How hot is… ‘The Claiming of Cinderella’?

How hot is… ‘The Claiming of Cinderella‘?

by Bella Swann

reviewed by Reed James

Cinderella is the story we all know. Or thought we did. Let Bella Swann take you on one wicked journey as the busty and curvaceous Cinderella is turned from servant into a woman eager to please everyone in her prince’s castle.

And it all begins when Cinderella encounters Lela, a gypsy girl, and the magic she has. She’s plunged into a world of spankings, domination, and becoming a human cow for the delights of all. Cinderella discovers just who she is at the hands of dominating men and women.

As always, Swann’s tales of busty women being dominated and taken hard go from one naughty encounter to another. Her works brim with so much wicked fun, exploring so many different kinks in such a short amount of time. You are in for a treat if you’ve never read a Bella Swann tale.

And if you had, then you know this story will melt your eReader!

I give ‘The Claiming of Cinderella’ 5 of 5 naughty scrolls! At $4.99, ‘The Claiming of Cinderella’ will transform your eReader into the castle whore!

Available from Amazon and Amazon CA. You can find the catalog of Bella’s work on Amazon, Smashword, and Lulu. Check out Bella’s goodread blog, her youtube channel, like her on facebook page, and follow her on twitter @BellaSwannBooks.

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