Sneak Preview of Dark Queen’s Passion

A great evil has been unleashed beneath the streets of Seattle. Hera has been freed and has unleashed her monstrous children to gather lust to fuel her dark powers.

But three young women, students at Seattle University, have been chosen to become Magical Girls and fight Hera’s naughty monsters and her sexy servants.

We’ve met our three magical girls. Now Magical Girl Aphrodite back at the center of the tale. She’s walked right into Ares’s trap. Will she escape to team up with Magical Girl Persephone and Hestia to defeat Queen Hera once and for all?

Dark Queen’s Passion is out! You can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Dark Queen’s Passion

DarkQueensPassionAres watched from the depth of his host’s, Marshal Guerrero’s, soul as the young man lounged on the white-sand beach. Ares, servant of the Dark Queen Hera, had glutted these past days spent in the paradise of Hawaii. Ashley Beattie, the current Magical Girl Aphrodite, frolicked in the nearby waves wearing a metallic-blue bikini that showed off her generous curves. Her blonde hair lay wet about her shoulders while her large breasts heaved and swelled.

The sun sank. Night descended. Ares was almost fully recovered.

He had been grievously wounded by Aphrodite’s attack. Weak and helpless, he had no choice but to retreat into Marshal’s soul. Both Marshal and Ashley assumed Ares had been vanquished by Ashley’s magical attack, and that the couple were free to love each other.

Ares would never be defeated. He would see Ashley dead, just like the last incarnations of Magical Girl Aphrodite he had killed for Queen Hera.

Look at the slutty cow. Look at her frolic like a whore, drinking in all the attention of other men.

Marshal shouldn’t settle for the world’s sluttiest girl. Ashley would fuck anything. Man, woman, or monster. She had the appetites of the Goddess of Lust. Memories of the passions Ares had experienced in Aphrodite’s arms as she lounged in her bathing pool burned in his thoughts.

They mixed with the horror of watching her fuck other gods, men, and monsters.

Ares could not understand how Marshal could stand to be with the slut. It revolted Ares every time Ashley fucked a hot surfer or sexy vacationer. Marshal and Ashley’s Hawaiian vacation had been one long sex romp.

Ashley dug the bottom of her bikini out of her ass while she giggled, no doubt for the benefit of the watching lifeguard. It was obvious she wanted to fuck the tanned, shirtless stud sitting atop the tower. She was such a whore.

The lifeguard came down, following her attention. Marshal watched, his cock hard, thrilled at the thought of his girl leading the lifeguard over to the changing rooms. Ashley’s giggles echoed across the beach.

Why aren’t you disgusted by the whore, Marshal?

Ares yearned to seize control. Thanks to all the sex Marshal was having, Ares was strong enough to dominate his host, but he had his orders to wait. He was here to do more than heal. He had to keep Ashley out of Seattle while Hera dealt with the other two magical girls.

Marshal stood up, following after the pair. They slipped behind the changing room. The lifeguard pushed Ashley against the side of the building, his hands stroking her golden flesh. Ashley had tanned fast beneath the Hawaiian sun, her hair lightening to almost platinum as her skin darkened to a lovely glow that even Ares admired.

Whore. Look at her.

Ashley ground against the lifeguard, her hands rubbing at his red swimming trunks. They pushed inside the lifeguard’s bathing suit. Ashley broke the kiss and grinned. “What do we have here?”

My board,” laughed the lifeguard, his own hair dark, his body rippling with muscles. “I use it to rescue girls in trouble.”

Am I in trouble?” moaned Ashley.

Revolting. Ares shuddered at the pathetic banter.

So in trouble.” The lifeguard shoved his hand down her bikini bottoms. “You’re just drowning in juices.”

Ashley’s head threw back, her tits straining at her bikini. She moaned and shuddered as the lifeguard fingered her. Marshal’s dick ached. Ares’s host rubbed at his cock through his shorts as he watched.

