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How hot is… ‘My Mommy’s Got Your Daughter! Story Two: The Budding Artist’

How hot is… ‘My Mommy’s Got Your Daughter! Story Two: The Budding Artist’?

by Kay Brandt

reviewed by Reed James

Concerned for her step-daughter Sarah morning her biological mother’s death, Melinda decides she knows how best to help her daughter: a mother/daughter art class. But this art class is something different. It is Bella and her naughty daughter Leigh.

Sarah is in for a wild time as the two wicked mothers swap daughters. Melinda and Leigh sneak off to have their naughty fun while Bella comforts the grieving, young Sarah. The two MILFs have a hot time with the younger women in this naughty, taboo erotica!

Kay Brandt writes one hot lesbian erotica. Passion brims on the page as the mothers swap daughters. You get two different, but hot, lesbian stories intertwined together. If your a fan of the taboo, and hot women loving each other, then you have to check out this hot quickie.

I need to check out more of Kay Brandt’s ‘My Mommy’s Got Your Daughter’ series!

I give ‘My Mommy’s Got Your Daughter! Story Two: Budding Artist’ 4.5 of 5 daughter-swapping moms! At $0.99, this hot, lesbian erotica will seduce your eReader into one hot swinging time!

You can buy it from Amazon!

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New Release: Hot Genie Surprise (Master of the Harem 1)

Hot Genie Surprise

Master of the Harem 1

My new novella series. Things change for Steve when a busty, blonde genie appears in his life! Hot Genie Surprise can be picked up for $3.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

HotGenieSurpriseA young man gets a hot surprise when a sexy genie appears in his life!

Steve has a big crush on Brooke, a younger woman at his college. He lives in the same house as her, and can’t get Brooke, or the older and busty Valerie, out of his head. One day, Steve gets quite the sight when he catches Brooke and her friend Madison going hot and heavy.

The interracial, lesbian sight gets Steve hard and excited. But when Aisha, a sexy genie appears, he thinks he’s busted for spying on Brooke and her lover.

But Brooke has a crush on Steve and Aisha works her naughty magic to transform her new master into a stud. Thanks to his hot, genie surprise, Steve finds himself with a harem of beautiful women to love and dominate.

But not everything is peaceful. Esmeralda, a femdom, wants to steal Aisha’s magic for herself!

Hot Genie Surprise is a 33,000 word novella full of voyeurism, MILF, older woman/younger man, FF, interracial, menage, creampie, oral, anal, Domination/submission erotica that is not for the faint at heart!

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New Release: The Futa’s Bed (Taboo Futa Desires 1)

The Futa’s Bed

Taboo Futa Desires 1

My new futa release in The World of Futas Universe is out. In an alternate universe where only women and futas existed, naughty fun is to be had! The Futa’s Bed can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

taboofutadesires1coverCrystal has the hots for the Futa of the House!

Crystal is so happy her futa-girlfriend has proposed to her. She’s eager to celebrate her engagement to Sarah with those closest to them! But when Crystal sees Kimberley, an older futa she’s know all her life, forbidden passions are ignited.

Crystal burns to be with Kimberley, even if it means cheating on her fiancee! Crystal burns to be taken hard by the sultry futa MILF!

Naughty passions burn in this alternative universe populated with women and futas!

The Futa’s Bed is a 5600 word futa-on-female, older futa/younger woman, cheating, hot wife, MILF, oral, anal, A2P erotica! This story is not for the faint at heart!

A story of The World of Futa Universe!

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Review of ‘Louie & Louie’

Review of ‘Louie & Louie’?

by Damien Osborne

reviewed by Reed James


Louie & LouieLouie is a PI with two personalities. One is an intelligent man, always calculating and thinking, examining people’s motives. The other is obsessed with sex. Louie works out of the Den: “an urban palace of lust, vice and black-market deals.” The Den is run by the beautiful and brutal Miss Desiree, who is not afraid to break knees if you violate her rules.

When Karla (with a K) walks in, asking for his help to find her friend, things happen. Her friend likes to drink with a woman named dJenga Dunsloe. After Karla is revealed to be  a cop, Miss Desiree reveals that dJenga is in the club.

This is where things get weird. How weird, read to find out.

I found Louie & Louie to be a mixed back. I found the beginning to be intriguing. When Karla walks in, Louie’s internal dialogue as he both tries to dissect Karla and her phony acting while also interrupted by the comments of the other Louie worked well, but then the second act introduced five new characters.

It’s an intriguing setting, but the short story is too rushed to develop either the setting or the characters well enough. There is sex with some interesting descriptions, and Louie multiple-personality character is great, but he does very little, if anything, to resolve the story, acting as a by-standard in his own tale.

I give it 3 out of 5! You can pick up Louie & Louie for  $1.99.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy Louie & Louie from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon CA. Like Damien on facebook and follow him on twitter @mugglefx.

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