fingers found only her smooth skin. And then the weight vanished.

Good,” he smiled. He held out his hand, light coalescing, shaping into a silver dagger. “Keep this safe until it’s needed.”

I will,” she breathed. “What is my task?”

The Angel’s smile was perfect. “To save the world.”

~~ ~~~~~ ~~

Bill dreamed…

It was one of the few things he was good at. Ever since he had discovered there was a difference between men and women, those wonderful, feminine creatures had filled his dreams. Some would make brief, guest appearances, while others would show up time and time again.

Two of his favorites filled his dreams today. One was demure Cynthia, his beautiful co-worker whom Bill had had the biggest crush on since he had met her, stared up at him, her blue eyes shining with desire. A vivacious strawberry-blonde woman knelt next to Cynthia, pressing against the shy girl’s body, and reaching out to stroke his cock.

Pleasure burned through him as the redhead stroked him, her grip firm and skillful.

A third woman pressed her body against his back, her breast soft pillows topped with hard nipples. Her arms wrapped around him as she nuzzled his neck. Her bronze hands stood out against his white, flat stomach as she caressed him with fire.

Suck his cock,” purred the redhead, holding it up to Cynthia’s lips.

Bill didn’t know the redhead’s name, but he had seen her around his college campus more than a few times since his Freshman year. He had always loved how she dressed in tight, low-riding jeans that showed off her thongs, and low-cut halter tops that left little of her lovely tits to the imagination. She was a frequent guest in his dreams, showing up as often as Cynthia, Juanita from his Religious Iconography class last semester, and the cute, Japanese coed that volunteered at the university’s library.

You’ll love it, Cynthia.” The redhead’s hand slid slowly up Bill’s cock, drawing out a single drop of clear precum; he shuddered as she thumbed his tip.

I shouldn’t,” Cynthia whispered. Even in Bill’s dream, she was a good girl, but since this was where his perverted subconsciousness ruled, his desires shaped Cynthia to be the woman he wanted—slutty. Her tongue licked out, swiping across his cock’s tip; more shudders swept through him.

See, it’s not so bad.” The redhead licked at Cynthia’s neck, while her hands played with the sweet woman’s small breasts, little apples topped with dusky nipples. “Just open wide, and suck his cock. Let your slut out. I know you want to.”

A flush rolled across Cynthia’s tan face. She played lacrosse, and her face and forearms had a nice tan that slowly faded back to her pale, white complexion. “I shouldn’t. It’s so sinful.”

The redhead grasped a lock of Cynthia’s blonde hair—a lighter shade than Bill’s sandy blond hair—straight and lovely, and pulled the coed’s lips right to his hard, throbbing cock. The tip brushed her lips, and she opened wide. “That’s good, Mistress,” whispered the redhead. “Suck it, Master’ll like that.”

Bill groaned, savoring Cynthia’s sucking mouth—she felt like wet heaven and pleasure roared through him. The redhead leaned under her, and sucked his balls into her lips. The mysterious woman with the bronze skin tightened her grip about his body. He could feel her round breasts pressing against his back and heard a swishing noise, like the flap of wings. Her lips brushed his neck, cool against his burning flesh, kissing up to his ear.

You want them both, don’t you,” she whispered.

Yeah, I guess,” Bill muttered.

He never had the courage to approach the redhead in real life. She was too confident and beautiful. What would she see in a loser like me? Bill was lean, not broad-shouldered like the jocks, his body more compact like a runner’s, and his hair was always a mess. Bill had nothing to offer to the gorgeous redhead. And Cynthia, well, she had turned him down more times then Bill could count.

They’ll be yours one day,” cooed the mysterious woman, her lips brushing his ear. Her voice wasn’t familiar, and had a ringing, bell-like quality to it. “Just have faith.” He turned his head to look over his shoulder and their lips met; she tasted like the sweetest honey. “You’ll have both of them one day, and those other two you’re always dreaming after.”

Umm, I can see why you chose him,” purred a sultry voice.

A fourth woman had joined Bill’s dream, as curvy as any centerfold model. Her skin was pale, and made her deep, red hair, almost the color of blood, stood out like a neon sign at night. Her breasts were amazing, large, round, perky, a silver chain piercing both her nipples, dangling down between her breasts. She was dressed like some sort of dominatrix: leather bustier that cupped those magnificent mounds, a black garter belt holding up thigh-high fishnets, stiletto heels, and elbow-length, leather gloves. For a moment, black wings flapped behind her.

