New Release: Dark Queen Passion (Magical Girl Chronicle 6)

Dark Queen Passion

(A Magical Girl Erotic Adventure)

When the evil Queen Hera is released from her slumber beneath the city of Seattle, three young college coeds are chosen to become magical girls to fight Hera, her dark servants, and her monstrous children! The Magical Girl Chronicles have begun! Dark Queen’s Passion can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

DarkQueensPassionMagical Girl Aphrodite faces dangers to rescue the man she loves!

The Dark Queen Hera has grown desperate. Two of her most powerful servants have defected to the magical girls. But her final servant, Ares, is dedicated to the cause. Ares once loved Aphrodite, but his feelings have been twisted into hatred. He has been ordered to kill Aphrodite.

And Ares’s never fails.

Can Ashley, Magical Girl Aphrodite, reignite the love in Ares’s heart? Ashley has a daring plan to inflame Ares’s lust. With her sensual body, Aphrodite will writhe in passion and let herself be taken over and over to remind Ares where his true passions lie.

Will Ashley’s wild plan work, or will she have lost Ares forever? Either way, Dark Queen Hera has one last monster to unleash. The biggest yet. The magical girls will have to unite and work together to defeat the Behemoth and its writhing tentacles!

This hot, erotic novella contains kinky fun, including: tentacles, monsters, group fun, menage, interracial, magic, exhibitionism, voyeurism, rimming, menage, anal, and supernatural passion! This hot tale is not for the faint at heart!

A Magical Girl Chronicle erotica!

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