New Release: The Devil’s Pact Part 39-Demonic Passions

The Devil’s Pact Part 39

Demonic Passions

The Devil’s Pact is a long, mind-control erotic story! All Mark wanted was to get laid. He had no idea the pandora’s box he opened when he sold his soul for three wishes: A long, healthy live; unlimited sexual stamina; and the power to control people with his words! Demonic Passions is available for $2.99 at Smashwords.

The demon Lilith’s futa passions throb hard as she enjoys her sexy priestesses and nubile daughter!

Mark and Mary’s power grows. But so do their enemies. The two warlocks dominate the world and enjoy their worshiper’s, including a mother and her virgin daughter. They revel in their mind control powers. But while they enjoy their powers, Their enemies plot their doom.

The futa-demon Lilith is close to her plan to destroy Mark and Mary.

Lilith’s lusts grows hard as her frustration mounts. The demon satiates her futa-passions on her followers and her beautiful daughter, Lamia. The demon knows Mark and Mary plot against her, and she just needs to hold out a little longer.

Will Mark and Mary stop her, or will Lilith’s plan bear fruit?

Demonic Passions is a 27,000 word mind control, domination/submission, oral, anal, menage, incest, mother/daughter, MILF, tribbing, lesbian, supernatural, monster, futa-on-female erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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