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How hot is… ‘Monstrous Lust: The Forest of Lust Collection’

How hot is… ‘Monstrous Lust: The Forest of Lust Collection’?

by E.M. Beastly

reviewed by Reed James

Lena with her three friends Jesse, Claire, and Illyn, ventured into the woods in search of a haunted house. But when something prowls around their camp, Lena plunges into the woods out of fear and tumbles down the rabbit hole into a new world populated by monsters.

And these monsters are hungry for her flesh.

The young woman soon finds herself the plaything for the hoary monsters that prowl the woods, becoming addicted to their prowess. She discovers pleasures unimaginable among the monsters and knows that soon her friends will join her, lost in this naughty wonderland.

The Forest of Lust Collection is a blending of the surreal and the sensual. A depraved version of Wonderland, with all its nonsensical and absurd delights, mixed with the almost cosmic horror of Lovecraft. Except where in Lovecraft those who stare into the abyss find madness, Lena and her friends find erotic passion.

They revel in the monstrous lusts they find.

If you’re a fan of the kinky, of young women being taken hard by hung monsters, ravaged and pleased, you’ll love this collection. Almost every page drips with passion, with spurting eruptions that drench our heroines in the salty seed they crave.

I give ‘Monstrous Lust: The Forest of Lust Collection’ 4.5 of 5 horny beasts! At $4.99, ‘The Forest of Lust Collection’ will lead your eReader down a rabbit hole into passion! It’s available from Amazon!

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How hot is… ‘The Dragon’s GIft’

How hot is… ‘The Dragon’s GIft’?

by Angora Shade

reviewed by Reed James

Our nameless, lesbian protagonist has a crush on her friend Maxine. So when Maxine is cast in a community theater plain, the protagonist has no choice but to support her friend. Maxine is playing a dragon in a silent play.

As the play unfolds, the protagonist is drawn into the story of a dragon seducing a maiden. She finds it wicked to turn the classic fairy tale story on its head. At the end, though the knight has slain the dragon, the maiden is carrying the dragon’s daughter.

Unbelievably aroused, the protagonist is thrilled when her friend, still in dragon custom, motions for the protagonist to follow behind stage. In the dark, the protagonist’s dreams of finally making love to Maxine come true. But is it her friend beneath the custom or something else?

This is a hot story, from the protagonist watching the play to the hot sex beneath stage, Angora pens a sultry tale. She weaves in all the sensations and delights and you keep waiting for the protagonist to realize what is truly going on.

This one hot tale and worth picking up the entire anthology for it alone.

This story is part of the Twisted Fables Anthology and if this is any indication of the hot stories, this is a must by anthology!

I give it 5 out of 5 dragon costumes! At $5.49,  The Dragon’s Gift (Part of the Twisted Fables  Anthology) will treat your eReader to a wild ride.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy Dragon Gift on Amazon. And check out out Angora’s Amazon Author page, her blog, and follow her on twitter @Angorashade.

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Sneak Preview of Dark Queen’s Passion

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

We’ve met our three magical girls. Now Magical Girl Aphrodite back at the center of the tale. She’s walked right into Ares’s trap. Will she escape to team up with Magical Girl Persephone and Hestia to defeat Queen Hera once and for all?

Dark Queen’s Passion is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Dark Queen’s Passion

DarkQueensPassionAres watched from the depth of his host’s, Marshal Guerrero’s, soul as the young man lounged on the white-sand beach. Ares, servant of the Dark Queen Hera, had glutted these past days spent in the paradise of Hawaii. Ashley Beattie, the current Magical Girl Aphrodite, frolicked in the nearby waves wearing a metallic-blue bikini that showed off her generous curves. Her blonde hair lay wet about her shoulders while her large breasts heaved and swelled.

The sun sank. Night descended. Ares was almost fully recovered.

He had been grievously wounded by Aphrodite’s attack. Weak and helpless, he had no choice but to retreat into Marshal’s soul. Both Marshal and Ashley assumed Ares had been vanquished by Ashley’s magical attack, and that the couple were free to love each other.

Ares would never be defeated. He would see Ashley dead, just like the last incarnations of Magical Girl Aphrodite he had killed for Queen Hera.

Look at the slutty cow. Look at her frolic like a whore, drinking in all the attention of other men.

Marshal shouldn’t settle for the world’s sluttiest girl. Ashley would fuck anything. Man, woman, or monster. She had the appetites of the Goddess of Lust. Memories of the passions Ares had experienced in Aphrodite’s arms as she lounged in her bathing pool burned in his thoughts.

They mixed with the horror of watching her fuck other gods, men, and monsters.

