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New Release: Ms. Marcie’s Taboo Lesson (Futa Teacher’s Naughty Wish 2)

Ms. Marcie’s Taboo Lesson

Futa Teacher’s Naughty Wish 2

A naughty futa-fairy is granting wishes and making naughty girls and wicked women into futanari! You can buy Ms. Marcie’s Taboo Lesson for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon FR, and Amazon DE!

Ms. Marcie, the naughty futa-teacher, teaches her nubile coeds a wicked lesson!

Ms. Marcie loves the wish she made to the futa-fairy. Now transformed into a futanari herself, she is enjoying all the blushing coeds that attend her college. The futa-teacher has her sights on the busty Belinda, burning with taboo passion for her student.

After class, all alone, Ms. Marcie begins her lesson on futa-love. But when Sita, a cute Indian girl, walks in on one-on-one class, the futa-teacher’s passions soar. She’s eager to teach both innocent girls so much.

The two coeds will never forget their lesson in futa-love!

Ms. Marcie’s Student Desire is a 7200 futa-on-female, magic, oral, anal, teacher, coed, college, first time, menage, taboo erotica that is not for the faint at heart!

A Tale of the Futa-Fairy!


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How Hot Is…’Dark Affairs Collection’

How hot is… ‘Dark Affairs Collection’?

by Aeris Stone

reviewed by Reed James


f5def9fdc967d8ed5ada7bb1beb041ff162a9f95-thumbDark Affairs is the tale of four people and how there lives all change because of one woman’s flirting. Veronica is Tom’s secretary and she’s hot to do more than just answer his phone—she wants to be the next Mrs. Tom. Only problem, he’s already married. But a little seduction can go a long way. When her advances are rebuffed it only encourages her. However, Tom is so aroused by his secretary’s come-on, he needs relief and when he all but attacks his wife in his eagerness to get laid, she’s not to pleased with him.

Ann confused, aroused, and hurt by her husband’s sudden aggression is comforted by her step-son Jack and she quickly sees a younger, handsomer version of her husband and a new, dark lust is kindled. As husband and wife’s relationship is damaged, it leaves openings for their dark affairs to creep in. Will Veronica seduce Tom and will Ann give in to her lusts? Find out and read Dark Affair: The First Collection.

Aeris Stone’s debut work, a collection of three short stories, is well-written erotica. She builds the sexual tension, leaving you aching to for release. And when that release happens, it is hot and dark, pushing the boundaries of love and crashing straight into passionate lust. The action is hot and forbidden and leaves me wanting to know what happens to these characters after tasting such taboo fruit.

I give it 5 out of 5 anal beads. At $4.99 ‘Dark Affairs: The First Collection!’ will seduce your eReader’s into a forbidden affair!

Available on Smashwords, and check out Aeris Stone’s tumblr page, like her on facebook, and follow her on twitter @AerisStone.

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Guest Blog: The Hypocrisy of Amazon

The Hypocrisy of Amazon
By Deana Michaels

Censorship is alive and well in modern America and the world, coming down hard on the genre of Erotica. There are a number of genres that Amazon does not want erotica Authors to publish on their sites such as incest.

Now Amazon has no problem posting books that are non-erotica that deal with this topic, the best selling Game of Thrones and its sequels comes to mind with depictions of incest between twin siblings that could be ripped right out of the pages of any hot erotica. Or How I Live Now depicting first cousins getting hot and heavy in the aftermath of world war three.

But you want to write a hot story about a brother and sister, both adults and both consenting, that want to get it on, and suddenly your book is banned from Amazon. Why? Censorship. They make claims like it’s illegal, its immoral, it results in inbreeding. All of these points are easily refuted.

If you couldn’t write about something that is illegal than half of literature would be gone. From stories of vigilante justice, to murder, to serial killers, to vampires would all be banned. And immoral? The scarlet letter, anyone. And, sure, incest can lead to bad outcomes in the real world, but that isn’t what erotica is about. It’s about fantasies. About doing things you couldn’t do in the real world, having experiences that you couldn’t have for a lot of reasons.

So what’s an erotica author going to do who wants to write about an adult daughter and her father getting together, or siblings, or mothers and sons, or fathers and sons, or any combination in between? Simple, we call them ‘step-brother’ or ‘brother-in-law’ or ‘adopted father’. But everyone really knows what your doing, including the readers that eat up the ‘taboo’ books on Amazon, knowing it’s code for what the pseudo-incest substitute for what they really want and what Amazon is too scared to give them.

And that’s a shame. Censorship never is good, it limits the world, limits discussion, stifles growth. And those that are being censored will find ways around those forces, thinking outside of the box to find ways around the limitations and get their art out there.

About the Author: Deana Micheals is the newest author to join Naughty Ladies Publications and is the author of the upcoming Taboo Summer Vacation, the taboo story of love and lust as Kylie and Scott celebrate their engagement with their adopted families. After a night of drinking, taboo lust is kindled when Kylie slips into the wrong bed.

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