New Release: The Devil’s Pact 21-Passionate Reunions

The Devil’s Pact Part 21

Passionate Reunions

The Devil’s Pact is a long, mind-control erotic story! All Mark wanted was to get laid. He had no idea the pandora’s box he opened when he sold his soul for three wishes: A long, healthy live; unlimited sexual stamina; and the power to control people with his words! Passionate Reunions is available for $2.99 at Smashwords.

thedevilspact21coverMark and Mary celebrate their reunion with an orgy!

Mark has been freed from his sexual obsession with Antsy by his fiance Mary. Now Mark and Mary celebrate their reunion with those closet to them. Wanting to share their joy, the pair give sex slaves to their taboo lovers!

Back at home, the sluts eagerly wait for Mark and Mary’s return. They plan on giving their Master and Mistress a loving, passionate welcome! Lusts burn as the harem writhes in pleasure!

But unknown to Mark and Mary, a new threat looms on the horizon. Brandon Fitzsimmons has a lead on a book that can give him powers equal to Mark and Mary, and he’s eager to get revenge!

Passionate Reunions is a 24,000 word mind control, taboo, harem, sex slave, magic, supernatural, menage, oral, toys, lesbian, voyeurism, watersports erotica that is not for the faint at heart.

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