Ares could not understand how Marshal could stand to be with the slut. It revolted Ares every time Ashley fucked a hot surfer or sexy vacationer. Marshal and Ashley’s Hawaiian vacation had been one long sex romp.

Ashley dug the bottom of her bikini out of her ass while she giggled, no doubt for the benefit of the watching lifeguard. It was obvious she wanted to fuck the tanned, shirtless stud sitting atop the tower. She was such a whore.

The lifeguard came down, following her attention. Marshal watched, his cock hard, thrilled at the thought of his girl leading the lifeguard over to the changing rooms. Ashley’s giggles echoed across the beach.

Why aren’t you disgusted by the whore, Marshal?

Ares yearned to seize control. Thanks to all the sex Marshal was having, Ares was strong enough to dominate his host, but he had his orders to wait. He was here to do more than heal. He had to keep Ashley out of Seattle while Hera dealt with the other two magical girls.

Marshal stood up, following after the pair. They slipped behind the changing room. The lifeguard pushed Ashley against the side of the building, his hands stroking her golden flesh. Ashley had tanned fast beneath the Hawaiian sun, her hair lightening to almost platinum as her skin darkened to a lovely glow that even Ares admired.

Whore. Look at her.

Ashley ground against the lifeguard, her hands rubbing at his red swimming trunks. They pushed inside the lifeguard’s bathing suit. Ashley broke the kiss and grinned. “What do we have here?”

My board,” laughed the lifeguard, his own hair dark, his body rippling with muscles. “I use it to rescue girls in trouble.”

Am I in trouble?” moaned Ashley.

Revolting. Ares shuddered at the pathetic banter.

So in trouble.” The lifeguard shoved his hand down her bikini bottoms. “You’re just drowning in juices.”

Ashley’s head threw back, her tits straining at her bikini. She moaned and shuddered as the lifeguard fingered her. Marshal’s dick ached. Ares’s host rubbed at his cock through his shorts as he watched.

You should go over there and kick that man’s ass. Ashley claims to love you, and you claim to love her, so why do you allow this behavior? Pathetic. I can’t wait to kill the bitch.

That would be wonderful, the demigoddess Eris purred to Ares. She was back in the hotel room hidden in Marshal’s suitcase. Currently, she was in the form of a fleshlight, a sex toy for men. Imagine her blood staining me.

Eris became Ares’s sword when he transformed. I can’t wait to see her blood on you, Eris.

The demigoddess of strife laughed in Ares’s mind.

Oh, yes, keep doing that,” moaned Ashley, her body shuddering. “Mmm, right there. Keep rubbing me.”

Yeah,” Marshal groaned. “Make her cum.”

Pathetic, little cuckold.

Ashley’s head tossed back. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a throaty moan as her orgasm shuddered through her. She gasped and squeaked out her delight. Her hips undulated. Her juices gushed down her thighs.

Oh, yes. Damn, you know how to use your fingers.” Ashley squeezed the lifeguard’s cock. “But do you know how to use this?”

You better believe I do,” he growled, ripping his hand out of Ashley’s bikini bottoms. He shoved her bottoms to the side and thrust.

Oh, yes,” gasped Ashley, her back arching as the dick penetrated into her depths. “Oh, yes. Work that cock. Fuck me.”

Yes, fuck her,” groaned Marshal. “Make my woman cum.”

A slow death is what the whore deserves.

So slow, giggled Eris. We can make her bleed like a stuck pig. A thousand pricks all gushing her blood.

Ares yearned to seize control, but without Eris on hand, he would do nothing but alert Marshal that he still existed. Marshal would fight back. If Ares couldn’t transform and dominate the young man, Ashley would be alerted, and she had her demigoddess, Eos, with her back at the towels.

Ares could not face a magical girl in a normal human’s body.

Fuck me,” gasped Ashley, her legs wrapped around the lifeguard’s hips.

The lifeguard fucked her hard. His thrusts were powerful. Ashley gasped and moaned while flesh slapped against flesh, only making Marshal harder. The idiot wanted to shove his hands in his swimming trunks and jerk his dick.

But he waited.

You fucking stud, cum in me,” gasped Ashley. “I need it. I love to feel a stranger’s cum in me. It’s the best.”

Fuck,” groaned the lifeguard. His thrusts grew harder.

Ashley’s face twisted as her orgasm burst through her. She came so easily. Her body quaked in the arms of the lifeguard. Her breasts pressed against his chest. One of her tits had popped out of her bikini top, her fat, pink nipple hard amid a triangle of pale-white flesh surrounded by her golden tan.

Cum in me,” she screeched. “Give it to me. Oh, yes.”

Give it to her,” muttered Marshal.

