Why I Love Futanari

Why I love Futanari

by Reed James

I am a lover of Futanari, which has always surprised me. I’m a heterosexual guy, I’ve never been interested in guy-on-guy action. I love women. I love everything about them: their faces, smiles, hair, breasts, hips, calves, thighs, asses, and pussies. And yet, you put a dick on a girl, and leave everything else the same, and it becomes even sexier. Continue reading Why I Love Futanari

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How Hot is… ‘Strangers on a Train’

How hot is… ‘Strangers on a Train’?

by Julian Lisette

reviewed by Reed James


Strangers on a Train-thumbEric, a traveling tractor salesman, is riding on a train when the beautiful Anwen takes the seat beside him. Some harmless flirting takes an interesting turn when Anwen admits she’s reading erotica written by Gavin Goodhand, an Indie author just starting out. Eric is flabbergasted; Gavin Goodhand is his pen name. Eric is thrilled to meet a fan, and Anwen is stunned to meet the author that’s been making her wet all week with his writing.

When Anwen asks if Eric’s anything like his Alpha Male protagonist, Eric reaches into himself and becomes his character. What follows is a hot, steamy sex scene as Eric and Anwen as both live out their erotica fantasies and try to be the dominant one. Together they find a better way to pass a long train ride.

Erotica, more than any other genre, really shows you the fantasies of someone. And I have to admit, the fantasy of meeting a fan, and a hot one at that, has crossed my mind before, and I would hope it played out in such a sexy way as Julian’s story does. There were more than a few missing commas in his prose, but his characters and their motivations seemed quite believable and the sex scene was both long and hot.

I give ‘Strangers on a Train’ 4 of 5 hot British fans! At $1.00, ‘Strangers on a Train’ will keep your eReader warm on a long train ride!

Available from Amazon. And check out Julian Lisette’s Amazon Author Page and his Website where I’m sure we’ll be seeing more hot erotica from him, and follow him on twitter @mm2ym.

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How Hot is… ‘Peeping Juan (Juan Carlos Series)’

How hot is… ‘Peeping Juan (Juan Carlos Series)’?

by Velvet Dream

reviewed by Reed James


Peeping JuanJuan is in need of a money, and takes a job as a pool cleaner at rich house. He walks up to the door, but know one answers. Wondering what’s going on, he walks around the house and peers into a open window and catches the very beautiful Beverly showering. Juan is captivated, and can’t look away, and then her husband Lester catches him and Juan is in for the shock of his life.

What follows is a hot, dirty wife watching fun as Carlos learns just why he was hired, and it wasn’t to clean the pool! Velvet writes a hot, menage sex scene. I just wished she didn’t rush the setup so much. Juan barely peeps on her at all before she get’s caught, and considering that’s the title, I would have liked a little bit more on the voyeuristic side. Don’t get me wrong, once the action started, it was hot and heavy and get’s you going!

Her writing style is good, though why Juan needs a fake name for the story (he’s named Juan Ward, but since he’s working under the table he decides to use the name Juan Carlos) is beyond me. I hope this will matter in later sequels, otherwise it seemed a little unnecessary. But it didn’t take away from the eroticism or my enjoyment of the story!

I give ‘Peeping Juan’ 4 of 5 steamy showers! At $0.99 cents, ‘Peeping Juan’ will let your eReader have some voyeuristic fun!

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. And check out Velvet Dream’s Amazon Author Page where I’m sure we’ll be seeing more hot erotica from her. I know I’m looking forward to it.

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Sample for Cheating the Cuckold (Naughty Wives 3)

naughtywives3romcoverFrank and Evie are up to more naughty fun, joined by Evie’s best friend Cherry. Ever since Cherry learned that her husband Steve was cheating on her, she’s wanted to watch her husband with another woman. Cherry’s plan is simple: to cuckold her husband with Frank while watching him cheat on her with another woman—Evie. So enjoy as more wives are naughty in this explicit story of marriage, love, and cheating.


