New Release: Bimbo Wife’s Naughty (Experiment Naughty Bimbo Formula 8)

Bimbo Wife’s Naughty Experiment

Naughty Bimbo Formula 8

When Frank invents a beauty enhancement compound, his wife decides to test it on herself. Alice is transformed into a hot, busty, sexy woman. Only problem, she’s also a bimbo! You can buy Bimbo Wife’s Naughty Experiment for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

A busty bimbo wife “experiments” with a Black stud!

Alice is a naughty, bimbo wife. And she has a burning desire for Black men! When she needs to relax after a hard day, she knows just how—experimenting with a hunky, Black stud. And things only heat up when her husbands finds her enjoying her ebony lover!

And things get even naughtier when Frank and his harem of giggly, busty bimbo women head to Washington DC for a party. Will his bimbos be able to sit still on the plane ride, or will their naughty lusts drive them to be wild.

It’ll be a sultry flight to remember!

Bimbo Wife’s Naughty Experiment is a 7400 word bimbo, MFF, MFM, menage, body modification, harem, oral, anal, DP, masturbation, public, mile-high club, interracial erotica that is not for the faint of heart!


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