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New Release: The Acolyte’s Passion (The Knight and the Acolyte 1)

The Acolyte’s Passion

The Knight and the Acolyte 1

In Erasthay, a world of sex and magic, a young knight and a nubile acolyte are sent on an impossible quest: to kill the dragon Dominari! Plunged into an erotic world of sexy warriors, futanari elves, and naughty monsters, the knight and the acolyte discover their true passions! You can buy The Acolyte’s Passion, a full-length fantasy erotic novel for $4.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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A busty knight and a naughty acolyte must unite on a dangerous quest!

Angela, a sexy and busty knight, is eager to embark on her quest. She will have to brave dangers and win through adversity to return to her hunky lover, Kevin.

Sophia, a lesbian acolyte, would rather enjoy the nubile novices then apply herself to her studies. Her fun comes crashing to a halt when she’s selected to accomplish Angela on her quest. It’s a great honor, but Sophia wishes anyone else was chosen.

Because she and Angela will have to face the most dangerous monster alive: the Dragon Dominari.

They will have to unite their passions and face their perilous quests. Horny monsters, wicked mages, and futanari elves await them! With their naughty bodies, weapons, and magic, the Knight and the Acolyte will have to take on all comers. Will they find the sexy allies and naughty magics to defeat Dominari?

You have to read this hot, erotic adventure full of kinky passion, naughty monsters, wicked spells, horny futanari, and sexy warriors to find out!

This full length erotic novel contains: exhibitionism, voyeurism, menage, oral, anal, A2M, creampie, BDSM, bondage, monsters, tentacles, witch, supernatural, elves, futa-on-female, first time, lesbian, and more! This hot tale is not for the faint of heart!

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Sneak Preview: The Acolyte’s Passion (The Knight and the Acolyte 1)

The Acolyte’s Passion

The Knight and the Acolyte 1

In Erasthay, a world of sex and magic, a young knight and a nubile acolyte are sent on an impossible quest: to kill the dragon Dominari! Plunged into an erotic world of sexy warriors, futanari elves, and naughty monsters, the knight and the acolyte discover their true passions! You can buy The Acolyte’s Passion, a full-length fantasy erotic novel for $4.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Click here to see the maps of the World of Erasthay!

The Knight – Angela

My metal armor clinked as I circled Kevin on the training sands at the center of the Chapterhouse of the Knights Deute. The sun was warm, glinting off Kevin’s armor. He wore a man’s armor, a full breastplate instead of the half-plate I wore that left my midriff bare and revealed a large swath of my cleavage. His torso was covered by a skirt of banded mail. He did not wear his helmet, and his gorgeous face twisted with focus.

I tried not to pay attention as I stepped forward, swinging my blunted training sword at his face. Metal clanged as we traded blows. I was quicker. There was one advantage of the lighter armor women wore. We were nimbler, in addition to being distracting by displaying so much of our flesh. I could see Kevin’s appreciative eyes.

He had just returned from his Quest, slaying an ogre, and now he was a full knight.

That was a sloppy attack,” Kevin said, his kissable lips curling in a smile.

Was it?” I asked, cocking my head. I took another clumsy swing, his sword knocking mine aside with ease.

Yes. Did you even practice one bit with your sword while I was gone?” he asked, arching his eyebrows.

I learned a few tricks,” I grinned and feinted with another clumsy attack.

He fell for it, his blade slapping down. I changed my stance, pulling my weapon back so he missed my blade before lunging forward and almost landing a blow. He lifted his round shield, deflecting my attack.

I pressed in, using my shield to deflect his blow as my long sword swung hard three times, driving him back. His eyebrows furrowed, and I grinned. He recovered from my attack, taking a hard swing.

His blade crunched into the wood of my shield. My right foot lashed out. I didn’t have a skirt of metal bands, only a loincloth of chainmail, and my leg could kick out high. I caught him on the chest. He stumbled back, his shield knocked wide.

I charged in and struck my sword on his breastplate. It did no damage. In a real battle, a longsword was all but useless against full plate. I would need to use a mace or a warhammer to crush and dent his armor. But for training, he pretended it was lethal and fell to the ground.

Well played,” he laughed as I stood over him.

My pussy was hot, my blood pumping. I always loved sparring with him. We had been lovers for three years and I had missed him these last months as he hunted the ogre in the Kelit Mountains to the south.

I told you I knew a trick or two,” I grinned, my hands sliding up the crease on his left side. He wore a cuirass, and it hinged on the right. I found the three straps that held his armor close, two on the breastplate and one on the skirt, and undid them, his armor swinging open to reveal his muscular chest.

