Sample for ‘My Test-Drive Lover’ by Reed James

secucingwomencover2Here’s a sample of my upcoming erotica, ‘My Test-Drive Lover’. Aurora is back, and looking to sweep another straight women off her feet. At that opportunity arrives in the stunningly gorgeous Ashley, wife of a newly-rich software engineer. Her husband’s looking to buy a new toy, an expensive Ferrari, and she just wants to find someway to relieve the boredom. Aurora has the perfect idea, and takes Ashley on a test drive she’ll never forget! Contains explicit, and very steamy, lesbian sex that will melt your eReader with its heat!

Contains explicit depictions of lesbians, Seduction, Kissing, Fingering, Pussy Licking, Cunnilingus, Anallingus, Rimming, Strap-on, Sex Toy, Dildo, Strap-on Fucking, Nipple Play, Cuckolding

The exciting, and very explicit, sequel to ‘The Girl at the Bar’!
I closed my lips, not wanting to look like a complete mouth breather. But she was just so…stunning. She wore a stylish, plum jacket over a dark-purple sweater that clung to a very nice, and very sizable, pair of breasts. A black miniskirt hugged her curvy rear, and purple leggings wrapped tight about sleek legs. She clung to the arm of a short, Asian man with thick glasses and a big grin on his face. He was dressed in khaki pants and a buttoned down, plaid shirt.

Thanks to Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle was transforming into a second Silicon Valley, and newly rich software engineers were buying themselves expensive toys. It’s why Ferrari of Puyallup existed. All these newly rich were buying expensive houses in the foothills that had stunning views of Mount Rainier.

Douchebag Victor led the couple to a metallic, light-blue California T convertible. The blonde looked around, sighing as her boyfriend or husband started peppering Victor with question after question. My eyes kept falling to her tight tush as she shifted her weight. That black skirt hugged her as tight as a lover.
My hands itched to hold her so intimately.

My phone rang and rang. I reached out robotically. “Ferrari of Puyallup, I’m Aurora, how can I help you?”

The man on the line said something. I was too entranced by the blonde to really pay attention. So I just made an affirmative sound. The guy starting talking about some problem with his Ferrari, and I kept saying, “Uh huh,” and “I’m sorry to hear that,” at what felt like the appropriate times. I wondered what the blonde’s lips would taste like. What type of a kisser was she? Would she nibble on my lips, or would she be aggressive and thrust her tongue into my mouth? My nipples hardened, and I squirmed in my seat, trying to covertly scratch the itch between my thighs.

The blonde wandered away from her husband—he was still pestering Victor—and made a languorous circuit through the showroom, trying to find something interesting amidst the various Ferraris. She stopped in front of the F12berlinetta, a sleek, high-powered sports car. An absolutely gorgeous creature, bright red, with a beast of a V12 engine. The F12’s grill reminded me of a lioness grinning at her prey, and it’s low slung curves made the car seem tense, ready to pounce.

“Just bring it in,” I told the guy on the phone. An idea had popped into my head. “Our repair department will figure out what’s wrong. Okay. I hope you have a great day.”

“Are you even listening…” I hung up on the customer.

I pulled my compact out of my purse, and quickly checked my makeup and hair. I looked gorgeous; my makeup light, just enhancing my natural beauty, though my lipstick looked a bit dun. I pulled out a vibrant red, and carefully applied it. The red transformed my face from pretty to vivacious, and set off my green eyes. I stood up, undoing the first button on my sky-blue, silk blouse, then a second. I quickly adjusted my bra, pushing my breasts up to increase my cleavage, then I strolled with confidence across the showroom.

“Hi, I’m Aurora,” I greeted as bubbly as possible. “Can I help you with anything, miss?”

“Hmm,” the blonde blinked; her eyes were a deep blue-gray that I could get lost, in like a ship at sea in a deep fog bank. “Oh, hi. It’s missus, actually. I’m Ashley, and that’s my husband Hideki.”

“Nice to meet you.” Ashley. What a great name. Ashley and Aurora. We would sound so cute together. “So you’re interested in the F12berlinetta?”

“Oh, no. Just browsing. My husband’s going to take forever to make up his mind. He has to know every last variable before he can make a decision. I expect to be here a few hours.” She sighed, a look of resignation on her face. “But he just got a huge bonus, and he deserves this reward after all his hard work.”

Hours, huh. Perfect. “That has to suck for you though.”

She shrugged. “He’s a great guy. He’s just…”


“Well, no.” She blushed. “He can be…interesting, in the right circumstances. But he’s not very, um, spontaneous. He has to plan out everything. And…”

“And what girl doesn’t like a pleasant surprise?”