Steve sat down at one of the Wind Tunnel’s tables, thumbing through the bar’s menu. He was tired, his feet ached, and his back was sore. But the first day of the actual conference was over. It had been a busy day as he networked with other professionals, attended panels, and promoted his company’s latest tablet device—it had a whopping ten minutes more of battery life than their last model. He was looking forward to a quiet dinner and an early night. Tomorrow would be an even longer day.

He had seen Melissa twice on the convention floor; they had ignored each other.

“Oh, my, is that you, Steve?” a woman’s voice asked from behind.

He turned and his eyes widened. “Evelyn?” he asked in disbelief. “What are you doing here?”

“Please, call me Evie. We’ve known each other for years,” his wife’s best friend said.

She wore a rather impressive, red dress that clung to her like a second skin, and transformed her already wonderful breasts into an absolutely magnificent pair; his pants grew uncomfortably tight. As she sat down across from him, her tits bounced and jiggled; the dress was so low-cut Steven thought for a moment he might be blessed with an unhindered view of those wonderful mounds as they popped out of her top.

“Is Frank here?” Steve asked, looking around.

“No,” she said, sounding bitter. “This was supposed to be our romantic vacation, but his work called. There was some big time emergency, and he had to fly back home this morning on his company’s dime. I’ll be flying back tomorrow.”

“Ah,” Steve said, then gave a meaningful glance at her dress.

She grabbed the menu from his hands. “Mind if I join you? I was just popping in for drink before heading to this club, but I’m hungry, and, well, I don’t know anyone here.”

“Oh, sure,” he nodded, his eyes dropping down to her cleavage. She was going to a club dressed like a vixen on the prowl? Poor Frank. Is this what Cherry gets up to while I’m gone? He didn’t want to know.

The waitress walked up, and asked in a bubbly voice, “ Are you two ready to order?”

Steve glanced at her and she had a knowing smile. It was the same woman that tended bar last night, and her expression spoke volumes. She thinks I’m a player. He couldn’t help smiling back at her. “I’ll have the porterhouse, medium rare, asparagus for the side, and bring us a nice bottle of red wine.”

“And for you, miss?”

“Hmm, your salmon-raspberry salad.” Then she winked at him. “I have to watch my figure.”

“It’s definitely paid off so far,” he agreed.

She laughed, her breasts jiggling wonderfully. “Oh, you are a treasure, Steve.”

“I can’t believe Frank chose work over you. I mean, look at you,” Steve smiled.

Evie blushed. “Oh, this. I was so excited to wear this dress, and then Frank had to go to work, and,” she shrugged, and those tits moved and swayed, “I just couldn’t resist wearing it once before my vacation was over.”

“If I was Frank, I’d keep you on a leash. You could get into all sorts of trouble dressed like that on your own.”

“But I like to get into trouble. That’s when you have fun.”

Her laugh was wicked and infectious, and ideas started crossing his mind. Inappropriate ideas. The waitress returned, popping the cork on the wine, and poured them each a glass. Evie took hers and held it up. He grabbed his, and they clinked them together.

“To fun,” he toasted.

“Naughty fun,” she toasted back, then sipped her wine.

A flush passed through him, and the wine was so cool; he drank more than a sip. His cock tented his slacks, and all his aches and exhaustion was being washed away by the beauty of her laugh, the sensuousness of her red lips, and those two, wonderful mounds jiggling as she breathed. He took another gulp of his wine.

“Thirsty?” she purred, holding up the wine bottle; he held up his glass.

“Guess I am.”

“Then drink up.”

He laughed, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

She smiled mysteriously. “And if I was?”

“I just have to point out that it’s the man that tries to get the woman drunk, not the other way around.”

Evie waved her hand. “It’s the twenty-first century, Steve. Why can’t I seduce you?”

“Well, we are happily married.”

“Touche.” She sipped her dark-red wine. “Umm, this is good.”

“Is it? I’m terrible with wines. Cherry always picks them.”

“Frank’s the same way,” she shrugged. “As long as it can get him drunk, he doesn’t care. He has the palate of a rock.”