Mmm, I have missed this chest,” I purred, my fingers sliding across his pecs, my pussy growing hotter as I touched him.

He pulled off his gauntlets, his calloused fingers grasping my side, sliding up and reaching behind me to the straps that held my half-breastplate closed. I ground my pussy on his cock, the shaft hard beneath his britches. The straps came undone and my large, round breasts spilled out, my nipples hard with battle lust.

Fighting always made me wet, and fighting Kevin made me burn.

Yes,” I hissed as he groped one of my breasts, fingering my hard, pink nipple. His other hand slid up to cup my face, brushing back my flaming curls. I had my mother’s fiery hair, but my father’s blue eyes.

I missed you every day in the mountains,” he groaned, pulling me down, my red hair spilling about my face.

I bet you found more than a few peasant girls willing to provide comfort to a Knight on a Quest,” I grinned.

But none were you,” he grinned and pulled me down for a hot kiss.

My breasts rubbed against his muscular chest. His hand slid down my back and over my heavy, leather belt that my chainmail loincloth hung from. He squeezed the cheeks of my ass, left mostly exposed by the two-inch wide band of mail. His fingers dipped beneath the mail as he kneaded my ass.

I groaned and ground on him, working my clit against the cold metal of my mail. His cock was hard beneath, throbbing with his desire. I kissed him hard, my hands roaming his muscular sides and chest. My Kevin was a strong man.

And it was time for him to eat my pussy.

I broke the kiss, sliding my hips up his body. “Time for you to pay the forfeit,” I smiled, grasping his brown, flowing locks. My hot pussy pressed into my mail as I slid higher up his body. Pleasure shuddered through me. “You’re going to devour my pussy. I want to cum and cum.”

Of course, my Lady,” Kevin grinned, licking his strong lips.

My breasts heaved as I straddled his face, still holding onto his brown hair. I loved it when I won our duels. I pulled his head up, smearing his face against my hot pussy. I shuddered as his thick tongue slid through my pussy. My back arched. I gasped as the pleasure washed through me.

I guided his lips with his hair, my hips undulating. His hands kept kneading my asscheeks, his fingers tightening as his tongue worked through my pussy. He sucked and nibbled on my folds and he nuzzled at my clit.

That’s it,” I groaned. “You lost, and now you have to pay. Devour my pussy. Don’t miss a single spot. Come on, you can do better. Work that pretty mouth through my hot pussy.”

My free hand grabbed my right breast, pinching my nipple as I undulated faster. Kevin moaned, his tongue working faster. He shoved it deep into my pussy, swirling it around. My eyes fluttered in delight, my moans echoing across the training sands.

Metal rang nearby. A pair of male knights dueled. Others watched. I savored their eyes.

Show everyone how you are my little pussy slave!” I groaned. “Mmm, yes. Devour me! I’m gonna drown you!”

His tongue fluttered through my folds. My insides squirmed. I shifted my hips, smearing my clit across his strong face until his tongue found it. I gasped as he fluttered his tongue against my nub, batting it over and over.

That’s it! Oh, fuck! Work that tongue! Yes, Kevin! My little, pussy-hungry stud! Fuck! Fuck!”

My orgasm crashed through me. I screamed out my delight. My pussy clenched. My juices spilled out into Kevin’s hungry mouth. My eyes met Donna, Victoria, and Christina, the squires’ eyes envious of my lover’s cunnilingus prowess.

Keep eating me! Keep making me cum!” I screamed, my hips jerking.

Kevin kept assaulting my clit. His tongue must be a blur. My pussy clenched again as more ripples of pleasure washed through me. My clit ached, becoming even more sensitive as my climaxes washed through me.

I gripped Kevin’s hair harder, holding his tongue against my clit for as long as I could stand it. My nerves burned with pleasure. My body spasmed and shuddered. My eyes squeezed shut as a mighty surge of pleasure rippled through me.

My clit almost hurt with the agony of my ecstasy.

I pulled away, letting go of Kevin, “Mmm, you were a stud, pussy slave,” I grinned.

I’m so glad I could service you, Mistress,” he grinned.

We loved this game. When he won, I was his little cock slave. Dominating him was almost as much fun as when he held my red curls and fucked my mouth. But I never tried to lose, even if it was more fun to.

I think you need a reward,” I grinned, sliding down his body again. I reached his hard cock, grinding on him for a moment.

Eating your pussy was reward enough,” he grinned, licking his lips. “But if it is your will to reward your humble servant, then you have my eternal thanks.”

I laughed, shaking my head even as my fingers unlaced his britches so I could pull his thick cock out. He was hard and throbbing, his tip shiny with precum. I smeared my thumb across his tip. He shuddered, his hips bucking.