The bronze woman’s arms tightened around Bill, wings flapping and a gentle breeze buffeted Bill, ruffling his mused, sandy-blonde hair. “He’s mine, Succuba. I have already claimed him.”

The dominatrix laughed, as deadly as a cougar. Her vulpine mouth twisted into a hungry smile. “Have him. He’s too soiled for me. The lust that brims in his mind…” Her hand lashed out, grabbing a fistful of Cynthia’s hair, and yanked the girl off Bill’s cock. “She’s more my style. Pure and innocent, don’t you think, Seraph?”

Bill!” Cynthia shrieked, the dominatrix hauling her back. “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

Bill! Wake up, Bill!”

Someone was prodding Bill’s arm.

Bill!” A finger jabbed his arm hard. He groaned.

Cynthia,” he muttered, opening his eyes. Cynthia was staring down at him, an exasperated look on her beautiful face.

Wake up!” she hissed.

Frustration filled him as he came fully awake. Damn, I was looking forward to watching the dominatrix force Cynthia to pleasure her. He sighed. Why did my dreams always have to end at the good parts?

Ms. Katsaros is back,” the blonde whispered. “Get up before you get in trouble again.”

He smiled up at Cynthia. “You’re the best. Let me thank you.”

She raised an eyebrow, asking, “Would that be dinner and a movie?”

Sure. We’ll have fun.”

A faint tinge of red colored her cheeks. “I know what ‘fun’ means, Bill. I’m not that type of gal.”

He stood up, dusting off his pants. He was in the back room of the University Bookstore, and was using a small pile of textbooks as an impromptu, if uncomfortable, pillow. It was right next to the heating vent, and the warmth helped to zonk him out. He was supposed to be sorting the new shipment, but why should he do all that work when he could have a nice, perverted dream instead?

You make it sound so dirty,” he protested. “I promise to be a complete gentleman.”

Just like you were a complete gentleman with Tammy?” Her eyebrows arched and her voice had a frosty tone.

He coughed; he had had a nice romp with Tammy, a former employee, in the backroom almost two months ago and Cynthia would never let it drop. “Geez, it was just some fun. She kissed me first, anyways.”

And that’s why I won’t date you,” she declared. “You’re too worldly, Bill.”

I’ll come to church with you.”

She hesitated, frowning at him. “You’d still pressure me. I’m saving myself, you know that. It would just end badly.”

You don’t know that. I could wait, for you.” It was a lie. He figured if he could just get his foot in the door, he could pry her fingers off her virginity. She was a great gal, sweet, kind, patient, and warm. Being pretty was just a bonus. “I fell for you the moment I saw you.”

Aw, that’s sweet. You fell heads over heels in love with me right into Tammy’s embrace, huh?”

Irritation flashed through him. “If you won’t date me, then you can’t act like a jealous girlfriend, Cynthia.”

Sorry,” she flushed.

He reached out and grabbed her hand. “Come on, give me a chance. Be my girlfriend for real. Then you can get as jealous as you want.”

I told you, it’ll end badly.” She squeezed his hand back and warmth rolled through him. “You’re a great guy, but you’re just too worldly for me. I need a guy more my experience level.”

You mean, none?”

She nodded.

I’m not that experienced.”

But you wish you were.” Her eyebrows arched. “You’re a pervert. You may be a great guy, but let’s be honest, Bill. I’m looking for a guy that’s…normal.”

That guy doesn’t exist. We’re all perverts. I’m just honest about it.”

I have faith my guy is out there.”

Have faith… A chill ran through him—déjà vu.

I could change for you.”

Her smile was sad. “You can only change for yourself, Bill.”

I mean it, Cynthia.” Probably. “You’re the one for me. I dream about you all the time.”

Her eyes flashed down and he was acutely aware of his hard-on tenting his jeans. “Yes. I think I know just the sort of dreams you’ve been having about me.”

I can’t help it if I have dreams like that. You can’t control your dreams, Cynthia.”

She chewed on her lower lip, then opened her mouth, then snapped it and shook her head. “Listen, my shifts done. I have lacrosse practice. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Later,” he muttered, letting go of her hand and watching her blonde tresses disappear into the store.

Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can’t it be like my dreams? Bill knew she had a crush on him, though he didn’t understand how she could love a scruffy loser like him. But he could see her feelings in her eyes, and the way she always looked out for him. She was just scared; too wrapped up in her bible-belt upbringing to take a chance and have a little fun, and who knows, it could always lead to something more.

