Naughty Wife’s Surprise (Naughty Wives 2) Sample

naughtywives2coverHere’s a sample of my upcoming erotica, ‘Naughty Wife’s Surprise’. It’s Friday again, and Frank and Evie are looking to have more naughty fun. Last week, everything changed for the couple. Frank had watched his wife be very naughty with the Black cop, and he learned just how hot it was to watch her with another man. But now its Frank’s turn to have some fun, and he wants to bring another woman into their bed. After last week, Evie’s more than happy to do whatever her husband wants, she’ll even be his slave, and find out just how much naughty fun two wives can get into.

Contains explicit depictions of bondage, exhibitionism, cheating, domination, spanking, threesomes, oral sex, anal sex, and wife watching.

The exciting, and very explicit, sequel to ‘Roleplay Gone Wrong’!

Friday was dragging along as slowly as Wednesday and Thursday had, and Evie was a bundle of excited energy as she played scenario after scenario in her head, trying to figure out what her husband had planned for tonight. It was so rare for him to come up with one of their games. While she liked to be submissive in the bedroom, she was the dominant one in their marriage, making most of the minor decision: where to eat, which social event to attend, what type of sex game to play. Frank was a laid back guy, content to let her make those sort of decisions most of the time.

He must have thought of something really kinky, she decided, and it involves someone else. All week her husband had been having hushed phone calls with a mysterious person. She had resisted the urge to snoop on his phone and figure out whom he’d been talking to. Maybe he’s found a woman to join us. Perhaps one of his coworkers? She always suspected Carol from his office as having a crush on him. And she was a leggy woman that all the guys, her husband included, panted after.

The thought of being with a woman excited her. She had been curious in the past, and even kissed a a girl, Michelle Sanders, in college. Then she had met Frank her Sophomore year, and her curiosity for women had been driven out of her head by this great guy she was dating.

The final hour of work seemed to last an eternity. She glanced at the cloak twenty times a minute, urging the minute hand to move faster. When Five o’clock finally arrived, she was off like cheetah after a gazelle, almost running to the elevator. The ride down to the parking garage seemed to last forever. The moment the door’s opened, she called Frank. Her phone rang, and rang, and rang.

She frowned. He did tell me to call, so why isn’t he answering?

She reached her Audi, worry nibbling at her stomach, when he finally picked up, and barked, “The safeword is ‘matrimony’.”

“Okay,” she answered, and a thrill filled her—more bondage!

“Okay, Master,” he snapped.

“Sorry, Master!” she gasped. Pleasure shivered through her body straight down to between her thighs; he sounded so strong, so powerful. She pressed her thighs together; her clit suddenly aching.
There was a sound in the background, like someone sucking on a lollipop.

“In the trunk of your car is an outfit,” Frank continued; his voice grown husky. “You will strip naked right there in the parking garage, and put it on.”

She hesitated. She wasn’t alone in the parking garage, and the thought of some stranger seeing her naked only made the ache between her legs grow. “Yes, Master,” she purred, surrendering control to her husband.

“That’s a good slave,” moaned her husband. “Now lick my balls.”

“What, Master?” Evie asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“I was talking to my other slave,” he chuckled. “She has her pretty tongue running across my balls right now. You better hurry home, or they’ll be no cum for you to share.”

She pictured leggy Carol on her knees, licking his balls while he sat on his recliner. Jealousy surged inside of her. That’s my cock she’s sucking! Then she imagined herself kneeling next to the woman, sharing her Master’s cock and taking turns licking his shaft. Maybe their tongues would brush, their lips would meet, and they would kiss around his dick. She shivered, breathing in, and she could smell her spicy arousal; her panties were drenched with her lust.

Her hands flew to the buttons of her blouse. She had to get home as fast as possible. With her blouse hanging open, she pulled her keys out of her purse, and popped the Audi’s trunk open. She carelessly threw her blouse into the compartment, and found a package from their favorite sex shop. She opened it up, and blushed.

I can’t wear this in public!

“Suck my cock some more, slave!” her husband moaned through the phone. “You better hurry, Evie. This little whore knows how to suck cock! I’m not going to last long.”

Evie didn’t want the hussy to have his cum all to herself; she reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. The parking garage air was cold on her breasts, but that wasn’t why her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Her cheeks burned with humiliation as she unzipped her skirt. The shame went straight to her vulva, igniting a bonfire inside her. Her skirt fell down her legs. She stood in her work’s parking garage wearing only her panties, and felt like a complete tramp.

She took a deep breath. I can stop this. One word.

She slid her frilly panties down her legs, the gusset drenched with her lust.

The elevator dinged; footsteps echoed through the parking garage. She flushed, leaning into her trunk. Part of her wanted to be seen – the part controlled by her aching pussy, begging her to be free, and let a complete stranger, or even a coworker, see her naked glory – but the rationale part of Evie, her brain, feared the consequences to her career. The mix of danger and excitement was intoxicating; she couldn’t resist sliding a finger between her labia.

The footsteps grew louder, and she was all to aware of her husband’s deep moans coming from her phone. She never realized how loud the speaker on her smart phone was until this exact moment. The stranger was going to hear and investigate; her pussy dripped in anticipation.

“Suck it harder, whore!” her husband moaned. “Damn, Evie. This slave could suck the paint off the side of a house.”

She pulled out a leather corset from the bag, similar to the one she wore last Friday. Only the bodice of this corset was made with a fishnet mesh. The footsteps grew softer, moving away. She gave a sigh of that was a mix of relief and disappointment, then pulled the corset over her body, lacing it up the front. The mesh pressed tight against her round tits, and she could see her pale flesh bulging through the gaps along with her hard, pink nipples. The corset ended at her bellybutton, and two garters hung down. She glanced in the bag; there were no panties, only a pair thigh-high fishnet stockings and a leather slave collar.

Frank grunted, and the mystery woman sucked nosily on his cock. “Deep-throat me, slut! Yes, that’s it!”

“I can’t wear this on the drive home,” Evie complained. Her stomach churned with fear; her pussy churned with lust. “There’s no bottom, and you can see my nipples clear as day.”

“Your windows are tinted,” Frank answered. “And if you get pulled over, I’m sure you know how to get out of trouble. Say the word, and you don’t have to do this. It’s your choice, Evie.”

She flushed; her pussy ached too much to stop now. She grabbed the fishnet stockings, pulling them up her sleek thighs, and clipped them to the corset’s garters. Then she pulled the last item out of the bag—the slave collar. She starred at it clutched in her trembling hands. The collar was made of black leather, dotted with metal studs, and a short length of chain dangled from the front. This thing was designed to degrade, and to make her feel like a bitch—Frank’s bitch.

It’s my choice.

Evie secured the collar tight about her throat, the chain rattling. The leather was cold against her skin, and a degrading shame went straight through her, ending at her throbbing clitoris. She needed relief, and pressed her burning groin against the side of her car.

She climaxed the moment the cold metal touched her hot clitoris.

“Oh god, Frank!” Evie screamed, her voice echoing through the garage. Waves of passion pounded through her, and she didn’t care if she was heard; she just needed to shout her submission to her husband as loud as she could “Oh, Frank! I’m your slave tonight!”

“Good! Hurry home!” The phone went dead.

Available for preorder at Smashwords, and releases at most ebook retailers on 5-19-14

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