Mmm, I missed this cock,” I grinned. “You may have the biggest cock in the Chapterhouse.”

I may have the biggest cock?” he asked as I rose on my knees and guided his cock to my hot pussy.

I didn’t fuck every cock while you were gone,” I groaned as I sank down, his girth stretching my pussy open. “But I did try.”

Kevin laughed and groaned. He seized my arms and pulled me down for another kiss. My tangy juices adorned his lips. I loved the taste of my pussy on his mouth. My hips undulated as I rocked on him, my breasts and my hard nipples pressed against his chest. I shuddered as my pussy gripped his cock.

I did miss you,” I moaned when we broke the kiss. “I love you, Kevin.”

His arms wrapped around me and then he rolled us over. “I love you, too, Angela.”

I shuddered as he kissed me again. My legs wrapped around his waist. I loved his weight atop me. I worked my hips as he fucked me, his cock jabbing deep into my pussy. My aching clit ground into his pubic bone with every thrust.

I clung to his broad back, my fingers digging into his muscles as his strokes grew harder and harder. Kevin was the handsomest Knight Deute, and he was all mine. I shuddered beneath him, savoring the envy of all the women watching us.

Yes!” I groaned. “Yes, yes! Take me, Kevin! Fuck me! You’re driving me wild!”

I stared at the flushed cheeks of the watching women, their hips shifting, their hands between their thighs, fingering their pussies, envying my position. I knew Kevin had fucked them all, but it was me he came back to.

Work those hips, Angela!” groaned Kevin. “Damn, I missed your pussy! Oh, yes! Keep doing that! I’m gonna cum so deep in you!”

I welcomed that moment. I was enchanted by a red-robed Thosian mage. No child would quicken in my womb this year. I had ten months before I needed another spell cast on me. I would have completed my Quest by then. Kevin would marry me on my return.

I might not need the spell again.

Cum in me!” I gasped. “Give it to me!”

Yes!” he groaned, his thrusts hammering into me.

A new woman appeared to watch us. Lady Delilah. Her dark eyes locked on mine. She was so beautiful. Her lips smiled. I shuddered and gasped, cumming hard beneath my lover. My pussy massaged his cock as I stared into Lady Delilah’s eyes.

Angela!” Kevin groaned as he slammed his cock into my depths. “Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes!”

His cock erupted in me. His hot cum flooded me. My body kept cumming. I shuddered and writhed, moaning as I drowned in Lady Delilah’s dark depths. She was such an elegant and beautiful woman.

Yes!” I screamed.

My pussy clenched harder as Lady Delilah’s smile grew. My orgasm reached its peak. My fingers clawed into Kevin’s back as my sheath milked every drop of his cum into my pussy. My pleasure grew to a crescendo and then crashed.

I shuddered and panted, my eyes fluttering. Lady Delilah was gone.

Damn, I missed you,” Kevin said, turning my face so he could kiss me.

I savored his kiss, thrusting my tongue deep into him. But I thought of Lady Delilah.

I had known her since I was young. She had often come to my family’s estates performing her knightly duties. I was young when I first saw her riding up on her charger, her flaming hair flying behind her, gleaming in her armor. She was sensual and beautiful. My body awakened to desires for the first time. That night, I enjoyed my first, fumbling masturbation, thinking of Lady Delilah as I reached my pleasure.

I had such a crush on her as I blossomed into womanhood. She was my first love, but nothing ever came of it. I was only a child to Lady Delilah. I nurtured my crush, and she was the reason I joined the Knighthood. My mother was against it, but I wanted to be just like Lady Delilah.

I would be like Lady Delilah.

Kevin rolled off of me. I stood up, smiling in delight as I brushed the sand from my ass and back. I fetched my blunted training sword and discarded breastplate. I didn’t put it on, letting my naked tits hang out.

Thank you for the energetic training session, Sir Knight,” I grinned as he put on his armor.

You were always a spirited sparring partner, Squire,” Kevin nodded back. We kissed one last time, my hard nipples pressing on his cold breastplate. That was nice. “I must meet with Lord-Commander William for lunch.”

I nodded. “I’ll be joining you at that table soon.” Tomorrow, I would head to the Temple of the Pure, the grand temple to the Goddess Saphique, and receive my Quest from the High Virgin Vivian herself.

I know you will.” He gave me another kiss. “Love you.”

I smiled and walked away. My training was complete. I was left to my own amusements. I strolled past the envious women, their fingers sticky, and nodded to them. “Ladies.”

They glowered at me. That made me feel even better.

I walked deeper into the Chapterhouse, heading to my small cell. Kevin’s cum trickled down my thighs. I loved that feeling. The musk of sex clung to me, that salty mix of cum, sweat, and pussy. It made me feel so alive.

