BDSM Writer’s Con Everette 2016 Review

11988315_894338203952853_307428669419708508_nBDSM Writer’s Con Everette 2016 Review

From March 31st to April 3rd of 2016 I attended BDSM Writers Con first ever West Coast venue at the Holiday Inn Express in Everett Washington. When I learned my great internet friend, Naughty Book Snitch Mindy planned on attending a con in my own backyard, I had to go. So Thursday morning (the 31st) I braved Seattle traffic and made the two hours drive to Everett excited to attend my first writers con (especially one for such a naughty kink) and to meet Mindy. Here are my thoughts about the entire event.

tumblr_o4rb826KyU1umqpg9o1_540First off, meeting Mindy and her friend C. was a blast. It was great to hang out with both ladies over the course of the weekend. Mindy was as much fun in person as she is to interact with on the internet and she kept me from hiding in the corner afraid of the other people.

I am not a fan of meeting new people. I’m an introvert. The idea of attending a convention with people I don’t know absolutely terrifies me. But Mindy attended and was a great help. While I wasn’t as social as I hoped to be (I did try) I managed to have a more than a few great conversations with people I met. It was a very friendly and welcoming group. Being a convention for people who write kinky things, you could find yourself having conversations about the most taboo things over lunch.

tumblr_o5986rgkNL1v3lw9jo1_500The con was put on by Dr. Charley Ferrer. She did a great job organizing classes and speakers. There was always two classes to choose from. They started out with the basics, working through a lot of the less written about aspects of BDSM, namely safety. The conference had a huge emphasis on capturing how to do BDSM safety, especially when interacting with strangers. As the weekend went on, the classes became more and more practical until they were demonstrating actual BDSM on volunteers for the classes.

Now classes aren’t my thing. I hate school. I did my best to pay attention, but my ADD sometimes got the better of me. There is a reason I dropped out of community college. But the speakers were informative and did their best to entertain as well as instruct. I thought some of the classes were a little too long (an hour and a half is just too much for me to take) but I was the exception. Most people were engaged and eager to hear the speakers talk.

tumblr_o4y9vhzTeT1u7izb8o1_500I did learn a lot. I had planned writhing a futa series this week when I got back about a wife wanting to be her futa’s sex slave and get into BDSM. I finished writing the series today, Futa Submissive Training (expect it to be published second week of May) and incorporated many things that I had learned over the weekend. So while my attention may have wandered from time to time, I did absorb lots of new stuff.

Saturday night, they put on a public dungeon with all kinds of kinks on display from suspension, whipping, flogging, spanking, violet wand, caning, and even knife play. It was an eye opening experience wandering around witnessing actual BDSM practitioners at play. And, yes, play is the word to describe it because there was lots of laughing in between the screaming.

tumblr_o57gpiJlYi1uswp8qo1_1280So, if you are an author that writes any amount of BDSM, from just light spanking to full on S/M, or only interest in seeing it first hand and in a safe environment, then you should definitely attend. There is a conference in New York City in August of this year. You’ll learn everything from the history of BDSM and kinky sex to subsets of the lifestyle that you probably didn’t even know exist.

You might even discover new things about yourself!

If you’re interested, click here to learn more!

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8 thoughts on “BDSM Writer’s Con Everette 2016 Review”

  1. I had the Smith’s “Ask” floating through my head as I read this. So many people don’t understand the effort it takes for some to do what others consider to be normal things. But it’s easy to miss out if you don’t push yourself. Sounds like it was worth it.

  2. It was such a pleasure to have you join us. I hope to see you again next year. Who knows, maybe you’ll follow Mindy to New York City. And yep, I love her too. She’s amazing.

    Live with passion,
    Dr. Charley Ferrer

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