“A steak and potato kind of guy?”

“Yeah, but I love him anyways,” she smiled.

Steve grinned back at her; that smile was just infectious. “So, which club were you going to?”

“Hmm?” she asked, taking a sip of her drink. “Which club?”

He nodded.

“Uh, I think it’s called, um, Inferno.”

“Oh, sure, sounds hot,” he said.

She giggled, rolling her eyes. “Really?”

He groaned, feeling sheepish. “Oh, I didn’t mean to pun.”

“Too late. You can’t take back a bad pun.”

“Says who?”

She shrugged. “Dem’s the rules. Unless you want to pay the penalty.”

“And what’s that?”

“You have have to buy a beautiful, sexy woman dinner.”

“Good thing I have a beautiful, sexy woman gracing my table.”

She preened, and that wonderful chest jiggled. “You are such a delightful man. My husband could learn a thing or two from you.”

The waitress bustled out, two plates held by one hand in that trick all waitresses seemed two know. “Here you are,” she bubbled, setting a steaming plate of steak and asparagus before Steve, and a salad tossed with smoked salmon and drizzled with a dark-red dressing in front of Evie. “Enjoy.”

“We will,” Evie said, her voice full of promise.

He cut into his steak, revealing red, juicy meat; his mouth watered. He savored the tender mouthful, seasoned wonderfully, and almost melting in his mouth. Evie had a smile playing on her lips, naughty and adventuresome.

Why? he wondered. Then he felt her foot softly stroking his calf, and her grin somehow grew even naughtier, her blue eyes twinkling.

“How’s your steak?” she asked, her foot sliding higher and higher.

“Scrumptious,” he answered, forcing himself to calmly cut another slice. Her foot was past his knee, pressing forward down his inner thigh. A shiver tingled across his skin.

“I love a nice, big piece of meat,” she smiled, stabbing her salad. Her foot reached his crotch, massaging softly. “But it’s so bad for me.”

“You should indulge yourself from time to time. Perhaps you’d like to taste mine?”

Her foot rubbed harder against his aching cock. “Umm, I think I’d like that.”

He cut a piece of steak, spearing it with his fork, and held it across the table. Her tongue licked her red lips, then she engulfed his meat, smacking her lips and letting out an almost orgasmic sigh. Is that what she sounds like in bed? He so wanted to find out.

“Delicious!” she proclaimed. “Just don’t tell my husband I’m cheating on my diet.”

“My lips are sealed,” Steve answered.

Her foot withdrew, leaving him hard and throbbing. “Mind if I steal an asparagus?”

“Steal away.”

Evie reached across the table, grabbing one of the long, green vegetables, and giving him a magnificent view down her dress; he could see just the hint of her pink areola. She drew back, and brought the asparagus to her lips, letting her tongue lick the seasoned butter off the tip; pleasure jolted through him as he imagined what else her pink tongue could lick.

She teased him the entire dinner. Halfway through she left to powder her nose, and his eyes were fixed to her tight ass swishing beneath her red dress, the skirt flashing above a pair of thigh-high stockings. Her dress was so tight he should have seen a panty line. Is she wearing a thong or going commando? Steve was certain he’d find out before the night was over, and adjusted his hard cock in his pants, trying to get comfortable.

When she returned, she didn’t sit across from him, but next to him on his right, her breasts almost filling his vision as she leaned over and finished off her salad with her right hand, while her left casually rested on his right thigh, lightly scratching him with her fingernails. The pressure in his pants increased.

“Can I tempt you with some dessert,” the waitress asked as she collected their plates.

“Tempt away,” Evie smiled. “I’m indulging tonight.” Her hand crept higher on his thigh, so close to his hard cock.

“I bet you are,” laughed the waitress. “Here’s the dessert menu.”

Evie’s blue eyes lit up almost instantly. “I know just the thing.”

“What?” Steve asked.

“We’ll share a Sinful Mousse.” Evie handed the waitress the menu, then leaned over and whispered in his ear, “It’s sinful decadence captured in the finest, dark chocolate.”