I rounded a corner and there stood Lady Delilah. I gasped in shock.

What an impressive display, Squire,” Lady Delilah purred.

I swallowed, a wave of heat washing through me as she stepped forward. I trembled before her. She was so beautiful. Her hand touched my thigh, her fingers burning against my flesh. I moaned as her fingers slid up, pressing beneath my chainmail loincloth and brushing the shaved, messy lips of my pussy.

My lady!” I gasped as her fingers penetrated my pussy. Her touch was fire and lust. I moaned as a small orgasm rippled through me. My heart beat faster. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to touch her but fear clutched me. She was so imposing. So sexy.

I was helpless before her.

Lady Delilah’s smile grew hungrier as she withdrew her fingers. She held them up, glistening with a mix of my juices and Kevin’s cum. She brought it to her lips, her black eyelashes fluttering as she cleaned her fingers. “Mmm, the taste of youth. You have blossomed into a beautiful flower. A fire lily.”

Th-thank you, my Lady.”

I expect great things from you.”

I still trembled as she walked away and disappeared down a side-corridor, her boots echoing. My breath exploded out of me and I leaned against the wall, a big smile on my face. Lady Delilah had noticed me. I would win great honors on my Quest and make her proud.

I gathered myself and kept walking to my room.

The Acolyte – Sophia

I strode through the Temple of the Pure, my heart beating with excitement. A new pair of novices had arrived. Fresh beauties. Lust burned through my body. I should be praying in the main chapel to the Holy Virgin Saphique, Goddess of Maidens, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as breaking in a pair of eighteen-year-old novices.

My pussy burned between my thighs.

My light-brown curls bounced around my shoulders as I strode through the temple. My small, left breast, not covered by the winding cloth of diaphanous white I wore, bounced, my pink nipples hard. The cloth covered my right breast as it wrapped about my left shoulder and diagonally crossed my body to my waist, leaving my belly button exposed. There it wound about my waist and draped down to cover my ass and legs, leaving a small gap that exposed the tight slit of my pussy.

It was the priestly vestments of Saphique.

My belly piercing glinted in the soft candlelight, adorned by a flashing ruby. I clicked my tongue piercing against the back of my teeth as I walked, my excitement growing. I reached the novitiate cells. The young maidens, just blossoming into womanhood, all smiled at me. They knew why I was here.

I loved young maidens. I had each of them in my bed. I may not be the most proficient Acolyte—at twenty-two I should have already been a priestess for the last year—but I was the most diligent at teaching the novices the joys of lesbian delight. Like our Goddess, none in the Temple of the Pure had ever lain with a man. We were all virgins—only the fingers, tongues, and dildos of women had been in our pussies.

I found the two acolytes in the main room, looking uncomfortable. They wore the same vestments I did, their bellybuttons newly pierced and glinting with gold. Their piercings were unadorned. They would earn their gems. Acolytes, like me, had their tongues pierced with silver barbells and priestesses had their left nipples pierced.

They were gorgeous, their breasts topped by pale-pink nipples as small as buttons. So cute. Curly, dark-brown hair framed their lovely faces and lush lips; their hazel eyes were wide. They had a similar look, both daughters of the nobility, though one stood a few inches taller than the other, who had, perhaps, the more developed bust.

Novices,” I said as I stopped before them, my pussy clenching in delight. “What are your names?”

Daisy, Priestess,” one answered. “And this is my friend Rose.”

Such delicious names. And they thought I was a priestess. Perfect.

Come with me,” I ordered.

They gave each other nervous glances.

I smiled. “Don’t be afraid. You will find your first lesson very enjoyable.”

Uh-huh,” giggled another novice. “Acolyte Sophia will show you a few things.”

And when you get back, we expect you to demonstrate,” giggled a blossoming beauty, her breasts swelling into a pair of lovely, round orbs.

Follow,” I commanded. Technically, I could only command a novice when I was teaching them. And this wasn’t a sanctioned lesson. But they didn’t know that. And as long as I kept up my authoritative tone, these two were so nervous they would do anything.

I loved novices.

They trailed after me, their bare feet slapping on the stone of the temple. I hoped we didn’t run into a priestess. But they should all be busy. Besides, I wouldn’t get in too much trouble. My mother was a powerful patron of the church, and they wouldn’t want to offend a Duchess.

We reached my small room, the floors covered by a delicious carpet and my mattress stuffed with soft goose feathers. Scented candles burned, filling the air with a heady musk. I breathed it in as I pulled in the two cute novices, holding them against my side.