The lifeguard thrust deep into Ashley. His back arched and his face twisted as he unleashed his cum into Ashley’s filthy cunt. The whore came a second time, gasping and moaning as she spasmed against the wall.

Damn,” Marshal muttered.

Damn,” panted the lifeguard.

Uh-huh,” breathed Ashley, then she gave him a hot kiss before they broke apart. Her bikini bottoms pushed back into place, capturing the mess of cum.

You want to get out of here?” the lifeguard asked. “Go someplace more private?”

Naw, I’m here with my boyfriend.” Ashley waved. “How was the show, babe?”

Great,” Marshal answered with a thumbs up.

The lifeguard blinked in surprise, then just shrugged, adjusted his shorts, and headed back to his tower. Ashley grinned and sauntered to Marshal, rolling her hips as she put her tit back into her top. Marshal grinned at her and pulled her into an embrace.

I can’t believe he can kiss the slut after she debased herself like that. Have pride. You are my host. You carry within you the god of war.

Mmm, you feel hard. Why don’t I suck your cock on the beach,” Ashley grinned.

I like that idea,” Marshal smiled back.

Ashley laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

And don’t forget Ashley’s naught adventures in Tentacles of Lust! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Virginal Ester joins in the fun in Innocent Magical Passion is out! Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Cora is back having fun in Magical Tentacle Surprise! You can read it at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Hestia and Athena work out their relationship differences in Innocent Passion Transformed! You can read it at: Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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Sneak Preview of ‘Shadowy Tentacle Passion’

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

First up, innocent Cora is about to discover her destiny as Magical Girl Persephone in ‘Shadowy Tentacle Passion’!

Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Shadowy Tentacle Passion

ShadowyTentaclePassionSeattle police found quite the surprise in the early morning. A young woman, student at Seattle University, was found naked in an alley near 9th Street by a colorfully named sex shop. She was incoherent and rambling about shadowy tentacles.”

Cora’s eyes widened. She had convinced herself that she was jumping at shadows last night, but this girl was found in the very alley Cora had witnessed the monster. A chill ran through her as she sat at the library table waiting for Aidan to arrive. She tightened her grip on her phone.

A Seattle Police spokesman described the girl as confused and possibly under the influence of a narcotic.”

Hey, Cora.”

Cora jumped. Aidan strolled up to her. She was in the back of the library where the study tables were. Other students studied, books spread open before them, laptops or tablets plugged into the outlets in the center of the table. It was mostly quiet in the library.

Sorry, I’m late,” he smiled. “I overslept.”

Oh, it’s fine,” Cora smiled. She slipped her phone into her purse. It had to be a coincidence. There weren’t actually shadow monsters.

I have no idea why I’m so tired,” Aidan yawned as he sat down next to her. “I fell asleep the moment I walked into my dorm and slept until twenty minutes ago.”

I hear if you sleep too much, you can be groggy,” Cora smiled. “Throws off your natural rhythms.”

Aidan opened his bag as he smiled at Cora. Light glinted off his glasses. His hair was a little ruffled. Cora responded to his sexy, nerdy vibe. She crossed her legs beneath the table as color suffused her cheeks. He set his books on the table.

Okay, where do we begin?”

Cora wasn’t sure how much writing they actually accomplished. She was distracted by his eyes. They were hazel and had these flecks of gold that his glasses seemed to magnify. She was drawn to them and lost her train of thought every time she glanced at him.

When they finished for the day, they held hands as Aidan walked her back to Duwamish Hall. His touch was warm. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to ask him up to her dorm room. To be bold and wild like Ashley. But that wasn’t her. He did kiss her.

Her panties melted.

When he broke the kiss she stared at him, her lips parted. Ask me. Ask to come up to my room. Ask me to your room. Please, Aidan. Make the first move.

Well, uhh, when can we…go out again?” he asked.

I don’t know. We can…study again tomorrow. We have to finish this paper.”

Aidan smiled. “Yeah. Tomorrow.” He licked his lips. He stepped closer. Cora’s heart beat.

Be bold, Aidan.

Cora hid her groan as Aidan backed away. Like her, he was inexperienced and scared of taking that step. Her body was on fire. Her panties were a sodden mess. She was so ready to lose her virginity with Aidan.

Or that man last night with his dangerous, handsome face and strong body.

Cora squirmed before the entrance to her dorm. She needed relief again. The vibrator is in my panty drawer. An eager, naughty thrill suffused her to use the sex toy, to rebel against her reserved nature and uptight upbringing.