A shiver passed through him; her breath was a warm, sultry breeze on his ear.

The waitress walked off, and all Steve could think of was Evie’s hand resting on his thigh. So warm, so soft, and so close to his aching cock. He would be lying if he said he had never fantasized about fucking Evie, but he never thought he’d get the chance. Her marriage had always seemed so solid, yet one night apart from Frank and she’s seducing her best friend’s husband. He almost felt bad for the guy, but the idiot chose work over his beautiful wife, taking her love for granted.

The mousse looked delicious, topped with a frosting of whip cream sprinkled with hazelnuts and crumbs of dark chocolate. Evie drew her spoon, and took a large scoop, then opened those red, lush lips; her eyes squeezed shut and she let out the most wonderful sigh as she savored the creamy chocolate.

“So, do you like the taste of sin, Evie?”

“What do you think?” she asked, arching her thin eyebrows.

He grinned, “I think you love it.”

She took another spoonful. “Umm, I do.” Her hand found his crotch, and squeezed his aching girth. “Do you want to have a nightcap up in my room, Steve?”

“What do you think?”

Only $2.99, available for preorder at Smashwords and All Romance Ebook!

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How Hot Is… ‘Futanari Demigoddess: The Venus Medallion’

How hot is… ‘Futanari Demigoddess: The Venus Medallion’?

by Hayden Archer

reviewed by Reed James


Futanari-Demigoddess-1-WebValerie is on a college class trip to a museum where an exhibit on roman treasures is being held, when she sets sight on a medallion dedicated to the goddess Venus. She’s drawn to it, and can’t resist picking up the medallion, and that’s when everything changes.

She collapses, wracked by an orgasm, and when she wakes up, she has a new-found appreciation for the same sex, ogling first a sexy EMT worker, than her nerdy classmate Stacy that volunteers to take her back to her dorm room. And all Valerie can think about is how hot Stacy looks under her baggy clothing, and wondering what that strange, new pressure in her crotch is.

Futanari Demigoddess is well written, drawing you eagerly to the moment when Valerie learns she packing something extra in her pants. The payoff is worth it if you’re a fan of futanari or dickgirl stories. Hayden captures the changes Valerie goes through perfectly. I love futa stories, and this one deliveries the package!

I give it 5 out of 5 flames. At only $2.99 cents ‘Futanari Demogoddess 1: The Venus Medallion’ will awaken new passions in your eReader!

Available from Amazon. And check out Hayden Archer’s website and see the catalog of her very exciting, and naughty, books.

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How Hot Is… ‘Taking my Roommate’s Sorority Pledge Girlfriend’

How hot is… ‘Taking my Roommate’s Sorority Pledge Girlfriend’?

by Hayden Archer

reviewed by Reed James


Sorority-Pledge-Girlfriend-WebBlake is in charge of the current class of pledges for her fraternity, and they are the worse. They should have graduated months ago, and the worst one of the bunch was Steve. Due to a new idea, pledges are sharing a room with an older frat brother to act as a mentor, and Blake is saddled with Steve. He’s disobedient, stupid, disrespectful, and lazy, and the only positive in the entire situation is Steve’s hot girlfriend Kristen.

Kristen’s pledging the sister sorority to Blake frat, and gets paired up with Blake at the pledge party. Every year, the pledges of the sorority are ‘given’ to a frat brother for the night. While the frat brothers are only expected to make them fetch beers and due other stupid stuff, if the girl is willing, the frat brother can do a whole lot more. And Kristen is more than willing. Her boyfriend Steve was her high school sweetheart, the only man she’s been with, and she’s looking to experiment. What else is college for?

Blake takes her up to his room and, to his surprise, finds Steve hanging out instead of manning the kegs. Once again, Steve is shirking his responsibilities, and Blake knows just how to punish him. ‘Taking My Roommate’s…’ is well written, hot, and has some kinky sex. This is a cuckold story, and Hayden writes it perfectly. Her prose is great, her imagery excellent, and she really lets you get in the head of Blake.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 flames. At only $2.99 cents ‘Taking my Roommate’s Sorority Pledge Girlfriend’ will seduce your eReader into a night of cuckolding passion!