Mmm, you two are just delicious,” I purred and leaned down to kiss Daisy. My pierced tongue swirled through her mouth as she stood there, her lips frozen. I broke the kiss and shook my head. “You can do better than that. Surely you’ve kissed before.”

Daisy gave a shy nod of her head.

And I bet you practiced on your sexy friend,” I grinned.

Her cheeks reddened as she nodded again. Rose squirmed on my other side.

Of course you did. She’s so sexy.” I leaned in, my lips just inches away. “Let’s try again.”

I kissed her sweet lips. This time she didn’t resist but kissed me back. My tongue swept through her delicious mouth. I shuddered as her tongue caressed mine, playing with my tongue piercing as she moaned softly.

There, that was nice,” I grinned. Her exposed nipple was hard.

Yes, Sophia,” she whispered.

I turned to Rose. Her hips shifted against me, her bare, bald pussy growing damp on my thigh. “Someone’s getting excited.”

She nodded, a little more eager than her friend. Rose licked her lips and closed her eyes as she tilted her chin. I leaned down and planted a hot kiss on her lips. My tongue thrust deep into her mouth as my hand slipped down her waist to grope her tight ass. I gave a hard squeeze, pulling her tight against me. She shuddered, her hips undulating, smearing that hot pussy on my thigh. I squeezed her ass through the thin silk of her vestments.

Wow,” Rose whispered when I broke the kiss.

Indeed,” I grinned, licking my lips.

I led the two girls to my bed. “Let’s get naked.”

I grabbed Rose’s cloth, unwinding it from her youthful body. She turned, her boyish hips shaking, her firm breasts jiggling. Eighteen and delicious.

Perfect,” I moaned as she stood naked. Her slit was so tight and delicious. I licked my lips. “Isn’t your friend gorgeous, Daisy?”

Yes, Sophia.”

I glanced at the shy girl, her hands folded before her pussy, hiding her charms. “Now let’s strip Daisy naked.”

Rose grinned and grabbed her friend’s cloth, unwrapping her. Daisy turned, her cheeks growing redder as her body was exposed. She stood naked and trembling, her cute, little nipples hard. My pussy burned and I clenched my thighs.

But you’re not naked, Sophia,” Rose said, eyeing me.

Maybe we should change that,” I winked at the girls.

Rose boldly grabbed my cloth. I turned, my small breasts jiggling. They were perky and perfect mounds, barely larger than apples. My hips had nice curves, and my pussy was bare. I could control whether I had pubic hair—one of the first things a novice learned.

Let’s have a lesson,” I grinned, leading my two charges to the bed. I spread Daisy out on my goose feather stuffed mattress and snuggled on her right side while Rose took the left. “When you have your lover in bed, you want to caress and kiss her everywhere,” I said, leaning in to kiss Daisy on the lips.

Rose followed while I nibbled down to her ear, the two novices sighing as their lips met. My clit ached to be touched.

It’s important that you worship her. Every woman has been blessed by Saphique with pleasure that only we can give each other. Most women prefer brutish men, but we know the truth.” My finger traced down Daisy’s budding tit to her hard nipple. I circled her nub. “Women will always give you more pleasure than a man. Men take, but we give.”

Daisy nodded her head, sighing as her friend copied me, circling Daisy’s other nipple.

I smiled, my lips kissing down her shoulder, tasting the salt of her skin as I reached her puffy tit. Daisy gasped as I sucked her little nipple into my lips, my tongue and piercing playing with the hard nub.

Rose engulfed the other, sucking with a frenetic desire. Daisy gasped and shuddered.

Not so hard,” I told Rose. “Let Daisy tell you how she wants to be pleased. Some women like it hard and fast, others like a more gentle touch. And it will change. Sometimes her mood will be different.”

Did I suck too hard?” Rose asked, her face paling.

A little,” Daisy smiled. “But it was kinda nice.”

I teased Daisy’s nipple and Rose did the same, her lips sucking softer, her tongue swirling around Daisy’s nipple. The young woman moaned and shuddered, her hips arching and her legs spasming. She gasped so sweetly.

A sweet scent tickled my nose. Daisy grew wet.

I let my hands roam her body. I caressed and teased her, touching every inch of her smooth skin save one special spot—her virgin pussy. Sometimes my hand brushed Rose’s and she would giggle around Daisy’s nipple. Daisy squirmed harder, the mattress shifting.

Sophia,” she groaned. “I need…more…down there.”

I had avoided her little pussy. I pushed my hand between her thighs, sliding up, drawing every so close to her sweet snatch. “Is your pussy on fire?”

She nodded.

Say it, Daisy.”

My…pussy is on…fire. I need to be touched.”

