New Release: The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties

The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties

A Fantasy Erotic Novella

The Triad and the Gorgon’s Seduction is set in an erotic fantasy world I’ve created! It is a world of monsters, magic, and naughty sex. If you’re a fan of pulp sword & sorcery mixed with erotica, then you’ll enjoy this tale! You can buy The Triad and the Pregnant Beauties for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

The Triad has to uncover the secret behind the village of pregnant beauties!

In a mountain village, every man has disappeared while their women have all become pregnant. Fiona, a nubile witch, and her two spouses, Aoifa and Seamus, have arrived to investigate. With her magic, Fiona plans on unavailing the mystery.

So long as she can ensure her randy husband and horny wife aren’t distracted by the pregnant beauties!

But the ripe, wanton women of the village are too alluring to resist. Their ardor burning, the women have ached for a man. And now they have the hunky Seamus to satiate them! Will the two nubile and pregnant hotties distract Seamus from the true threat?

You have to read this naughty, Fantasy erotica to find out what happens!

This 22,000 word Fantasy novella contains hot and sexy situations such as: hot wives, MILFs, taboo passion, cheating, monsters, faeries, group fun, menage, magic, witches, supernatural, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pregnant, adult nursing, bondage, femdom, spanking, and more! This naughty tale is not for the faint of heart!

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