Cora raced up the dorm’s stairs while unzipping her jacket. She was suddenly so hot. She fumbled out the keys to her door. The lock clicked. Cora threw the door open. Ashley was gone. Cora sighed in relief and tossed her coat to the floor. With a feverish need, she peeled her sweater off. Cora small breasts jiggled in her plain bra. Her hands reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were free. Her nipples were hard.

Ooh, I’m so excited,” she gasped, rubbing a nipple.

The pleasure shot straight down to her pussy. It made her so wet.

Cora kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks. Her hips swiveled as she unzipped her jeans and peeled them down her curvy rear and sleek thighs. I can’t believe how bold I am, Cora thought as she pushed her panties off her hips. The gusset was stained dark with her excitement. Cora ripped open her panty drawer. The vibrator rattled around inside.

Her heart thudded as she reached inside the drawer for the rainbow-swirled vibrator. It was slick in her hand as she picked it up. Cora twisted the base. It hummed to life in her hand. Swallowing, she brought it to her nipple.

Oh, my!” she gasped as the vibrating shaft caressed her hard nipple. Pleasure shot down to her pussy. Her thighs pressed tight, rubbing on her clit, as she circled the vibrator around her small, pink nipple.

Ashley was right. This is nice.

Cora moved to her bed and flounced upon it. Her thighs were sticky. Her pussy burning. Cora moaned as she continued circling her nipple with the vibrator. Her body writhed. So different than my hands. Her mewls grew louder as the heat in her pussy burned hotter.

Her pussy beckoned the vibrator.

Cora bit her lip, squirming her thighs. The vibrator’s circles grew wider, massaging the flesh of her perky tit. She moved the vibrator lower. It caressed her stomach. She giggled as she dipped it into her belly button.

But that wasn’t where it needed to go. Her pussy burned to be stroked. The vibrator hummed across her stomach and reached her neatly-trimmed pubic hair. She ran it through her silky hairs. Her thighs spread. The vibrator hummed closer.

Oh, wow!” gasped Cora as she brushed her clit.

The vibrating lit up her clit. The sensitive nub shot bolt after bolt of electricity into her core. She bucked and moan as she rubbed the vibrator’s tip around on her nub. Her toes curled and sweet moans escaped her lips.

So good!” she groaned.

Her virgin pussy clenched. Her clit ached. It was too sensitive. She couldn’t stand the vibrations. She dipped her vibrator lower, rubbing at the wet folds of her pussy. There it felt wonderful, not the intense joy of caressing her clit, but still better than her fingers. She rubbed it up and down her wet folds.

And then she brought it back up to her clit.

Yes!” she moaned through clenched teeth.

She brushed her clit with quick caresses that shot ecstasy through her body before she moved the vibrator back down to her pussy lips. Over and over, each brief contact with her nub increasing the growing pleasure in her core.

Oh, my gosh! Oh, yes! Oh, wow!”

Cora’s bed creaked as her body writhed. Her feet planted, lifting her ass off the bed. She humped against the vibrator. Her body was electrified. The pleasure threatened to drown her. Her pussy clenched. Her clit ached.

Cora’s body exploded.

Her orgasm burst through her. Sweet pleasure rushed through her body. The vibrator grew warm in her hand as her juices anointed the plastic. She rubbed it up and down her folds as the climax ravished her body.

The vibrator hummed harder. “Delicious,” a voice spoke.

Fear shot through Cora. She dropped her vibrator. Rainbow lights swirled between her legs and then a young woman appeared between her thighs. “I’m so glad to be free. Our contract has been formed, Magical Girl Persephone.”

Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

You can also check out my other supernatural thrillers:  The Pixie’s Passion (Book One of The Mortal Champion), The Girls of My Dreams (My Fallen Angel 1), The Devil’s Pact Part 1: Slaves of Love, or browse my catalog of naughty stories on Amazon!

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Sneak Preview: Tentacles of Lust

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

Cora’s had her fun, now Ashley’s up to fight the evil as Magical Girl Aphrodite in this naughty tale! Tentacles of Lust will be just as hot as Cora’s tale.

Tentacles of Lust is out! You can pick it up for $2.99 Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Tentacles of Lust

TentaclesofLustI’m going to find Marshal and let him smell the cum on my breath. Let him know another man had me tonight.

Ashley marched out of the storeroom, leaving the breathless Ethan behind. She burst back out into the club, her eyes sweeping around the room. Marshal and Eris weren’t on the dance floor. She groaned in disappointment. She moved through the club, scanning around, and did not find them.

Fuck it, I’m going home,” she moaned. The world was a little blurry. That shot was really hitting her hard now.

Ashley headed for the door. She passed through the people streaming into the club. The men called at her. Ashley’s head buzzed, and she only smiled back, not sure what they asked. She reached the door and stepped out into the cold, autumn air.

