How Hot is ‘Underneath the Gargoyle’

How hot is… ‘Underneath the Gargoyle’?

by Christina Harding

reviewed by Reed James


gargoylecoverTrisha is a naughty girl, having far more fun at church than any person should. From having a romp with her boyfriend in the church’s graveyard, bent over a tombstone, to confessing her sins to the priest and enthusiastically performing her penance as the priest takes her hard and fast. What Trisha doesn’t know is who has been watching all her bad deeds.

The Gargoyles. And they won’t a piece of her lush body.

Christina Harding writes a hot story, getting inside the head of naughty Trisha as she does such naughty acts that are as hot as what we all came her for—monster sex. The Gargoyles take and use Trisha with their rock hard bodies, making the girl enjoy their molestations even as she’s terrified by their demonic visages. If monster sex is your kink, then your lusts will be set ablaze. And if you don’t like it, the sex before the gargoyles is as hot as anything I’ve ever read and could be their own erotica.

I give it 5 out of 5 gargoyles! At only $0.99, Underneath the Gargoyle will take your eReader to the church’s roof.

You can pick it up at Amazon and Smashword, and check out Christina’s blog where she reviews erotica and follow her on twitter @TinaErotica. Christina has also written an amazing guest blog on a feminist perspective of BDSM erotica on my blog!

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