Fuck,” he muttered.

What was that?” a woman barked.

He jumped, turning to see Ms. Katsaros glaring at him, hands on her hips. She was a tall, Greek woman, with glossy-black hair that fell in a wonderful curtain about her olive face. She wore a lavender pantsuit and flowery blouse that fit her perfectly, hugging her curves. Bill wanted to get down on his knees and worship her. She had a made a few appearances in his dreams. Not as often as the main four, but she put her time in.

Nothing,” he muttered.

She eyed him, then looked at the boxes. “I want the shipment unpacked before your shift’s done, Bill.”

Yes, Ms. Katsaros,” he nodded, flinching beneath her flinty stare.

I don’t know why I put up with your laziness,” she continued. “I don’t pay you to sleep in my storeroom.”

I wasn’t—”

Her glare was fierce and he flinched before it. “You get your butt moving, buster, and unpack my shipment, or you can find yourself another job! Get yourself together, Bill. How do you expect to get a real job once you graduate from college with this kind of attitude?”


Employers want a hard worker, not some lazy ass with, what, a History degree?”

Art History.”

She snorted. “Even more useless. It’s why Cynthia won’t date you. She can tell you’re not worth the effort. The girl may think the moon of you, but she’s smart enough not to throw her future away.”

Hey, that’s—”

Women want a man, not a spineless slacker hiding in a storeroom. They want someone that takes their responsibilities seriously. You’re a sweet guy, but that’s not enough in the real world. Take the world by the balls and make something of yourself.” Her dark eyes bored into his. “And you can start by unpacking my shipment!”

She strode off, her ass writhing wonderfully beneath her tight pants. He wanted to seize her and just press her against the wall and show her what a real man was like. Of course, he didn’t have the balls. She’d just freak out and have him arrested for sexual assault or something.

Bill had always been a coward, too afraid to even ask a woman out beside Cynthia, and she was safe—she wouldn’t say yes. Even his fling with Tammy had all been her doing. He had never quite understood what had happened; he had been napping in the storeroom, as usual, dreaming one of his perverted dreams—he couldn’t remember about whom, though he thought Tammy and Juanita may have been involved—when she had woken him up with a kiss, her lithe body writhing atop him.

Afterward, she had been embarrassed about the entire incident and quit her job. “I just had a dissociative moment,” she had said. “Something came over me. Just forget about, okay. It was my mistake.”

Bill was pretty sure it was his fault and she was just letting him down to spare his feelings. That had been his first time with a woman, and he clearly didn’t satisfy her. He had tried a few times to have a repeat performance with Tammy, but that had earned him a slap in the face and a talk with campus security about boundaries.

His mind drifted back to his dreams, and he fantasized about the dominatrix forcing cute Cynthia down to her knees. Her black, leather-gloved hand clenched a fistful of Cynthia’s golden hair and pulled the struggling coed’s lips right to her pussy. The dominatrix’s red eyes squeezed shut, a purr issuing from her throat as Cynthia pleasured her.

Something about the fantasy didn’t sit well with Bill. It felt wrong. Lesdom was a favorite fetish of his, and he would be lying if he had never spanked it to Cynthia, or one of the other girls in his dreams, being dominated by another woman. But there was something so off about that dominatrix—inhuman.

His fantasy continued, the redhead’s mouth was sucking his cock, and the mysterious, bronzed-skin woman clutched him tight from behind, her lips sucking at his earlobe as she whispered sadly, “She’ll turn Cynthia into a slut,” the mysterious woman whispered. “If you don’t stop her, she’ll transform Cynthia into a wanton woman hungry for any cunt or cock her cute, little lips can taste.”

What?” Bill gasped, the redhead’s mouth sliding up and down his cock, so warm and wet.

The dominatrix moaned, her breasts heaving as Cynthia worked her mouth on her pussy, filling the air with a wet, obscene noise. Cynthia seemed to love the dominatrix’s pussy, moaning as she worshiped the woman’s cunt, her face buried as deep into the dominatrix’s flesh as possible. It was so close to his fantasy, and yet it disturbed him.

You need to make Cynthia yours before the Succuba claims her.”

She doesn’t want me.”

Yes, she does. You have made her want you. Your dreams have shaped all four of those women, you just have to have the courage to make them yours fully. She’s scared, so you need to overcome her fear and show Cynthia how much you truly love her. Then she’ll be yours and safe from the Succuba.”