I smiled at her and kissed down her body. I loved the salty taste of her skin. Her sweet scent grew stronger. Rose followed me, her smooches loud smacks. She even played with her friend’s bellybutton, bringing a loud squeal from Daisy.

Rose and I settled between Daisy’s spread thighs, her tight slit flushed red and spread open, revealing her pink depths. Juices beaded on her delicate folds. Rose sucked in her breath as she gazed at Daisy’s pussy.

My finger traced her parts as I whispered to Rose, naming all the parts of a pussy and how they needed to be caressed. Licking my lips, my tongue lapping through Daisy’s snatch. I savored the taste of her pussy, so sweet and fresh. My tongue swirled around her little clit as she gasped and moaned.

Wow!” Rose gasped.

Did you see how my tongue licked through her folds from the bottom to the top?”

She nodded.

Do it.”

Rose licked her lips before she lowered her head between Daisy’s thighs. Both novices trembled. “Oh, yes, Rose!” Daisy moaned as Rose took her first swipe of pussy. “That was nice.”

How was your first taste of her pussy?” I asked.

Delicious?” Rose moaned and dived back in.

Her tongue was aggressive but unskilled, swirling around with no clue what she was doing. I nuzzled her ear, whispering instructions while Daisy’s moans grew louder and louder. Rose pressed her face deep into her friend’s pussy, teasing her hymen and nuzzling at her clit.

Perfect,” I grinned, moving down Rose’s body. She was kneeling, her ass so cute.

I had to taste.

I spread her asscheeks apart, my tongue swirling up through her crack to rim her tight, sour asshole. “Sophia!” she gasped as I rimmed her, my tongue and piercing dipping into her bowels. “That’s dirty.”

Nothing about you is dirty,” I purred. “Just concentrate on loving your friend while I make you explode.”

Rose nodded and moaned before she returned to eating Daisy. “Oh, yes!” purred Daisy. “I love it, Rose!”

My tongue moved lower. Her ass was tasty, but I wanted to devour her pussy. The ruby glinting on my belly piercing meant I had mastered the art of cunnilingus. There were many arts for a priestess of Saphique to master, but this was my favorite.

I spread apart Rose’s tight pussy, inhaling her sweet flavor. She had a stronger flavor than Daisy, spicier, a wonderful flavor that coated my tongue. I loved the taste of pussy. They all were delicious in all their myriad flavors.

Rose moaned as my tongue swirled through her pussy, nudging against her hymen. I pressed on her little membrane before I moved up through her folds. I sucked on her little labia and rubbed my tongue stud against her hard clit.

She gasped and moaned. Her hips shifting. I squeezed my thighs together as my own pussy burned. But I had patience. When I was through with these two, they would be begging to eat my pussy.

I sucked Rose’s dainty clit into my mouth, brushing my tongue around her nub. She moaned, her hips bucking. I kept up the pressure. Her moans were muffled. She ate Daisy harder as her ass clenched. Her orgasm built.

Oh, Rose!” Daisy gasped. “Oh, yes! Oh, wow! I’m gonna…gonna explode!”

Cum, dear Daisy!” Rose moaned. “Let’s cum together! Oh, wow! Oh, Sophia! You’re driving me wild!”

Rose’s juices flooded my hungry mouth as both her and her friend sang out their pleasure. They both shivered and writhed. I kept flicking at Rose’s clit, prolonging her orgasm as I drank down all her sweet juices.

Wow, Sophia,” Rose gasped. “I never knew. I’ve masturbated, but wow.”

Uh-huh,” Daisy grinned.

I smiled. “Well, Rose, would you like to teach Daisy how to eat my pussy.”

Oh, yes!” Rose exclaimed, rolling over.

I would like that,” Daisy blushed.

I settled on the bed, spreading my legs wide and pinched my nipples. “Devour me, girls. I’m so hot. You two are so sexy.”

Their cheeks pressed together as they both pressed their faces between my legs, their tongues wildly licking around my pussy. I shuddered as their fluttering, inexperienced tongues worked around my vulva and dove into my pussy.

Lick my clit! Make me cum!” I groaned, pulling harder on my nipples, savoring the hard pleasure.

They did, nuzzling and licking. I moaned, my eyes fluttering in delight. I was so hot. Playing with their nubile bodies had kept me on the edge. Their tongues met in my pussy, both almost kissing each other as they nuzzled at my clit.

I came. My juices squirted their faces. I didn’t always squirt. I still hadn’t mastered that, yet, but I shuddered and moaned. I drenched their innocent faces with my juices. My hips heaved and bucked. I gasped and moaned.

Oh, Saphique!” I moaned to the heavens. “Thank you for these sweet girls!”