You should go over there and kick that man’s ass. Ashley claims to love you, and you claim to love her, so why do you allow this behavior? Pathetic. I can’t wait to kill the bitch.

That would be wonderful, the demigoddess Eris purred to Ares. She was back in the hotel room hidden in Marshal’s suitcase. Currently, she was in the form of a fleshlight, a sex toy for men. Imagine her blood staining me.

Eris became Ares’s sword when he transformed. I can’t wait to see her blood on you, Eris.

The demigoddess of strife laughed in Ares’s mind.

Oh, yes, keep doing that,” moaned Ashley, her body shuddering. “Mmm, right there. Keep rubbing me.”

Yeah,” Marshal groaned. “Make her cum.”

Pathetic, little cuckold.

Ashley’s head tossed back. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a throaty moan as her orgasm shuddered through her. She gasped and squeaked out her delight. Her hips undulated. Her juices gushed down her thighs.

Oh, yes. Damn, you know how to use your fingers.” Ashley squeezed the lifeguard’s cock. “But do you know how to use this?”

You better believe I do,” he growled, ripping his hand out of Ashley’s bikini bottoms. He shoved her bottoms to the side and thrust.

Oh, yes,” gasped Ashley, her back arching as the dick penetrated into her depths. “Oh, yes. Work that cock. Fuck me.”

Yes, fuck her,” groaned Marshal. “Make my woman cum.”

A slow death is what the whore deserves.

So slow, giggled Eris. We can make her bleed like a stuck pig. A thousand pricks all gushing her blood.

Ares yearned to seize control, but without Eris on hand, he would do nothing but alert Marshal that he still existed. Marshal would fight back. If Ares couldn’t transform and dominate the young man, Ashley would be alerted, and she had her demigoddess, Eos, with her back at the towels.

Ares could not face a magical girl in a normal human’s body.

Fuck me,” gasped Ashley, her legs wrapped around the lifeguard’s hips.

The lifeguard fucked her hard. His thrusts were powerful. Ashley gasped and moaned while flesh slapped against flesh, only making Marshal harder. The idiot wanted to shove his hands in his swimming trunks and jerk his dick.

But he waited.

You fucking stud, cum in me,” gasped Ashley. “I need it. I love to feel a stranger’s cum in me. It’s the best.”

Fuck,” groaned the lifeguard. His thrusts grew harder.

Ashley’s face twisted as her orgasm burst through her. She came so easily. Her body quaked in the arms of the lifeguard. Her breasts pressed against his chest. One of her tits had popped out of her bikini top, her fat, pink nipple hard amid a triangle of pale-white flesh surrounded by her golden tan.

Cum in me,” she screeched. “Give it to me. Oh, yes.”

Give it to her,” muttered Marshal.

The lifeguard thrust deep into Ashley. His back arched and his face twisted as he unleashed his cum into Ashley’s filthy cunt. The whore came a second time, gasping and moaning as she spasmed against the wall.

Damn,” Marshal muttered.

Damn,” panted the lifeguard.

Uh-huh,” breathed Ashley, then she gave him a hot kiss before they broke apart. Her bikini bottoms pushed back into place, capturing the mess of cum.

You want to get out of here?” the lifeguard asked. “Go someplace more private?”

Naw, I’m here with my boyfriend.” Ashley waved. “How was the show, babe?”

Great,” Marshal answered with a thumbs up.

The lifeguard blinked in surprise, then just shrugged, adjusted his shorts, and headed back to his tower. Ashley grinned and sauntered to Marshal, rolling her hips as she put her tit back into her top. Marshal grinned at her and pulled her into an embrace.

I can’t believe he can kiss the slut after she debased herself like that. Have pride. You are my host. You carry within you the god of war.

Mmm, you feel hard. Why don’t I suck your cock on the beach,” Ashley grinned.

I like that idea,” Marshal smiled back.

Ashley laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”

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