She’ll only reject me again.”

I believe in you, Bill.”

Me, too,” added the redhead, jerking his cock while she looked up at him. “You have it in you to make all of us yours, Master.” Her mouth swallowed his cock again, sucking hard.

Bill groaned, his hips shifting, pressing his shaft deeper into her mouth as her hands played with his balls. He was moments away from cumming. His eyes flashed over to the dominatrix as she writhed on Cynthia’s lips. He couldn’t peel his gaze away from those large breasts, both nipples connected by pierced rings and a silver chain. He wanted to grab that chain and pull the dominatrix to him, force her to her knees, and shove his cock into—

You better be finished!” barked Ms. Katsaros.

His eyes snapped opened. Even when I daydream, I never get to the good part! He looked down at the boxes; they were empty. After three years working at the University Bookstore, the unoriginal name Ms. Katsaros had come up with for her business, he knew the storeroom like the back of his hand, and this wasn’t the first time he had unpacked the boxes while lost in a daydream.


Good,” she nodded in satisfaction. It was why he still had a job; no one else had ever figured out the chaos of her storeroom. “You can go home, Bill.”

Sure,” he shrugged.

I better not catch you sleeping back here again.”

He wanted to retort, “But you didn’t catch me.” Instead, he swallowed his words and muttered a “won’t happen again.”

You’re a good, young man. You just need to get your life together. Then the women will be all over you.” She leaned in. “The bad boys are fun, but it’s the guy with his shit together, seizing life by the balls, and succeeding in his career, that women really want. It’s what Cynthia wants. She talks about saving herself for marriage, but she just hasn’t found the right guy yet. You could be that guy, and I bet she’d give it up to you.” His boss patted his cheek. “At the very least, you’ll have a more successful life.”

Her advice didn’t make him feel better. Why couldn’t he be the bad boy? Why did he have to be the one the chick settles for after she’s had her fun? Fuck that! I should shove Ms. Katsaros up against the wall, and—

I’d get arrested for assault.

He slumped out of the backroom, like a dog slinking off, his tail tucked between his legs.

But he didn’t slink home.

Cynthia’s lacrosse practice would just be finishing.

The September sun was warm as he stepped out onto Garfield Street. His college, Parkland Lutheran University, lay just a few blocks down the road. A picturesque collection of red-brick buildings amid the dirty, fading houses and business of Parkland, Washington, a suburb south of Tacoma. He jogged down the street, crossed two intersections—C Street and Park Avenue—and entered the campus. Students bustled about, and his eyes were drawn to all the cute coeds, many who were still wearing shorts and skirts, flashing beautiful thighs, and scanty tops showing off their delightful flesh.

Bill reached Gordon Gym, and hesitated. He wanted to go to the nearby field, where Cynthia was practicing, and listen to his dream’s advice and make her his girlfriend. He wanted to seize her by the shoulders, look into her eyes and say, “You’re my girl. I love you and I’m tired of taking no for an answer. I can see how much you love me, so just stop being afraid and lets give it a chance. I don’t want to have any regrets. Do you?”

And then she’ll just say no again.

His enthusiasm faded, gnawed away by fear. He slipped in to the gym through a side door, heading for the supply closet. Every free afternoon he was in here after Cynthia’s lacrosse practice. Last semester, he had a comparative sports class, an easy PE credit, and had discovered something amazing. Some pervert, a guy after Bill’s own heart, had drilled a few peepholes through the back wall of a supply closet into the women’s locker room. Now he couldn’t help himself. Every afternoon he was here, watching Cynthia and her teammates soaping their nubile bodies.

He felt like a creep.

But he wanted her so much, and if she wouldn’t date him, he couldn’t resist this outlet for his desires. He walked with purpose as he entered the gym, pulling out the key—he had been the TA for Coach Kalleberg during that PE class, and had the key made last semester after discovering the peepholes—and unlocked the supply closet. He moved through the dark room, not affording to turn the lights on and risk getting caught. It was cramped and impossible to see, so he went by feel, tripping over loose sports equipment and bumping into shelves.

At the back wall, he moved a piece of plywood leaning against the wall and three beams of light shone through, brilliant shafts in the darkness. They were spaced a few feet a part, giving a good view of the showers and some of the lockers. As long as it was dark in here, no one should be able to see the holes from the locker room. Bill figured that’s what the plywood was for.