The door to my room slammed open.

Acolyte Sophia!” Priestess Georgina snapped.

You can buy The Acolyte’s Passion, a full-length fantasy erotic novel for $4.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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New Release: The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties

The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties

A Fantasy Erotic Novella

The Triad and the Gorgon’s Seduction is set in an erotic fantasy world I’ve created! It is a world of monsters, magic, and naughty sex. If you’re a fan of pulp sword & sorcery mixed with erotica, then you’ll enjoy this tale! You can buy The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

The Triad has to uncover the secret behind the village of pregnant beauties!

In a mountain village, every man has disappeared while their women have all become pregnant. Fiona, a nubile witch, and her two spouses, Aoifa and Seamus, have arrived to investigate. With her magic, Fiona plans on unavailing the mystery.

So long as she can ensure her randy husband and horny wife aren’t distracted by the pregnant beauties!

But the ripe, wanton women of the village are too alluring to resist. Their ardor burning, the women have ached for a man. And now they have the hunky Seamus to satiate them! Will the two nubile and pregnant hotties distract Seamus from the true threat?

You have to read this naughty, Fantasy erotica to find out what happens!

This 22,000 word Fantasy novella contains hot and sexy situations such as: hot wives, MILFs, taboo passion, cheating, monsters, faeries, group fun, menage, magic, witches, supernatural, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pregnant, adult nursing, bondage, femdom, spanking, and more! This naughty tale is not for the faint of heart!

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Naughty Futa Masseuse Futanari Massage Parlor 2

Naughty Futa Masseuse

Futanari Massage Parlor 2

My new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Becky and Simone embarked on their massage business in Massaging the Married MILF (Futa Massage Service 1). Naughty Futa Masseuse can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

A naughty futa-masseuse takes pleasure in her work as she relaxes a married woman!

The grand opening of Simone’s futa massage parlor is going great. The nubile futa enjoys her work. She puts her all into relaxing the sexy women that come to her parlor.

And today the futa has busty hot wife to enjoy!

The futa-masseuse will show her something new. The hot wife has no idea the extra bit Simone is hiding beneath her robe. Ursula will never have a better massage then at the hands of a nubile futa!

Naughty Futa Masseuse is a 7200 word futa-on-female, futa-on-futa, interracial, sultry massage, oral, titty fun, hot wife, cheating, facial, snowballing, voyeurism erotica that is not for the faint of heart.

A story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe!

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New Release: Naughty Futa Ceremony (Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair 2)

Naughty Futa Ceremony

Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair 2

My new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Lydia and her step-mom first appeared Futa Wife’s Wicked Flight (Preacher’s Futa Wife 1). Naughty Futa Ceremony can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

A nubile girl and her married, MILF lover have a wild time at the futa church!

Lydia loves her taboo affair with a married, older woman. But now Lydia wants to take their relationship to the next level: she wants to make them both futas!

And the naughty futas at a wild church are willing to baptize them in salty passion!

Lydia and her MILF lover will have one wild time at church! As Lydia and her MILF celebrate their taboo love, the futas shower them in hot delight! Everything will change for the forbidden lovers!

Naughty Futa Ceremony is a 7000 word futa-on-female, futa-on-female, cheating, hot wife, taboo, older woman/younger woman, menage, group fun, bukakke, facial, exhibitionism, MILF, oral, anal, body modification erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

A story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe!


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New Release: Futa Couples Massage (Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair 1)

Futa Couples Massage

Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair 1

My new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Lydia and her step-mom first appeared Futa Wife’s Wicked Flight (Preacher’s Futa Wife 1). Futa’s Taboo MILF Affair can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

A naughty, nubile girl takes her married, MILF lover to a futa’s couple massage!

Lydia is one wicked, young woman. She’s reveling in her taboo affair with a hot MILF named Cathy. Sparked off by meeting a naughty futa, Lydia is eager for another taste of a woman with something extra.

And a couples massage from a pair of sexy futas is just what she needs.

Taking her married lover to Ms. Futa ‘N Ari’s Massage Parlor, Lydia is eager for one wild afternoon. She’s hoping the hot futas will give them a happy ending they’ll never forget!

Futa Couples Massage is a 7000 word futa-on-female, cheating, hot wife, taboo, older woman/younger woman, sensual massage, menage, voyeurism, exhibitionism, MILF, oral, creampie erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

A story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe!


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New Release: Gretel’s Futa Seduction (Futa Hansel and Gretel 1)

Gretel’s Futa Seduction

Futa Hansel and Gretel 1

My new futa release in The World of Futas Universe is out. In an alternate universe where only women and futas existed, naughty fun is to be had! Even their fairy tales are wicked! Gretel’s Futa Seduction can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

A naughty girl seduces the futa she loves in this wicked retelling of the classic fairy tale!