Ashley nodded. “Is that too much to ask? To have a little excitement in my life.”

“Nope.” I grinned at her. “Why don’t we go for a test drive? Trust me, driving a Ferrari is as exciting as life can get. Well, outside of sex anyways.”

She gave me a weird look, and slowly said, “I don’t know.” She glanced back at her husband.

“Come on, isn’t this a gorgeous car?” I asked her. “Wouldn’t you love to drive her?”

“I guess,” she shrugged, only sparing a glance for the F12.

“Oh, come on,” I smiled, grasping her shoulders, and turned her to face the side. She wore a light perfume, very flowery and very enchanting. “Look at how magnificent this creature is. She’s a lioness, full of power. Ready to roar and show the world how amazing she is.”

“Well…” She shrugged again.

I took Ashley’s hand, and placed it on the hood, guiding her over to the windshield. “Feel these gentle curves. As shapely as any supermodel. And she has power. She can go from 0 to 120 miles-per-hour in eight-and-a-half seconds. 740 horsepower purrs inside her, just waiting for you to make her come to life.”

Her hand was soft, her fingers delicate. I leaned against her, letting my breast press against her arm. Color spotted her cheeks. Her body shifted, my groin brushing against her hip; pleasure trembled through my clit.

“Don’t you just want to make her respond to your touch,” I cooed in her ear, so close her perfume was almost overwhelming me with its loveliness. “Trust me, she’s as responsive as a lover.”

“You’re really…passionate,” Ashley whispered.

“I love to rev a beautiful car’s engine.” I leaned in and whispered, “Almost as much as I love revving a beautiful woman.”

“Oh my, you are wicked,” she giggled and blushed, a pleased smile on her face.

I led her around the car. “And look at her rear. Just perfect. Not too slim. Just enough curves to give her some real character.”

“It is a beautiful car,” Ashley admitted, turning a bit to glance at me; her breast brushed my arm, so soft beneath her sweater. “I take it your a…rear girl, Aurora?”

“I do love a great rear end,” I laughed, brushing almost accidentally against her shapely ass as I walked around her. “But I also love a great pair of wheels, and the F12 has a gorgeous set. Look at how flashy these rims are.”

“They do give her some character,” Ashley smiled, her eyes flicking down to my stocking-clad legs. Then she peered in through the window at the two seats. Like any great, high-performance car, there was no rear seat. Who wants to ruin the intimacy of an exciting drive with company?

“The F12 comes with all the most modern safety features, so you have nothing to be afraid of when you’re inside her.”

“That’s always a plus!”

“I love to make my customers feel safe and relaxed,” I whispered, stroking her arm. “I want you to be perfectly comfortable with all the things I’m going to show you.”

She shivered, licking her red lips. “Like what?”

“These seats!” I exclaimed. “They’re made of the softest, Corinthian leather to cup your body in comfort.”

She blushed. “I thought you meant… Never mind.”

I opened the driver door. “Why don’t you slide in her, and experience just how amazing she is?”

Ashley’s large breasts jiggled wonderfully beneath her sweater as she gracefully climbed into the car. The interior was black leather, and she smiled, gripping the steering wheel with one hand and placing the other on the stick.

I leaned in. She glanced at me and flushed, getting a great view down my blouse. “Isn’t that just a heavenly sight?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she whispered, eyes still glued to my cleavage. “It’s, um, a great dashboard.”

“I’ve always thought so!” I cooed, shifting my shoulders to let my tits sway.

She gave a nervous cough. “I’ve never felt this way about a…car before.” Ashley shifted in the seat. “My, it is comfortable.”

“Wait until you fire this bad girl up,” I purred. “She’s brimming with passion that will make your heart burst with excitement!”

“I can’t wait.” Her voice was breathless, her large chest heaving.

“Let me get the keys.”

I let myself walk slowly towards the office, rolling my hips. I wanted to run, to let my excitement boil over. I had her! I didn’t look back, but I could feel her eyes glued to my ass. There was nothing like awakening a straight woman to the passion only a lesbian could share with her.

“I’m taking the F12 out,” I told Mr. Newman, grabbing the keys off a peg board in the break room. My boss sat at a table, sipping his coffee. He liked to be here, watching the showroom through a one-way mirror. “Got a live one on the hook.”

“Who?” he asked. “Did someone else walk in? I thought the only customers were the couple Victor’s assisting.”

“The wife,” I answered.

“That’s Victor’s commission.”

I grinned, “He’s helping the husband, so I’ll take care of the wife.”

Available for preorder at Smashwords, and purchase at most ebook retailers on 6-16-14

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