Women laughed and talked. He bent down—whoever had drilled the holes was shorter than him—and unzipped his pants. Three coeds were stripping out of their lacrosse uniforms: maroon shorts and light-gray T-shirts. Rosa’s round pair of dusky breasts came into sight, topped with dark nipples. His cock hardened, his hand stroking it slowly.

Another pair of breasts, ebony and round, bounced into view as the gorgeous, African-American Reggie walked back to the shower. “I want to wash your tits,” he muttered as his hand pumped faster on his cock, picturing those chocolate breasts in his hand, squeezing them and sucking on her sweet nipples. “I’d get them so clean.”

More and more girls joined, bringing the total up to eight. A feast of youthful flesh, all gorgeous, with toned, athletic bodies. And so different. Large breasts, small breasts, some that were conical, and some that were heavy. Curvy asses, flat asses, shaved pussies, thick bushes, landing strips, and neatly trimmed triangles. A beautiful rainbow of feminine delights. His hand stroked faster.

Then Cynthia appeared. “Ugh, that took longer than I thought,” she said, peeling off her gray T-shirt. Her sports bra, not that she really needed one with her little tits, was black; she deftly unfastened it, her dusky nipples exposed to his gaze. He breathed faster, pounding his cock.

The other girls were drying off, getting dressed. “Did it? Sorry.” Cassie answered, shrugging into a loose, blue top, her dyed-green hair damp from her shower.

It’s okay,” Cynthia answered, bending down to peel off her maroon sweat pants—she never wore the shorts, too immodest—and her panty-covered ass wiggled in Bill’s direction.

Oh, Cynthia,” he groaned, his hand slapping against his groin as he jerked faster, his orgasm building. “I want to love you so bad! Look at that ass.” Her panties slipped down. It was a perfect rear, the cheeks nicely round, and he caught flashes of her golden curls between her thighs. “I’d worship your ass.”

That’s nice of you,” a woman whispered behind him.

Fear spiked inside him. He was caught. I’m in so much trouble.

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How Hot Is… ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’

How hot is… ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 3’?

by Bella Swann

reviewed by Reed James


The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty LARGEBeauty is on the verge of becoming Queen of Lorelai, but only so long as she can maintain her virginity. And she is a lustful, young woman. She dreams of ruling the kingdom with her Prince Charming at her side, and demonstrates her power by dominating her lovely maid Roseanna, telling her all the naughty things she plans on forcing the maid to submit to once she’s queen.

But Beauty’s desire for power are quickly lost when she goes to see Callum, the man she wants for her prince. But he wants to King and dominate his beautiful bride-to-be and Beauty finds herself unable to fight the lusts churning in her nethers, submitting to every one of Callum’s wants while tying to maintain her queenly dignity.

And this concerns the Mage and Scholar of the Kingdom. If Beauty cannot control her desires, then the prophecy will fail and Lorelai will fall to ruin. So they decided to take drastic measures to ensure that Beauty learns her proper place in the world—submitting to Callum, her future King. But it will take time, a hundred years of sleep to properly train her.

Bella’s firing on all cylinders with this one. While those found of the monsters might be a little disappointed at the lack in this one, I’d say the sex in this one more than makes up for it. I loved Beauty dominating her maid and trying to pretend that it’s not what she wants, and her struggle with Callum on who should have the power in their relationship. You will not be disappointed with this fine addition to Bella’s Swann’s Claiming of Hot Women erotica!

I give this book 5 of 5 sucking vines! At $3.99, ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’ will show your eReader who should actually be submitting!

Available from Amazon, Amazon CA, Smashwords, Google Play, and Lulu. You can find the catalog of Bella’s work on Amazon, Smashword, Lulu, and Createspace. Check out Bella’s goodread blog, her youtube channel, like her on facebook page, and follow her on twitter @BellaSwannBooks.

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Review: Good Pussy, Bad Pussy

Good Pussy, Bad Pussy

by Amy Aimee

reviewed by Reed James


High resolution coverThis was a hard review to right. Rachel is a complicated character. At the beginning, I hated her. She’s in Nice after running out on her husband and child, having a fling with a man she thought she was in love with. I’m not a real fan of infidelity, despite writing erotica toying with those themes. Marriage, in my opinion, shouldn’t be abandoned with such in-deference and your children never should. I can understand if you tried and couldn’t resolve your differences or if the spouse was abusive, but to just up and leave to run off with a guy you barely now, well, it’s hard for me to cheer that character on.

