New Release: Dark Sin (The Vampire’s Kiss 14)

Dark Sin

The Vampire Kiss 14

Damien and his sexy wife are vampire hunters. But when the war between Heaven and hell spill into their lives, the pair find themselves transformed. To fight back, Damien and Abigail will have to embrace the darkness of their new lives. You can buy Dark Sin for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Dark sin seeps through the souls of the vampires as they take on a corrupted priest!

The corrupted, fallen priest has claimed Damien’s dark angel, Aurora. The vampire, his passionate wife, and harem of sex vampiresses will stand at nothing to get Aurora back. They will take on their old friend.

Dark sin and corruption confronts Abigail as her and her husband assault the priest’s fortress. Amid blood and death, the vampiress will face temptation when someone from her past appears with the promise of passion.

Will Abigail succumb to the desires of her body and betray her vampiric husband, sinning with the corrupted priest?

Dark Rapture is a 7900 word harem, supernatural, vampire, angel, demon, clergy, sinful seduction, oral, anal, lesbian, domination, submission, menage, hot wife, cheating, cuckolding, exhibitionism, voyeurism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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