I had a jacket, right?

Ashley turned and headed back inside to the coat check. She fished out a crumpled tag from her pocket and handed it to the bored girl. The coat check girl, who had been reading from a text book, handed her a dark-purple jacket with a fur-lined hood.

Bundled against the windy, cold, autumn night, she headed back outside. It wasn’t her first time walking back to the dorms drunk, and Ashley was confident she marched in the right direction to get back. Her head swam.

Just need to hold on for a good ten minutes, she thought as she walked past the Glitter Factory. The club’s music thudded through the brick walls. Above that thudding music, she heard a woman pant and moan.

Ashley’s cheeks burned. There was no hiding the pure, sexual release burning in those moans. Ashley’s steps quickened. She reached the alley that ran between the Glitter Factory and a closed clothing boutique. A woman was braced against a dumpster, her skirt hiked up. She moaned like she was getting fucked, but there was no one behind her.

Ashley blinked and shook her head. Is her pussy and asshole gaping open? That’s so weird.

Ashley leaned against the corner of the building, peering intently at the brunette as she gasped and moaned in delight. Her arms seemed pinned to her side, her clothing oddly creased like she was tied up. But there were no bonds.

I must be drunk, Ashley giggled. Because it really looks like an invisible cock is fucking her ass and pussy.

A man watched, leaning against the wall. He wore black, armor plates over his shoulders and down his left arm like some nerd cosplaying as a Fantasy character. Only no nerd had a chest that swarthy and ripped. His torso was bare, and covered in gorgeous, rippling muscles. More black plates covered his dark pants, and a metallic mask covered his eyes.

So weird.

Fuck me! Oh, yes!” moaned the woman. The man watched her, a smile curling his lips.

The world swam about Ashley. I need to get home. This is too weird or I’m too drunk.

Ashley pushed away from the corner and kept stumbling down the streets, the woman’s passionate moans echoing behind her. Ashley kept from stumbling down the street without falling, almost walking with the semblance of a sober person. Her head buzzed more and more, and she really wanted to lie down and sleep.

She managed to make it to her dorm. She rode the elevator up to the third floor of Duwamish Hall and burst into her dorm room. To her shock, her roommate Cora was missing. Her head swimming, Ashley pulled off her blouse, boots, and jeans before plopping on her bed.

The world really grew hazy after that.

Ashley didn’t dream much. She had a headache when the sunlight streaming through her bedroom window woke her up. She was lying on her back, her bra off, and her right nipple felt wet. All she wore was her thong. She winced at the pounding across her temple, trying to remember last night.

She had vague memories of passing something weird in the alley. There was no way that woman in the alley was being held by an invisible ropes or being fucked by invisible cocks. And in both holes. Fuck that drink Ethan gave me. It was poison.

Ashley stumbled up and peeled off her dirty thong, dropping them on the floor with other pairs. Cora’s bed was neatly made. She was already gone. Ashley frowned, snatches of a conversation coming back to her. Cora had come home not long after Ashley had and the two girls had talked. Ashley seemed to recall promising to clear out of the dorm this afternoon.

Why?” Ashley pondered as she stumbled naked for their small bathroom. There was aspirin she desperately needed in the medicine cabinet. She downed four, just to be sure, before she flipped on the shower.

In the middle of her shower, Ashley remembered exactly why she had to clear out. A naughty grin spread across her lips. Cora was bringing her boyfriend Aidan back to the dorm room. The virgin was planning on getting her cherry popped.

Good for her,” Ashley grinned as she shampooed her hair.

Ashley closed her eyes as she rinsed, letting the sudsy water flow down her body. Her pussy itched as she pictured slim Cora lying naked on her bed, her small, conical tits rising from her heaving chest. Her legs would be held tight, hiding her trimmed, dark-brown bush while she waited for her nerdy boyfriend to mount her.

Mmm, that would be something to see,” Ashley purred, squeezing her hips together. “I hope that Aidan has some idea on what to do.”

Ashley was eager for Cora to finally shed her homeschooled innocence and get wild in college. Ashley wanted to be the first girl Cora had ever been with, maybe in a hot threesome with Cora and her boyfriend.

Assuming he’s at all hot. Ashley had her doubts. She didn’t know Aidan—there were a lot of students attending Seattle University—but he sounded like a complete nerd.

Ashley wanted to witness Cora’s plunge into experimentation. That was the point of college. A large smile crossed her lips as more of last night’s conversation came back to her. “You already sucked his cock, Cora. Good for you.”

Ashley was definitely clearing out of the room. There was no way she would ruin Cora’s big night. Not with all the naughty ideas that were tumbling through her mind. Ashley barely made it through shaving her pussy without masturbating.

