How Hot Is… ‘Whatever You Want’

How hot is… ‘Whatever You Want’?

by Georgeanna Bingley

reviewed by Reed James


whatever u wantKylee is heading over to her boyfriend’s Brent for a romantic evening. Only it’s not your usual romance. Kylee’s a masochist and Brent’s a sadist, and he’s looking to hurt her. Kylee’s excited, delighting in the pain and domination her boyfriend is inflicting. The ground rules are carefully laid out, but in a moment of excitement, she tells him to do ‘whatever you want!’

Brent grins, thrilled that he can fully abuse his lover, and Kylee is prepared to submit fully. What follows is a hardcore, brutal encounter. He punches her, urinates on her, and cuts her with a scalpel. And Kylee loves it all.

Georgeanna really captures the mindset of the masochist, from how she gets off on Brent’s abuse, to her delight she gets as he slowly cuts her flesh and watches her blood trickle down her body. And what is most amazing about this story is the heart. Both of them care for each other. Though Brent is hurting her, he’s careful not to do real damage, and when their encounter is over, how he treats her is quite romantic. This isn’t your traditional relationship, but it’s not a dysfunctional one like you might think.

I give ‘Whatever You Want’ 4 of 5 submissive women and only because the story was a little too hardcore for me, but if you’re into extreme BDSM this is amazingly written erotica! At $0.99, ‘Whatever You Want’ will discipline your eReader with love and lust!

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK. Check out Georgeanna’s website and blog, and follow her on twitter @G_Bingley.

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