Available from Amazon. And check out Hayden Archer’s website and see the catalog of her very exciting, and naughty, books.

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Blog Tour: Getting to Know my Main Character

Blog Tour

I had a shoutout from the great Jane Bled inviting me to join in on a blog tour. Jane is the amazing author of the MASTER series, a LGBT vampire series that currently has three parts published (Crimson, Luna, and Naomi) with a fourth volume (Deux) coming out July 28th. She’s been very supportive of me, so check out her goodreads blog!


1. What is the name of your main character? Is he or she fictional or a historic person?

My Fallen Angel is an ensemble with Bill at its heart. He’s just an average college student, maybe a little pervy, in love with his coworker and his dreams full of his hearts desires (women). He is most definitely a fictional character, though he lives in my head. He is joined by Cynthia (the unavailable coworker he has a crush on), Rochelle (a submissive girl looking for a strong man to dominate her), Hikaru (a Japanese exchange student just looking to survive), and Juanita (a seminary student that struggles with her sexual impurity).

2. When and where is the story set?

My Fallen Angel takes place in and around the fictional Parkland Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington. It’s a small, unincorporated community just south of the city of Tacoma in Western Washington.

3. What should we know about him?

Bill has vivid dreams, but what he doesn’t know about them is the power that they hold to shape his and others futures. Through his dreams, he draws together several women to help him fight the darkness griping his campus, and communicates with Sofia, a Seraph, guiding his actions. Bill has a great heart with a great capacity of love that has drawn the angel to him.

4. What was the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Bill has a sex dream, like all of his dreams seem to be. In it he watches Cynthia—the sweet, Christian girl he has a crush on—getting dominated by a succuba named Daevia. When he wakes up, he discovers it’s actually happened and Cynthia has transformed from a sweet girl to a nymphomaniac, spreading lust across campus. Bill, along with Rochelle try to discover just what has happened to the girl and free her from Daevia’s power. Little do they know that the forces of heaven and hell are moving, and they are caught in the middle.

5. What is his personal goal

He wants to save Cynthia from the succuba. He loves her and though she has rebuffed all his efforts to date her, he just wants her to be safe and free. Though he hopes she can somehow come to accept the Dom/Sub relationship he finds himself in with Rochelle.

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

My Fallen Angel is going to be a series of novellas. The first one has been written called ‘The Girls of My Dreams’ and more will follow.

If you want to learn more, follow me on twitter and check out my facebook page.

7. When can we expect this book to be published?

No release date in the near future. I need to write more of the story before I have a good enough grasp on where it is going so I can make sure the proper foreshadowing is in place in the early parts. Expect it late 2014, early 2015.

Thank you Jane for tagging me, been a lot of fun, and I’m passing on the favor to Mark Shaw, author of the YA novel Keeper of the Winds. He’s a great indie author, very supportive of others, and behind the #indiebooksbeseen movement. On July 1st, Indie authors are going to flood social media with pics of us holding our covers! Looking forward to your post, Mark. Check out his facebook page and read his blog tour on his tumblr page.

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How Hot is… “A Submissive Nurse Part 1: The Intern”?

How hot is… ‘A Submissive Nurse Part 1: The Intern’?

by J.D. Grayson

reviewed by Reed James


7112f521b339a771de80dbffb13125b17454e64d-thumb19 year old April Jones, a shy virgin, has just completed her two-years of nursing training and was about to enter the final phase of her training—her internship. As the nurses line up, Dr. Miles looks for the perfect girl to intern under him, and he spots just how submissive April is. She’ll be his special playmate for the summer, someone for him to dominate, take her cherry, and send on her way; Dr. Miles has learned not to fall in love.