Cora wouldn’t need the dorm for a few hours. Ashley could have her fun.

Dripping wet, Ashley stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She wrapped up her blonde hair in a second towel and walked naked into her dorm room. Her pussy dripped juices down her thighs as she searched for the new vibrator she bought two nights ago.

Here you are,” Ashley purred when she found it in her panty drawer. Three other dildos, a butt plug, and a set of ben wa balls were half-buried amid her thongs and skimpy panties. She kissed the hot-pink vibrator’s tip. “Mmm, it’s time for me and you to get acquainted. I’m so damned horny.”

For a moment, she thought the vibrator hummed in her hand.

Must have accidentally twisted the base on for a second.

Ashley put a roll to her hips as she walked to her bed, her heavy, damp breasts jiggling and a line of juices trickling down her thighs. Ashley inhaled her tart musk. She loved that scent. With a spin, she turned and fell back onto her bed, bouncing on the soft mattress. Her towel came undone, falling off her wet hair.

She tossed it to the side, letting her wet hair go wild. She could fix it after she had a juicy cum.

Mmm, me and you are going to have fun,” Ashley giggled. She ran her tongue up the smooth, hot-pink plastic to the tip of the dildo. Her tongue swirled around it. She moaned in delight, working it in and out of her mouth. With a wet pop, she pulled it free. “What should I call you?”

Ashley named all her sex toys. There was Handsome Pete, her thick, realistically sculpted dildo. And Buzz, her her little clit vibrator. Long George filled her pussy just right, and Burt was covered with delightful bumps that made her gush.

I guess I’ll give you a try, though you’re pretty girlie for a cock. Maybe I should give you a girl’s name.” Ashley giggled. She took another lick, swirling her mouth along the tip as she squeezed her thighs together. She sucked it, pretending it was a real cock, and worked the dildo deeper and deeper into her mouth. “Mmm, you’re definitely not a Jimmy. You feel too nice in my mouth.”

Ashley dragged the tip of the dildo between her pillowy tits. Her nipples were hard, and she took a moment to bump the dildo into her right nipple. A tingle shot down to her pussy. She circled the nipple, the plastic tip dimpling her pillowy flesh.

What to call you.”


Ashley blinked. The strangest word seemed to pop into her mind. “Eos? Is that even a name? It sounds more like a car.”

She stared at the vibrator still circling her nipple.

Are you going to rev my motors like I’m a fine, Italian sports car, Eos?”

The dildo didn’t answer.

I guess you are Eos.” I wish I understood how my brain worked.

Ashley moved the vibrator down her stomach. Her pussy itched more and more. She writhed on the bed, her hips swaying. She licked her lips, her pussy clenching as she built up the anticipation. Groaning in delight, she swirled the dildo around her stomach.

I know, Eos. You just want to be sunk into my juicy twat and churn my butter,” Ashley moaned. “Even better, I bet you wish you were in Cora’s hot snatch.”

Ashley pictured her nerdy, virginal roommate. Cora’s long, black hair spread out on the bed while Ashley knelt between her knees. Cora’s legs were spread, her delicate pussy on display covered by curly-black pubic hair. A sweet musk drifted through the air, filling Ashley’s nose as she leaned over to take a long lick through Cora’s juicy snatch.

I can’t do this, Cora would protest. I’m not into girls.

How do you know until you try?” Ashley moaned, her eyes squeezed shut as she let herself fall into the fantasy. “It’s college. You need to experiment to find out what you really want out of life. Trust me. This is how it is done.”

But… Cora’s words cut off as Ashley imagined licking her clit. The virgin gasped in shock at the sudden rush of pleasure shooting through her.

See,” purred Ashley to her fantasy. “Isn’t that nice?”

A faint, Yes, answered.

Ashley moved the vibrator between her thighs. She rubbed it up and down the folds of her pussy, her toes curling as the delicious sensations shot through her body. Ashley licked her lips and let out a soft moan.

Doesn’t Eos feel good rubbing on you sweet clam, Cora?”

It does…I feel so funny inside.

Ashley purred in delight. She imagined Cora’s conical breasts rising with Cora’s every breath, the virgin’s fingers nervously playing with her nipples as Ashley teased her with the vibrator. Ashley herself moaned again, her own pussy eager to be penetrated.

Eos feels even better inside you, Cora.”

Ashley slowly slid the vibrator into her wet pussy as she fantasized popping Cora’s cherry at the same time. Ashley’s pussy writhed as it was stretched open by the thick plastic. She kept pushing until the vibrator was all the way into her pussy.

You like that, huh, Cora?”