So Rachel’s in Nice, but the thrill is wearing off and she’s having second thoughts, realizing just how important her child is to her. While Stefan is everything she wants in a man, handsome, charming, and a great lover, the novelty is beginning to wear off. And then she meets his boss, Albert, and is stunned when Stefan lets his boss seduce her, and even more stunned that she lets him, giving into her bad pussy. Albert possesses her and she can’t stop thinking about him. Everything changes when she finds out she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is. Her husband or Stefan?

Rachel’s tale is all about how our bodies react physically to sex and delves into serious themes of consent as Rachel wonders why she enjoys some of her sexual encounters even though she didn’t desire them. Is she free because she gives into her lusts? And if she is free, why does she feel so dirty? She struggles with good pussy, bad pussy, with being faithful and wanting to give into her desires. Sex drives us all, and as she searches for happiness and a life, she realizes she can’t do that and not fall her desires.

Amy Aimee rights hot sex, from romantic to dubious consent BDSM. Rachel’s mercurial passions are conveyed with skill, and romance fans will find a lot to sink their teeth in as they journey with Rachel to find what she’s searching for.

I give it 4 out 5 stars. It’s very well written romance and if you’re a fan of the genre, I’m sure you’ll love it more than me (I do confess to being male). But the themes in this novel are well worth reading and reflecting on. I doubt there’s a lot of romance out there that can make you reflect on the hold your desires have over you and the choices, often hasty and regrettable, you make while gripped by them. So check out Good Pussy, Bad Pussy!

You can buy Good Pussy, Bad Pussy at Amazon, and check out Amy’s website and follow her on twitter @AmyAimee14.

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How Hot Is… ‘Futanari Demigoddess 2: Roommate’s Shower Surprsie’

How hot is… ‘Futanari Demigoddess 2: Roommate’s Shower Surprise’?

by Hayden Archer

reviewed by Reed James


Futanari-Demigoddess-2-WebAfter Valerie touched the medallion at the museum, she’s developed a new problem—her very own cock. When she wakes up the next morning to her sexy roommate Nikki getting ready for college in their dorm, she can’t help sneaking a peak as her roommate undresses, hoping that she’ll get completely naked.

And she does. Like yesterday, Valerie taps into a power that she never realized she had. She could make those she was attracted to respond to her advances. Up until she received her new cock, that was any hot boy that caught her fancy, but now she was seeing girls in a whole new light. As Nikki slips into the shower, Valerie decides to giver her a surprise, and joins her roommate.

Futanari Demigoddess 2 is well written as the first, with plenty of steamy, futa-on-female sex in all its fun, kinky glory. Hayden really knows how to capture the eroticism of a beautiful woman discovering how much fun she can have with her own dick, and how wonderful other women are. So if you’re a fan of futanari, or just hot, kinky sex, then give Futanari Demigoddess 2 a read, you will not be disappointed.

I give it 5 out of 5 steamy showers. At only $2.99 cents ‘Futanari Demigoddess 2: Roommate’s Shower Surprise’ will awaken new passions in your eReader and leave it begging for more sexy Demigoddesses with cocks!

Available from Amazon. And check out Hayden Archer’s website and see the catalog of her very exciting, and naughty, books. Follow her on twitter @archerotica.

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How Hot Is… ‘Whatever You Want’

How hot is… ‘Whatever You Want’?

by Georgeanna Bingley

reviewed by Reed James


whatever u wantKylee is heading over to her boyfriend’s Brent for a romantic evening. Only it’s not your usual romance. Kylee’s a masochist and Brent’s a sadist, and he’s looking to hurt her. Kylee’s excited, delighting in the pain and domination her boyfriend is inflicting. The ground rules are carefully laid out, but in a moment of excitement, she tells him to do ‘whatever you want!’

Brent grins, thrilled that he can fully abuse his lover, and Kylee is prepared to submit fully. What follows is a hardcore, brutal encounter. He punches her, urinates on her, and cuts her with a scalpel. And Kylee loves it all.

Georgeanna really captures the mindset of the masochist, from how she gets off on Brent’s abuse, to her delight she gets as he slowly cuts her flesh and watches her blood trickle down her body. And what is most amazing about this story is the heart. Both of them care for each other. Though Brent is hurting her, he’s careful not to do real damage, and when their encounter is over, how he treats her is quite romantic. This isn’t your traditional relationship, but it’s not a dysfunctional one like you might think.