Gretel wants the innocent futa Hansel so badly. The young woman, now an adult, yearns for the taboo delight of enjoying Hansel’s futa-passion! But Hansel is too shy to make the first move, so it’s up to nubile Gretel to take the futa in hand.

Gretel is eager to be taken hard for the first time by the futa she loves!

But things only heat up when a dominating MILF catches the young couple engaged in their forbidden passion. Gretel’s passions swell as she watches her futa-lover spanked hard by the sexy MILF!

Gretel’s Futa Seduction is a 6400 word futa-on-female, oral, creampie, domination, submission, first time, taboo, menage, spanking, fairy tale erotica that is not for the faint of heart.

A Fairy Tale of the World of Futas!


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New Release: Futa’s Arrested Romp (Futa’s Subway Romp 3)

Futa’s Arrested Romp

Futa’s Subway Romp 3

My new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Airi first encountered futas when the naughty hula girls took her on stage in Futa Hula Exhibitionist (Futa Hula Girl 3). Futa’s Arrested Delight can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

The futa’s subway romp is interrupted by a hot cop!

Airi, the naughty futa, is having a blast on the subway. With her growing fans of nubile coeds, she enjoys their public romps. The futa and her coed lovers writhe in passion, filling the subway car with their delight!

But someone has called the police.

In the middle of her newest passionate romp, enjoying an innocent coed, a cop arrives. Hot and sexy, Officer Kobayashi interrupts the fun and slaps her cuffs on the naughty futa. But can the cop keep herself under control as she searches the sexy futa?

Or will she succumb to futa delight?

Futa’s Arrested Romp is a 6700 word futa-on-female, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral, anal, public, first time, coed, menage, creampie, A2M, bondage, cop erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

A story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe!


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New Release: Goddess & the Harem (The Werewolf’s Passion 19)

Goddess & the Harem

The Werewolf’s Passion 19

Connor and his harem of lovely and sexy women are back. A danger assaults the werewolf’s harem. Memories our changed and none of Connor’s women can remember him. Will he remind them who they love and rescue them from their new enemy? You can buy Goddess & the Harem for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

The hunky werewolf unleashes his sexy harem upon the naughty goddess!

Connor has finally found the sultry goddess who has imprisoned him and his harem of sexy and naughty women. Ishtar burns to have Conner serve her, while Connor aches to make the busty goddess part of his harem.

Before he claim her, he wants to show her the joys of his harem. And his lusty women are eager to love the goddess and her creamy delights.

As Connor’s harem plunges Ishtar into lesbian delight, the hunky werewolf reunites with his final woman. Morgan, the sexy witch who had freed him from Ishtar days ago, is eager to be taken hard by her werewolf again.

Passion burns hot in Ishtar’s domain. But the dark goddess Frigg moves, wanting to destroy Ishtar and the werewolf both.

Goddess & the Harem is a 8100 word werewolf, harem, alpha male, Ifrit, succubus, witch, supernatural, oral, magic, lesbian, menage, creamy treat, adult nursing, goddess, exhibitionism, voyeurism, group fun erotica that is not for the faint of heart!


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New Release: Futa’s Gender-Swapped Lovers (Haunted by the Futa Ghost 6)

Futa’s Gender-Swapped Lovers

Haunted by the Futa Ghost 6

500 years ago, a futanari shrine maiden find tragedy. In the present, her ghost haunts a busty lesbian named Yoshiko, changing her life forever. You can buy Futa’s Gender-Swapped Lovers for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, Amazon DE, and Smashword!

A new futanari discovers quite a delight when she finds her boyfriend gender-swapped into a busty blonde!

Lori is having a crazy day. Thanks to the futa-ghost haunting her friend, Yoshiko, Lori has changed. She as a hard, throbbing futa-passion beneath her skirt. So when she gets the suspicion that her boyfriend might have been turned into a girl, she doesn’t dismiss it out-of-hand.

When Lori tracks down Chris, she aches at the sight of her gender-swapped girlfriend. Chris is lush and bountiful, making Lori’s new passion throb hard. The futanari can’t resist her girlfriend’s new body. The pair, overcome by lust, writhe in the backseat of the car.

But dangers lurk. A vengeful ghost is after Chris, and they’ll need the futa-ghost’s help. But only if Yoshiko can figure out how to communicate to Sayuri’s spirit.

Futa’s Gender-Swapped Lover is a 7000 word futa-on-female, ghost, paranormal, college, coed, menage lesbian, oral, titty sex, gender-swap, erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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