Yes, Ashley. I don’t know what I was so scared of. This is amazing.

Oh, baby, you haven’t felt nothing yet.”

Ashley twisted the base. The vibrator hummed to life in her pussy. Ashley spasmed. She let out a shuddering moan of bliss as her insides were churned into burning passion. Her pussy clenched down on the vibrator, her nerves massaged with delicious rapture.

Yes, yes, yes! Cora moaned in Ashley’s mind. I love it. Thank you, Ashley. Oh, yes. This is so amazing. I can’t believe we’re sharing this.

I know,” panted Ashley.

She let the vibrator sit in her depths for a minute, just rubbing her clit with her finger as the pleasure swelled through her. The bed creaked. Ashley groaned as her pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Fuck,” she moaned and her hand pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Her fantasy shifted. Cora was banished as Ashley was consumed by the vibrations filling her. The shaft stroking in and out of her pussy became Marshal’s dick. In Ashley’s imagination, her Latin Lothario was atop her, pumping away with his new, magical, humming dick.

Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Ashley. “You fucking stud. Pound me!”

I love your pussy, Marshal growled into her ear, his swarthy body draped over her ivory flesh. One hand squeezed her pillowy tit while the other groped her ass.

Is it better than that slut, Eris?”

So much better. She’s a complete skank. It was such a waste of time to fuck her on the dance floor. I came, but it wasn’t great.

That’s what I want to hear,” Ashley groaned as she pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

She gripped it by the base. Her hand pumped it through her vibrating flesh. She let the bliss wash through her. The delight made her ache. She groaned and bucked, her pussy clamping down hard on the dildo humming inside of her.

Her toes curled as the pleasure flowed through her. She gasped and moaned, her hips bucking into Marshal’s imaginary thrusts. The bed creaked beneath her. Her other hand massaged her clit. Her body tensed and thrashed.

Keep fucking me, baby. Keep pounding my snatch. You’re going to make me cum so hard, Marshal!”

Do it, slut, Marshal growled in her imagination. I love it when you cum on me.

Yes!” Ashley gasped as her orgasm crashed through her.

Ashley’s pussy clenched about the vibrator. Her juices coated the humming plastic. Her back arched from the bed as the pleasure rushed through her body. Ashley’s mind was inundated. Light flared from her pussy as she thrashed.

That was awesome!” a woman’s voice shouted.

Ashley, still gripped by her orgasm, gasped as a young woman appeared kneeling between her thighs, growing with a bright light. Ashley’s body heaved, and she let out a throaty moan as her orgasm reached its peak.

Ooh, I knew we’ll have so much fun, Magical Girl Aphrodite,” beamed the glowing woman.

Holy fuck!” Ashley panted.

And if you want to read Cora’s tale, Shadowy Tentacle Delights is out! You can read it from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

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How hot is… ‘Mastered by the Mothman

How hot is… ‘Mastered by the Mothman’?

by T. Lee Garland

reviewed by Reed James



Kate is a big girl driving up through the mountains of West Virginia. Her sorority is having a spring break party at a cabin and Kate has gotten herself lost. Darkness has fallen when Kate’s car dies. Panic begins to set in when the Mothman arrives.

The Mothman is an urban legend, spotted since the early sixties. Before Kate can react, she is carried off by the supernatural creature and taken to his cave. Afraid and strangely aroused, Kate can’t help but submit to the Mothman’s large passions.

T. Lee Garland has a fun voice as she introduces Kate. It’s not long before the Mothman arrives and the kinky monster sex begins. There’s a lot to like in this story from size erotica to group fun. If you enjoy monster erotica, then you’ll enjoy Mastering the Mothman.

I give it 4 out of 5 mothmen.  Mastering the Mothman will carry off your eReader and ravish it over and over!

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy Mastering the Mothman for $0.99 from Amazon and Dark Hollow Press. Check out T. Lee Garland’s Amazon Author Page for more naughty stories!

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New Release: Futa’s Discovery (A Futa and Her Dragon 1)

Futa’s Discovery

A Futa and Her Dragon 1


My new futa release is set in a Fantasy universe. Join Isthia, a futa thief, Princess Contessa, Rayzene the dragon, and other sexy characters in this naughty tale of a futa and her dragon. Futa’s Discovery can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

afutandherdragon1cover“I drift from town to town, plucking maiden’s cherries, cuckolding men’s wives, and pocketing their choicest treasures.”

Isthia, a futa thief has her sights set on a new prize, a fist-sized ruby hanging between Princess Contessa’s generous bosom! But Isthia can’t help but plunder the other treasures the newly-married princess possesses. Contessa heaves in delight as Isthia takes her hard with her throbbing, futa passion! But when they’re interrupted, Isthia’s theft is uncovered and she flees into the mountains.