April is quickly dominated by her new boss, forced to wear an old fashioned nurses outfit and a skimpy thong to work. Under the guise of ‘training’, she is molested by Dr. Miles. April quickly falls for the doctor, submitting to every act he wants. But Dr. Miles isn’t the only predator swimming the halls in the hospital, and April is a tasty morsel.

The writing’s great, jumping between the naive April as she discovers the pleasure her body has to offer, and Dr. Miles as he struggles with the wounds inflicted to his heart years before, giving both characters some depth and motivation for their behavior. The sex is hot and inventive; he ratchets up the tension as another doctor moves in to prey on April.

Will April fall victim to the predators at the hospital, or will she heal the wounds plaguing Dr. Mile’s heart with hot, steamy sex? Find out for yourself. I give ‘A Submissive Nurse Part 1: The Intern’ 4.5 out of 5 flames, and eagerly await its sequel. At $2.99, ‘A Submissive Nurse’ will dominate your eReader and give it a naughty medical exam that will leaves it steaming with passion!

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. And check out J. D. Grayson’s website and see the catalog of his very exciting, and naughty, books.

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On Writing: Words and Characterization

On Writing: Words and Characterization

by Reed James


It should come as no surprise that words are very important to a writer. English is a rich language, and that gives writers a lot of tools when it comes to their writings. Often we have two, three, or even more words that can convey almost the same meaning, with only minor differences in the shades of their meeting. Since words are our tools, we should get to know them well, keeping them sharp and choosing the right word for the write task.

Take ‘yell’, ‘shout’, and ‘cry’. They all pretty much mean the same thing: to exclaim. But yell has connotations of anger and rebuke, shout gives the feeling that the character is trying to be heard over another noise or over distance, and cry adds a feeling of pain or sadness or even passion to what the character exclaims.

7585568394_486de2d363_oThis is very important when it comes to characterization. Depending on your writing style, you could be employing first person or third person limited POVs, where the narrator either is your character or the narrator lives in the mind of the character. This is less important in normal third person narrative, where the narrator is omniscient and can flit in and out of character’s minds for brief moments. Different characters will think with different words, and when you’re writing their POV you need to demonstrate that. An uneducated person isn’t going to use large, scientific, or obscure words and is more likely to use slang and simple words. A prudish person isn’t like to use harsh swear words like ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’, and may use euphemisms like ‘fudge’ or ‘shoot’. A religious person may not use the Lord’s name in vain. Regional dialect will crop up, changing the patterns of speech. Even with an omniscient narrator your characters will still speak, and their speech should reflect who they are. Maybe its punctuated with obscenities, maybe their given over to verbose speech in an effort to prove how intelligent they are, maybe they use a lot of technical jargon.

The protagonist of my upcoming erotica ‘My Test Drive Lover’ is a lesbian. She’s working at a dealership selling Ferraris. My own inclination is to use the word ‘salesmen’ to describe her job. I’m a man and often don’t think about such gender issues (I know, a failing on my part), but Aurora is not a man, and she certainly wouldn’t be one to use a gender specific title when the gender neutral ‘salesperson’ is available. That’s an important thing as a writer; you have to be prepared to step out of your own experiences and into someone else’s. You have to try and imagine not just how they would act, but how they would speak and think, changing your own language to match theirs like a chameleon changing his skin to blend into the background. And you do that by mastering your words.

And mastering your words takes practice. I’m not perfect. I make grammar mistakes all the time. I bet there’s going to be one or two in this article that I’ll completely miss when I edited this. That’s life; you’re only human. But you have to strive and practice. If you don’t care enough to understand your tools—your words—then your audience will pick up on that. So read up on grammar. When you have a question, look it up on the internet or ask someone’s opinion. Writing is a craft and, like all crafts, it takes practice to hone and maintain. Your writing will only benefit from this.

Here’s a couple of sites I use when I have questions:
Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary: The go to dictionary for American English. They have a free site, but their unabridged dictionary costs about $30 dollars a year, and they add new words to it all the time.
Grammar Monster: Short and quick rules.
Your Dictionary: A nice, ordered site for looking up rules.
Grammar Girl: She has a great article on what to look for while editing.

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