How hot is… ‘Dirty Trucker’

How hot is… ‘Dirty Trucker’?

by Terri George

reviewed by Reed James

What happens on the road, stays on the road. And for our dirty trucker, a lot happens to him as he carries his freight across the US. Always looking for a good time, he’s on the watch for hot girls at the bar, hitchhikers in need of help, and a pair of working girls ready to please each other as much as him.

Dirty trucker rolls from what erotic frolic to the next, full of Terri George’s hot erotica. Our trucker has his kinky and dirty fun with the girls he meets on the road from hot romps in his cab to visiting a bordello and engaging the services of two lovely ladies, our dirty trucker knows how to alleviate the boredom of the road.

If you’re looking for a hot erotica, brimming with naughty and dirty scenes, then look no farther. With Terri George adding in just enough substance to bring to life the characters before they get to the naughty bits, you’re in for a good read.

I give ‘Dirty Trucker’ 4.5 of 5 big rigs! At $2.99, ‘Dirty Trucker’ will show your eReader how to pass the time on the road!

You can buy it from Amazon!

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