Hiding in a cave, Isthia discovers a startling sight, a sexy, scaly, green dragon that’s hungry for the passion throbbing in Isthia’s pants!

Futa’s Discovery is a 6600 word futa-on-female, cuckolding, cheating, hot wife, supernatural, Fantasy, oral, 69, anal, dragon, monster erotica that is not for the faint at heart!

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How hot is… ‘Seduced by the Siren’

How hot is… ‘Seduced by the Siren’?

by Colleen Little

reviewed by Reed James


colleen little sirenLeah has always loved the sea. For the last year she had lived on the beach often hearing a sad, lonely song. One night, feeling lonely and depressed, Leah decides to head to the beach and go for a swim. The singer is out, and her song is even louder and more haunting. Everything changes when Leah meets the source.

Leah didn’t expect to meet a sexy siren (who is definitely not a mermaid, despite having a fish tail). The pair are drawn together, both reaching out for companionship. Leah is in for a night of passion in the arms of a sexy siren.

Colleen Little builds Leah’s sense of loneliness, making you excited when she makes a connection with Amalia, siren. Their passion is hot. Colleen puts you into Leah as she  is lost to the siren’s touch. The pair make naughty love!

I give it 4.5 out 5 sensuous songs. At 0.99, Seduced by the Sirens will bewitch your eReader into a night of lesbian passion.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Available from Amazon! Check out Colleen Little’s profile on Dark Hollow Press and follow her publisher on twitter @darkhollowsprs for more naughty tales!

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How Hot Is… ‘The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotica Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom’

How hot is… ‘The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotica Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom (The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly Submissive Supernatural Sleuth Book 3)‘?

by Bella Swann

reviewed by Reed James


B00LQB1I7G.01.LZZZZZZZAngelica was born under the Thrice Blessed Moon of the Goddess Selune, gifted with the powers to fight the supernatural, as well as a gorgeous, curvy body. A dangerous Kaiju is about to awaken, and only Angelica’s hot body can soothe the monster.

Traveling to the Kaiju Kingdom, Angelica has to first submit to the lusts of the captain and his one crewman. The two men are unable to resist the delightful curves of the arrogant woman, desiring to put her in her place and enjoy every bit of her body.

Surviving the crews affection, Angelica dives into the waters of the Pacific and encounters the Kaiju Akkorokamui and his many tentacles. Angelica cannot fight her lust, and submits to the passion of the tentacle Kaiju, enjoying every one of the monsters dexterous appendages as they explore her body. But Akkorokamui is merely preparing her for her true fight—the Kaiju Sauron. Will Anjelica soothe the Kaiju’s lusts or will she forever be its plaything?

Once again, Bella Swann writes a steamy tale of a busty woman submitting to the lusts of men and monsters. The tentacle sex is hot, full of writhing appendages that probe every bit of Angelica’s flesh, and there’s even some sexy lactation for you fans of creamy delights!

I give it 5 of 5 sea sickness medicine! At $3.99, ‘The Claiming of Angelica the Super Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Kingdom of the Kaiju’ will take your eReader into a the warm waters of the Pacific and molest it with tentacles!

Available from Amazon, Amazon CA, Smashwords, and Google Play. You can find the catalog of Bella’s work on Amazon, Smashword, and Lulu. Check out Bella’s goodread blog, her youtube channel, like her on facebook page, and follow her on twitter @BellaSwannBooks.

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How hot is… ‘The Shagging Tree’

How hot is… ‘The Shagging Tree’?

by Alana Melos

reviewed by Reed James


Shagging TreeOnce there was a tree that had watched a young woman grow up into a very lovely, and very legal (because anything under the age of consent is gross and very much illegal) young lady. But this young lady has a problem. She’s just come home from college, and she wishes to finally have an orgasm.

The tree loves her, and is more than willing to show her how. After all, many couples have had sex beneath the trees limbs. The young lady discovers such joy, but she leaves the tree, only coming back when she needs something.

The Shagging Tree is a fun, sexy parody of The Giving Tree. Alana writes both a fun and playful story and a hot and sexy story all at the same time. How the tree pleasures our young lady is steamy, very reminiscent of tentacle erotica. If you love kinky, hot, and well written monster erotica, than the Shagging Tree will make you so hot!

I give it 5 out of 5 smooth, phallic-shaped branches! At $2.99,  The Shagging Tree will give your eReader a hot time.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy Fighting Attraction from from Amazon! Check out Alana’s catalog on Amazon for more of her wicked reads and follow her on twitter @Alana_Melos!

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