I give ‘Whatever You Want’ 4 of 5 submissive women and only because the story was a little too hardcore for me, but if you’re into extreme BDSM this is amazingly written erotica! At $0.99, ‘Whatever You Want’ will discipline your eReader with love and lust!

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK. Check out Georgeanna’s website and blog, and follow her on twitter @G_Bingley.

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How Hot Is… A Submissive Nurse Part 2: Ready to Serve

How hot is… ‘A Submissive Nurse Part 2: Ready to Serve’?

by J.D. Grayson

reviewed by Reed James


submissivenurse2Dr. Miles is shying away from his burgeoning relationship with April, scared of getting hurt again. While they continue to have sex, his scars from the sexy Dr. Ruiz continue to haunt him, so Miles seeks out a therapist to try and work through his problems. Meanwhile, April is brought under the tutelage of two naughty nurses out to show her just how fun the ropes at the hospital can be.

Listening to his therapist, Dr. Miles and April move to the next step of their relationship. But the shadow of Dr. Ruiz still falls upon them. Wanting to put it in his past, Dr. Miles sets out to confront her, but will he fall to her shadow and be her submissive again, or will he overcome it and finally find happiness with April?

Like the first part, lost of naughty, medical sex dots the pages. They range from sexy sponge baths, to helping a poor veteran in a body cast get some relief, with plenty of hot, sizzling, medical BDSM in between. J.D. Grayson is comfortable in his element with the medical sex, squeezing all the eroticism out of the scenarios that he possibly can.

This is as hot and passionate as medical erotica can get. I give 5 out of 5 sponge baths and is a satisfying conclusion to part 1. At $2.99 cents, ‘A Submissive Nurse Past 2’ submit your eReader to a naughty, medical exam!

Available from Amazon. And check out J. D. Grayson’s website and see the catalog of his very exciting, and naughty, books.

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How Hot Is… ‘Ashley’s Sleepover’

How hot is… ‘Ashley’s Sleepover’?

by Christie St. Claire

reviewed by Reed James


63cafc88c85c858d95ffb72407814b0ec5bc1aba-thumbThe Cheerleaders of Fenton University have been delinquent, and their coach has ordered them to right out their naughty adventures. Next up is Ashley. She’s the lesbian on the squad, and she enjoys all the beautiful women on her squad, from watching them showering, to coping a feel whenever she can get away with it. After a slumber party with Mindy and Tara that ended with a drunken kiss with Tara, Ashely’s been thinking about her fellow cheerleader, and when Tara asks if she can spend the night again, Ashely eagerly says yes.

Lots of great action in this story. From a sensual shower with fellow cheerleader Shelley, that seems to hint that Shelley will one day have her own delinquent confession about a tryst with Ashely, to her self-pleasure in the shower imagining a lesbian orgy breaking out. But the highlight is the sleepover. It’s hot and sensual, building up as Ashley is trying to feel out Tara’s true intentions.

The sex is hot, well written, and puts you in the moment. If you love girls going down on girls, with pink marshmallows thrown in the mix, then you will love Ashley’s Sleepover. Like the other installments, it teases you about some of the other cheerleaders, from a trio that likes to go to a bar and let guys do body shots on them, to a girl that seems to be a nudist, it makes me want to read all the other delinquent confessions of these naughty cheerleaders!

I give ‘Ashley’s Sleepover’ 5 of 5 pink marshmallows! At $1.99, ‘Ashley’s Sleepover’ will invite your eReader over to a sensual night of sapphic passion!

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords. And check out Christie’s blog and follow her on twitter @ChrisStClaire.

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How Hot Is… ‘Gender Swap Boxer’

How hot is… ‘Gender Swap Boxer’?

by MJ Shaw

reviewed by Reed James


Gender Swap Boxer - medRudy is an aspiring boxer, looking to make his mark. Only problem, he’s just not good enough—as a guy. The latest boxer training claims if he was a chick, he’d train Rudy in a heartbeat. Lucky for Rudy, he has a good friend name Henry that just happened to come up with a gender swap formula.

Desperate, Rudy heads to his friends and convinces Henry to give it to him. His friend cautions him that he would be truly a female, even thinking like one, but all Rudy cares about is his dream and downs the drink.

