New Releases: Dark Kiss (The Vampire’s Kiss 15)

Dark Kiss

The Vampire’s Kiss 15

Damien and his sexy wife are vampire hunters. But when the war between Heaven and hell spill into their lives, the pair find themselves transformed. To fight back, Damien and Abigail will have to embrace the darkness of their new lives. You can buy Dark Kiss for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Damien and his harem of sexy vampiresses confronts a corrupted priest possessed by a naughty demon!

Damien and his sexy, vampiric women have arrived to free his corrupted angel, Aurora. But the corrupted priest is too strong. Helpless, Damien watches as his wife and vampiresses submit their nubile bodies to the priest, overcome by dark sin. Damien fights and thrashes in the strong grip of the priest.

If he can’t break free, if his women cannot fight their dark desires, then the vampire and his harem will perish.

The naughty demon’s dark powers surge through the room and only a glimmer of hope, shining from the dark soul of Aurora, will give Damien a chance to win. But only if he can seize it.

If not, his wife and vampiresses will forever be the priest’s playthings in the bloody conclusion to The Vampire’s Kiss!

Dark Kiss is a 8900 word harem, supernatural, vampire, angel, demon, clergy, sinful seduction, oral, anal, lesbian, domination, submission, menage, hot wife, cheating, cuckolding, exhibitionism, voyeurism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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