How hot is… ‘Beautiful Evil: The Master’

How hot is… ‘Beautiful Evil: The Master’?

by B.B. Blaque

reviewed by Reed James

A chapter has to close for their to be a new one. Jordan Bishop has found a way to control the evil within him. Now known as The Bishop, the headmaster of Rosethrone Academy. He is the Master other masters take their slaves to for training. He relishes the task, having no problems molding women into proper submissives.

He has no problem because he cannot love. The monster inside him won’t ever let him.

But he still craves that true darkness. He keeps personal slaves around for his own pleasure, to play his own deviant games with. And he’s eager for new ones. Mistress Blackcat supplies the Master with girls to meet his needs, but only if they can pass his rigid standards.

And one girl is ready to pass them. One girl who will shake The Master’s foundations.

Again, Blaque dives us into the mind of the masochist and his playthings, revealing the beauty that can be found in the darkest of places. She weaves the passionate eroticism with the darkest edges of BDSM with a skill that will leave your eReader melting.

This is a must read for any fans of BDSM erotica.

I give ‘The Master’ 5 of 5 roses! At $1.99, ‘The Master’ push your eReader to its very limits!

Available from Amazon. And check out B.B. Blaque’s blog, like her on facebook, and follow her on twitter @BBBlaque1.

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