M. J. Shaw captures the transformation from man to woman and the subsequent changes to Rudy very well. As Rudy adjusts to his new form, he finds his body reacting differently, and he wants to explore these new sensations. If your a fan of gender-swap stories, then you’re going to love this well written, and sizzling tale. M.J. Shaw is quite comfortable in the genre and delivers the goods, as it were.

I give it 4.5 out 5 chromosome-swapping drugs. At $0.99 cents, ‘Gender Swap Boxer’ will change your eReader’s entire outlook on life!

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK. Check out M. J. Shaw’s blog and follow her on twitter @MJShaw_Erotica

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Review: Critical Moments

Critical Moments

by Andrew Harding

reviewed by Reed James


critical moments book 2Alli and Harvey are back for my crime fighting action with their hybrid powers. Both were attacked by vampires while children and now are half-human, with many abilities granted from them. Now married, the pair have to investigate a large group of bodies found in a building being torn down. All are men that have had their genitals surgically removed and then embalmed while alive. The bodies date back twenty-five years. A sick serial killer is on the hunt.

The hunt is on and newer bodies are found. A lot more. Whomever the serial killer is, he seems to have accelerated this killings in the last few months, out of control with his need to give men gender reassignments, and Harvey and Alli suspect at least one hybrid, and possibly more, are responsible for the number of victims that are piling up.

Luckily for Alli and Harvey they meet a new pair of hybrids—Gina and Ollie. Gina is a young woman with a mysterious past she cannot remember, and her boyfriend Ollie has been recently turned into hybrid, possibly by the very killers Alli and Harvey are looking for. The Hybrid family grows as they hunt the serial killer. But dark secrets are learned and it seems the government may have been doing more than just keeping track of hybrids.

They may be creating them.

Now for the sex. It’s hot, graphic, S&M sex like last time. Alli and Harvey aren’t fully human, and they make full use of that. The sex is kinky, and there are new Hybrids tasting out what fun they can have with their lovers. Andrew Harding managed to find more, bizarre S&M acts for the loving Alli and Harvey to inflict on each other.

Andrew opened up the world with this one, introducing shady government agendas that may come in conflict with the Hybrid family in the upcoming volumes, ratcheting up the tension as the book progresses. I give ‘Critical Moments’ 4.5 of 5 stars! At $3.99 it will transform your eReader into a bondage-loving hybrid!

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK. And check out Andrew’s Amazon author page, his website, and follow him on twitter @AndrewHarding4.

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Guest Blog: The Hypocrisy of Amazon

The Hypocrisy of Amazon
By Deana Michaels

Censorship is alive and well in modern America and the world, coming down hard on the genre of Erotica. There are a number of genres that Amazon does not want erotica Authors to publish on their sites such as incest.

Now Amazon has no problem posting books that are non-erotica that deal with this topic, the best selling Game of Thrones and its sequels comes to mind with depictions of incest between twin siblings that could be ripped right out of the pages of any hot erotica. Or How I Live Now depicting first cousins getting hot and heavy in the aftermath of world war three.

But you want to write a hot story about a brother and sister, both adults and both consenting, that want to get it on, and suddenly your book is banned from Amazon. Why? Censorship. They make claims like it’s illegal, its immoral, it results in inbreeding. All of these points are easily refuted.

If you couldn’t write about something that is illegal than half of literature would be gone. From stories of vigilante justice, to murder, to serial killers, to vampires would all be banned. And immoral? The scarlet letter, anyone. And, sure, incest can lead to bad outcomes in the real world, but that isn’t what erotica is about. It’s about fantasies. About doing things you couldn’t do in the real world, having experiences that you couldn’t have for a lot of reasons.

So what’s an erotica author going to do who wants to write about an adult daughter and her father getting together, or siblings, or mothers and sons, or fathers and sons, or any combination in between? Simple, we call them ‘step-brother’ or ‘brother-in-law’ or ‘adopted father’. But everyone really knows what your doing, including the readers that eat up the ‘taboo’ books on Amazon, knowing it’s code for what the pseudo-incest substitute for what they really want and what Amazon is too scared to give them.

And that’s a shame. Censorship never is good, it limits the world, limits discussion, stifles growth. And those that are being censored will find ways around those forces, thinking outside of the box to find ways around the limitations and get their art out there.

About the Author: Deana Micheals is the newest author to join Naughty Ladies Publications and is the author of the upcoming Taboo Summer Vacation, the taboo story of love and lust as Kylie and Scott celebrate their engagement with their adopted families. After a night of drinking, taboo lust is kindled when Kylie slips into the wrong bed.

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