New Release: The Devil’s Pact Part 40-The Goddess’s Lusts

The Devil’s Pact Part 40

The Goddess’s Lusts

The Devil’s Pact is a long, mind-control erotic story! All Mark wanted was to get laid. He had no idea the pandora’s box he opened when he sold his soul for three wishes: A long, healthy live; unlimited sexual stamina; and the power to control people with his words! The Goddess’s Lusts is available for $2.99 at Smashwords.

Lusts surges around the sexy goddess everywhere she goes!

Things are heating up. The conflict between Mark and the demon Lilith explodes. Watching her husband fight has gotten Mary’s lusts burning. And the pregnant goddess gets what she wants. With her enchanting beauty, everyone wants to please her.

Even Fiona. Though the redhead hates Mary, she can’t resist the perfect beauty. Under Mary’s spell, Fiona will do anything to please the sexy goddess, putting her all into giving Mary rapture!

While Mary’s learning everything Fiona knows, Lilith plots her revenge. She will take back her city and make Mark and Mary pay!

The Goddess’s Lusts is a 26,000 word mind control, domination/submission, oral, anal, DP, menage, lesbian, supernatural, voyeurism, exhibitionism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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